🎄Using “Leftovers” to Make Ornaments, Supper🦃, and Gifts🕯

On my last post I showed you how to make velvet pumpkins. I had lots of leftover fabric, so I looked up on the Internet, for DIY velvet Christmas ornaments and this is what I got…

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🍁Visions of Fall, and 🧻No-Sew Velvet Pumpkins✂︎☫

I’ve tried really hard to find the changing leaves in our area in Massachusetts!! Because of an unusually warm fall and lots of rain, the leaves are not as vivid as usual, but I did manage to find some pockets to bring to you!!

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🔥A Fireside Chat☕️

Although, I know that Covid is around for a while more, and unrest in our country probably around for a longer time… Being retired and in the house, playing it safe, I have lots of time to watch the news, and frankly I am worried and sick of it!! So let us sit by my fireplaces and take a break…

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📚End of Summer…School Starts, 🌶Farmer’s Market, and More Before🔨 After at The Train House🚂


School started this week for my grandsons…

Aaden, starting 5th grade had all the confidence in the world, however, Parker going into 1st grade and a new school had lots of butterflies in his stomach and Raffa knew something was going on, maybe now she’d get some much needed rest after the long break the kids had from school…

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