🐚A Cape Cod Cottage Bedroom and a Surprise Room🙀

This is our cottage bedroom…I like to use the fisheye lens for some home decor pictures because it gives the view of the whole room…We painted this room white about 5 years ago, before it was natural knotty pine, which was not bad, but this is much better… We bought the bed and a bureau about 35 years ago in an antique shop…They were natural … Continue reading 🐚A Cape Cod Cottage Bedroom and a Surprise Room🙀

🌸Spring and Easter…New Beginnings…🐇

Easter and Spring bring a renewed feeling and a time for thinking of those who have a special place in our hearts…IMG_8578This is what we are giving our grandsons, it might give you some gift ideas for your children or grandchildren…  Looking for an Easter gift bag for our grandsons was particularly hard, so I Continue reading “🌸Spring and Easter…New Beginnings…🐇”

Fashion to Spirit…

IMG_7203This has been a very busy week for me, with traveling home from seeing Gina and family on Monday, caring for my mom, having her 98th birthday, a snowstorm on my day off and working at school…I haven’t had much time to work on my blog…So I gathered together an outfit that I have been wanting to photograph and brought it to my mom’s…It was really fun setting it up and showing her how I take the pictures…However I needed something to add to the outfit, so I looked around her house… Continue reading “Fashion to Spirit…”