🛍When Retirement Kicked In🚴

While the teachers went back to school I was driving to the Cape, over the Sagamore Bridge blasting the radio and singing to Charlie on the MTA, I don’t know why but it was playing on the radio and it spoke to me!! If you’re my generation and from Boston, you would probably remember that song by the Kingston Trio!!IMG_3126 Not much Continue reading “🛍When Retirement Kicked In🚴”

🖍Crayon Fun in PA🚗

Last weekend we met Gina, Tom and the boys at The Crayola Experience in Easton,… Pennsylvania…it’s halfway between our houses and it was a nice visit for us all!!! We stayed in a suite at the Marriott Residence Inn…they had these cute little backpacks for the kids, filled with Crayola supplies!!!  Parker and Aaden were so excited, here they are climbing a giant marker…and the kids … Continue reading 🖍Crayon Fun in PA🚗

🌸An Apple Blossom Event and Mother’s Day💝

So for 5 years, since Gina and Tom have lived in Virginia, we have gone to the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester with them…It is a 1-week long event, but we only go for the weekend of the grand parade, which for 91years has always been on the first weekend of May, and it lasts for about 3 hours!!!   The theme this year was … Continue reading 🌸An Apple Blossom Event and Mother’s Day💝

My Visions of a Visit to Boston Continued…

IMG_7326So on Sunday, we went into Eataly, with our very good friends Frank and Sue…Victor has been friends with Frank since they were in 4th grade, he was also in our wedding and his family is from the same town in Italy that Victor is from, Filadelphia, Italy (yes spelled with an “F”).  Eataly is at the Prudential Center, it’s an Italian marketplace with different types of Continue reading “My Visions of a Visit to Boston Continued…”

My Visions of a Visit to Boston

So Victor gave me tickets for Christmas to “Love Never Dies” at the Opera House on Washington Street, it is a sequel to “Phantom of the Opera!”  Last Saturday we traveled the 20 minute drive from our house into Boston…every time I go to Boston I feel like a tourist…amazed at how such a big city can have a warm and cozy atmosphere that is rich … Continue reading My Visions of a Visit to Boston