📚A Room with a Mood, 🪴a Garden Tour and ♥️🤍💙an Outfit for the 4th!!

This blog post spans our three homes …

Our latest Virginia Train House renovation is, “a room with a mood,” the library…

I have always wanted to paint a room dark and so we took a risk, not only are the walls and book cases a dark aqua, but the ceiling is gold!! This is the view from the family room, which is a bright white…I love the contrast!!

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❤️Heart Healthy🚶🏻‍♀️Habits Don’t Have to be Boring🍫

February is American Heart Month, so I’m sharing with you some things that help keep my heart healthy!!

This is a box of chocolates we gave to Gina and Tom for Valentine’s Day!!
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❄️Get Cozy for the Winter🌨

Carpe Diem means to make the most of the moment, seize the day!!  I feel a little letdown, after the Holidays…So I like to look around my house and find a comfy nook, make feelgood recipes, read good books, watch comfy movies and maybe add a little sparkle to my life!!  In other words, make the most of the cold winter days!! IMG_9332My friend, Penny, gave me Continue reading “❄️Get Cozy for the Winter🌨”

🌸A Week of🌷Spring Crafts🏀Ending with🌱Grass Roots🎸

It was a very busy week…it started with a visit from my good friend Claire, who shares my love for decorating cookies, …IMG_5918We had icing up to our elbows and exchanged Continue reading “🌸A Week of🌷Spring Crafts🏀Ending with🌱Grass Roots🎸”