🍾Happy New Year Snack for Two🥂and 📚Me Spaces💃🏻

I love all the boards in this recipe book, that Gina gave me for Christmas, but the last recipe page inspired me to try this one!!

This would be a lovely board for a New Year’s Eve snack, for just two people or even just yourself, which I would totally do!!

This is my version of the “Monochromatic” Board, which is very hard for me to do, because I always end up adding color!

I couldn’t find figs, so I used chestnuts instead, actually I think chestnuts go better with this array of snack food. Also, I added chocolate, you can’t have a new year’s toast without chocolate!

And I used a grape variety called, black seedless Sweet Sapphire, shaped like teardrops. Gina also, gave me the black wooden board, which was perfect for this monochromic spread of goodies!

I hope this inspires you to try a small board like this, to ring in the new year!!


While browsing through “Better Homes and Garden’s 100th Anniversary” issue, I saw this article and thought it would be fun to show you my “Me Spaces!!”

We all have spaces we enjoy being in while at home, this article calls them “emotional spaces!” I don’t need an anger management studio, but I do need a place to decompress after a long day of activities, or a place to exercise and a place to be creative…Here are my spaces…

This is our master bedroom in the Train House, it’s a long narrow room, so the cozy space at one end of the room is set up with a comfy chair with a furry pillow and a soft knitted throw…just right to sit and watch a movie on my computer or read a good book!! Although, another place I enjoy reading is right in the middle of that bed, before I fall asleep at night!!

A closer look at my little space, all of the furniture and rug are from my parents house. The drapes are from Gina, when she got new ones for her house, she gave me these! It all works to make a cozy nook for relaxing!

This is a “Me Space” for my little book lover grandson, Parker..I often find him curled up in the library of the Train House, it warms my heart to see him comfortable in our house❤️

This is a different type of “Me Space,” this is a guest bedroom, at the Train House. I come here to do my dance aerobics and yoga…It’s a small space but it works and it’s important for me to get my exercise in!!

And this is my exercise space in the Yellow House, it’s a guest room/studio on our third floor(click on the this to see an old post with more pictures of my studio), perfect for dancing to LaBlast, on demand videos, and yoga. Also, as you can see on the table, a space for doing artwork and crafts!!

This is my “Me Space” in the Yellow House…a cozy place to read, which is very much like the Train House!! This picture is from an old post, that I published in February of 2018, read it to see what helps me relax.

I would love to hear what spaces are “Me Spaces” for you!!


They say, our body is a temple…if that is so, we need to create a healthy space within ourselves, to reside in that temple.  At the end of our yoga classes we do Savasana, which is a meditation, when I go to this space I feel relaxed and rejuvenated…maybe we go to that temple when we are still or meditate.  The space we create in our home is special and important, but the space we create within us is the most important of all!!


I’ll leave you with a laugh…“My body is a temple, and my temple needs redecorating.”  Joan Rivers

Happy and Healthy New Year to you all, may you find “Me Spaces” in the new year, that make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated🙏🏽❤️ 

4 thoughts on “🍾Happy New Year Snack for Two🥂and 📚Me Spaces💃🏻

  1. What a beautiful grazing board to herald in the New Year, the colours and shapes are beautiful. Like you, I also prepared a board for two.
    Thank you for sharing the piece about emotional spaces, it really does make sense, doesn’t it! How, depending on what we need, we are drawn to different areas of the home, I look forward to sharing this with my sisters when we have a New Years chat this afternoon.
    Happy New Year, wishing you happiness, peace and good health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments, SBA!! I enjoy using food as an art, whether using the colors and shapes for a pleasing photo or making culinary delights!
      I agree about different needs for “Me Spaces,” the second I walk in my house, I want it comforting!! So next post might be pleasing entryways👍
      Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s chat with your sisters, I spent the afternoon with my sister too!!
      Best wishes for joy, peace and good health in 2023…and happy blogging🤗🥂


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