📚A Room with a Mood, 🪴a Garden Tour and ♥️🤍💙an Outfit for the 4th!!

This blog post spans our three homes …

Our latest Virginia Train House renovation is, “a room with a mood,” the library…

I have always wanted to paint a room dark and so we took a risk, not only are the walls and book cases a dark aqua, but the ceiling is gold!! This is the view from the family room, which is a bright white…I love the contrast!!

This is the room before, with Victor scraping the three layers of wallpaper off with a steamer and building one of three bookcases!!

This is that corner of the room, after!! The pouf ottoman is a new revelation…it’s not only a place to rest your legs, but it can be used for extra seating when you have company, it can be used for a coffee table, but the best thing is, it’s filled with polystyrene and so it’s easy to move around the room!!

Another view of the library before the renovation, not bad…

but I knew it could be better!! The finished room, with new chairs, carpet, draperies and pouf and that is it for new…Everything else in the room is either from my parent’s house or leftover furniture from our other homes!!

A corner of the room from before and after, the rocking chair is one the first pieces of furniture we bought when we got married…it’s fifty years old!! Notice my Christmas Village on the table, Victor built the bookcase to hold the Village complete with outlets for the lights.

This is Victor’s corner office, before…

and after!! The desk and chairs were my dad’s and shelf on the wall is one he made.


We were lucky enough to be on Cape Cod for the Orleans Garden Tour!!

This house had a colorful perennial garden!!

There were six houses and at each site had an artist, painting the most beautiful views of each property.

A beautiful rock garden is also a drainage system, which gracefully captures rainwater and snow and deflects it to shrubbery and flowers around the property.

This house has a beautiful view of a Cape Cod lake, which the artist was capturing in his painting.

Mary the artist was painting a beautiful picture of this woodsy property, which belonged to this lovely lady on the right, who is 92 years old and does most of her own gardening, she was a delight to talk to!!

This house was magical, I could have spent all day here…

Look at this view from their home, it truly does look like a painting…

And the colors and painting that this artist was creating was stunning!!

The path leading to the ocean from the house, was simple yet magical!!

Another beautiful area in this yard had this fountain turned into a planter with paths meandering around the gardens…did I say magical? Because that is the perfect word to describe this amazing property, I felt honored to be able to tour this home🙏🏽💚


An outfit for the 4th of July…Simply a red, white and blue print, asymmetrical ruffle skirt with a white top, jean jacket and white comfy sandals, all from TJ Maxx!!

Who says that an almost 70 year old can’t show a little leg??😂

And a potted lettuce plant, not only looks good in your yard but you can have it for supper too…most of the potted plants in our Yellow House back yard are either herbs or vegetables, mixed with some annuals🌿


My herb garden on Cape Cod🌿

My fairy garden within the herb garden🧚🏼

With the world feeling topsy turvy these days, it helps to get out and work in our gardens!! Anything can be a garden…from a window sill to a big plot of land, whether it’s vegetables or flowers, it all helps to get our hands dirty and witness the orderly world of nature, in contrast to our topsy turvy world…it will truly refresh your outlook and is good exercise too🪴


8 thoughts on “📚A Room with a Mood, 🪴a Garden Tour and ♥️🤍💙an Outfit for the 4th!!

    1. Thank you Tina❤️ Rehabing The Train House has been a labor of love, that family and friends can visit and feel comfortable and enjoy!! Hope you and Paul are enjoying your summer with your grandchildren💗 Thank you for checking into my blog🤗


  1. All I can say is you and Victor are amazing. The things you’ve done to your homes are so inspiring. You should be in “House Beautiful!” I too, have a rocking chair that I got 50 years ago when I was pregnant with Danielle. I think it’s the oldest piece of furniture we have!
    I also love your pictures of the garden tours in Orleans. So peaceful and calming.
    And, your 4th of July outfit is to light and breezy. How do you stay so slim and trim?
    Take care and have a wonderful holiday! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Nancy, for your kind words!! I enjoy creating nice spaces to live in, I always have!! I remember when I was a little girl, I went to Martins Fabric store, and bought red and white check fabric for curtains and tablecloth for a little play area, to decorate in our basement😂
      I think everyone around our age had that rocking chair, now you couldn’t give it away, that’s why it was in our attic, along with our hope chest!!
      That garden tour was magical, I love a good garden tour!! The house with the view of the ocean, on the 6A side, was the best!!
      Thank you for liking my 4th outfit💙
      I try to stay trim, I just recently stopped eating chocolate, and sweets, unless it’s offered to me at someones home. I have fruit for dessert now. I do 10,000 steps a day and yoga!! But it’s still a battle, our bodies naturally change as we get older😩
      On that note, I’ll say happy 4th to you and Art, enjoy your summer🎆💓


  2. Carol,
    Where to begin? A really terrific blog. What you andVictor have done with the”Train
    House” is amazing and should be featured in an architectural or decorators magazine. My absolute favorite room is the library, the colors and design are inviting and relaxing, with so many memories of your parents. I love it. Had never heard of the Orleans gardens, a beautiful expression of nature. The house with the view of the water is truly special. Your herb gardens at the cottage bring back fond memories, they have not changed very much, just perfect. If Patty and Don are at the Cape, say hello for me, and give them my very best wishes. Hope they are enjoying the Cape and”Little House.”Your outfit for the Fourth is special, and you look great. Remember,”Age is only a number”
    Take real good care , and enjoy all your homes, they are all special. HAPPY FOURTH
    to you Victor, and your family. Whether you are at the “Train House” or the Cape
    enjoy every minute. Dee and I send our love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment, Lucille!! I am partial to the library too, I’ve never had one in any of our homes, I’m glad we took the risk, with the dark aqua walls and bookcases and gold ceiling!!
      Yes, my herb garden never really changes much, I even painted the fading wicked witch of the west’s feet!
      I will certainly say hello to Patty and Don!! They are loving “Little House” and taking very good care of it, we love having them here, but I still miss our fence chats, please stop by if you’re around!!
      I will remember that age is only a number, however, saying goodbye to my 60’s hurts🤨
      Hope you and Dee are both enjoying your summer, sending you love and good health🙏🏽💖


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