🖍Crayon Fun in PA🚗

Last weekend we met Gina, Tom and the boys at The Crayola Experience in Easton,… Pennsylvania…it’s halfway between our houses and it was a nice visit for us all!!! We stayed in a suite at the Marriott Residence Inn…they had these cute little backpacks for the kids, filled with Crayola supplies!!!  Parker and Aaden were so excited, here they are climbing a giant marker…and the kids … Continue reading 🖍Crayon Fun in PA🚗

✂️Hooked on Rugs and Clothes👚

My last post was about my dad’s handmade clocks…to give my mom equal time, this post is about my mom’s hooked or handmade oriental rugs…IMG_9405This is the first out of many rugs that my mom made, this one she kept for herself, it’s one of the largest she made being 3X5 feet…  I’ll try to briefly explain how she made them, at her age of 98, it’s hard for her to remember the process…  First, she picked the style rug she wanted, it comes on mesh fabric with the pattern stamped on it, similar to needlepoint… then she chose the color scheme for the wool yarn.  She made these rugs on a big Continue reading “✂️Hooked on Rugs and Clothes👚”

🙌Dirty Hands…and Flowers Everywhere🌻🌼🌷🦋

IMG_8908I was so excited to start getting my hands dirty, planting the first flowers of the season on my day off, but when I woke up on Wednesday, look what I saw
on my weather app…30 degrees and foggy😩  Because I have people looking at my blog from all over the world I have to explain that here in the northeast United States, we are supposed to have spring weather in April, but instead, we have had Continue reading “🙌Dirty Hands…and Flowers Everywhere🌻🌼🌷🦋”

🌸Spring and Easter…New Beginnings…🐇

Easter and Spring bring a renewed feeling and a time for thinking of those who have a special place in our hearts…IMG_8578This is what we are giving our grandsons, it might give you some gift ideas for your children or grandchildren…  Looking for an Easter gift bag for our grandsons was particularly hard, so I Continue reading “🌸Spring and Easter…New Beginnings…🐇”

My Studio…

IMG_8386This is my studio, it’s on the 3rd floor of our home…It is where I make my jewelry, color, sew and paint, yoga room and even wrapping central at Christmas…as you can see in the photo, my jewelry caddy is bursting with tools, beads and findings…also the drawers behind the chair are filled with materials for all my crafts…the project I am working on now is Continue reading “My Studio…”