🪴Rejuvenate House Plants🌿, Spring Wreath🌼, and a New Silhouette for Spring🌷

This is a good time of year to spruce up our house plants…

I have enjoyed this plant for many years, however it is getting too tall and turning brown, so I decided to restore it…

This plant is getting too leggy and will eventually be unhealthy and turn brown, it will get restored too…

Some plants like the tall ones in the back of the vase, have joints on the stems and can be cut and put into water to reroot. However, the fern plants do not have joints along the stem, so it has to be dug up with roots and they can be put into water to grow new shoots.

These are the fern plants in a vase of water with their roots attached, I will wait until new plant shoots grow, then replant them!!

These are the plants with stem joints that can grow roots, while sitting in water…and in the meantime they look beautiful with all the different green textures!!

This is another “leggy” plant at The Train House, that was getting out of control…

After cutting the stems, making sure they have at least one joint, these variegated philodendron leaves make a nice arrangement in a jar! The good thing about putting the stems in water is, you don’t have to water them!! I’ll wait for roots to grow, then plant them again, or just let them grow in water!!


It’s time to replace winter decor!! I was looking in home and craft stores for wreaths for our Train House front door…the ones I liked were all pretty expensive!!

So I decided to make one!! These are the materials I got at Joann’s, which cost about 15 dollars, half the price of all-ready-made ones!!

Cut about eight 8 inch wire with needle nose pliers, then simply lay the the swag around the wreath and twist the wires around wreath and swag to succor it. Then cut yellow forsythia into picks and slide them into wreath.

And this is the finished wreath..so easy and less money!!

I put the wreath on our front door before we went home in February…now it’s already for Spring, when we return to The Train House!!


Speaking of Spring…looking at the new styles coming out for Spring of 2023, the fashions are changing!!

As much as I love my yoga pants with long tops over them, which are so comfy, the pant legs are getting wider…reminiscent of the ’60’s, which I love!! With pant legs getting wider, tops are getting shorter and sleeves are getting puffier…a new silhouette, like these fashions above!!

This is my take on the new style!! The top is from Old Navy, the jeans are Levi’s from TJ Max, the black and white tweed pants are vintage from my closet!!

The necklace and bracelet were made by me, many years ago!! I like this jewelry because it reminds me of what we wore in the 60’s and compliments the flair pants and peasant top!

Welcome to my closet and me wearing a style I modified for a 70 year old me!!


Last night we had the great pleasure of seeing this musical, “Come from Away,” at PPAC, The Providence Performing Arts Center!! It is a story about seven thousand people stranded in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland after all flights into the U.S. are grounded on September 11, 2001. Passengers and locals process what happened while finding hope in unlikely and lasting bonds. It was a ray of light taken from such a dark time in our lives and made into a musical! We loved it and the audience loved it, giving the cast and crew a standing ovation at the end!! I highly recommend this heartwarming story, that we so desperately need right now!!

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness – Archbishop Desmond Tutu


12 thoughts on “🪴Rejuvenate House Plants🌿, Spring Wreath🌼, and a New Silhouette for Spring🌷

  1. WOW, you are a gal of many talents! I’m so impressed! I have such a black thumb, but I have to say, Art has moved all my porch plants here into my office, and so far, they are doing well. My Christmas cactus has been in bloom since Thanksgiving, and it’s still blooming its little heads off. My daughter gave me her Christmas cactus to care for until they get settled in their new home, and that is blooming too! She was shocked cause she said it has never bloomed for her. Maybe my luck with plants is changing??? Or maybe it’s just that they like their new spot under my double window.
    I love the wreath you made, and it surely looks like Spring is on its way. We were up to 86* on Thursday, but now it’s only 60*, and I’m not complaining. At least it’s not snowing, and I hope you’re free of that too.
    Take care, my friend, and thanks for sharing your wonderful blog. My best to you and the family! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Nancy!! You must have a green something, for your Christmas cacti to bloom for that long🌿 I think I got my love of plants from my mother, she was a nurturer of everything!
      I’m jealous of your weather, right now our real feel is 16 degrees🥶, we had a little snow this week! Victor and I went to Braintree Plaza to walk, this morning! We were reminiscing how it used to be all open to the outside with Jordan Marsh on one end and Filene’s on the other end!! Do you remember that? It’s nice to have it a mall now, so we can walk😂
      Thank you for reading my blog, I so enjoy keeping in touch with you!! Take good care and send some of your weather our way💗🌷


  2. Beautiful wreath! Love your outfit. Does remind me of our high school styles! Too bad I gave away all those clothes years ago. They wouldn’t fit any way! I am jealous you can wear pants from long ago! You look great!

    Get Outlook for iOShttps://aka.ms/o0ukef

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Phyllis!! Thank you, I’m so glad you stopped by to read my blog❤️ I gave most of my clothes away too!! The jeans are new but the other pants are from the last time flare legs were in style! There is no way I’d be able to fit into my high school clothes😂 But the new styles coming out, remind me of them☮️
      Thanks for commenting, it’s nice to stay in touch…take care, stay well🌹


  3. Great blog. That outfit brought back memories, although I wish skinny pants were staying in style since I have so many of them. I loved the wreath. I think I have all that stuff already, so it may cost me $0.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks😘 Hope you make the wreath!!
      I’ll still wear skinny pants for awhile, especially when walking and riding bikes, they’re safer, we won’t trip over them!! Thank you for checking into my blog and commenting!! Stay warm💞


  4. Loved your latest blog, just in time my fern is looking very sad. Came upon your chicken and veggie recipe from a few yrs ago. Will make for my neighbor who sent over wintergreen lifesavers when my husband and I had covid and had the awful metallic taste from the drug Paxlovid. Great blog as always. I love seeing them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Barbie!! Hope you can put new life into your fern. That was so nice of your neighbor to bring lifesavers for you, I could have used those when I had covid, what a terrible taste from the meds!! I’m sure she will appreciate the meal!!
      Thank you again, for checking out my blog and taking the time for your thoughtful comments, it’s wonderful to hear from you 💖


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