🏠My First Tradition of the Season📚

When Halloween decorations are put away, it’s time for the beginning of my first holiday tradition of putting up my winter Dickens Village…I set it up inside our antique secretary desk in the corner of our living room…This is the desk before I dismantle the decor…IMG_4118Notice I said, “my tradition,” because I mostly do it myself, it’s one of those activities my Continue reading “🏠My First Tradition of the Season📚”

🍃🍁Nature’s Inspiration in Fashion and Decor🐘🐆🐅

This time of year the fall colors are so rich everywhere you look in nature…just driving around New England roads can give us so much inspiration in the beautiful scenery of colorful trees…IMG_3815Since being retired, I find myself Continue reading “🍃🍁Nature’s Inspiration in Fashion and Decor🐘🐆🐅”

🕰A Cottage Kitchen🍓

This is my Cape Cod Cottage kitchen…

hutch 3This is where most of our dishes are kept and it’s also our kitchen counter… The shelving was there when we bought the cottage, but Victor rebuilt it new, adding beadboard and moldings.  There was a cabinet below but Victor built a new one, in keeping with Continue reading “🕰A Cottage Kitchen🍓”