🎢Busch Gardens, Historic Williamsburg🏛, Cherry Blossoms…Again🌸,Impressive Veggie Platter🥒 and Stunning Art♥️

Our Christmas gift to Gina, Tom and the boys was a trip to Williamsburg to visit Busch Gardens and the Historic Streets of Williamsburg…

The entrance of Busch Gardens is at England…The park has a theme of European countries!! The boys got a kick out the height chart…can’t believe how tall they both are getting!!

Another theme of the park are their roller coasters, the one on the left is Loch Ness Monster, which is the world’s only double interlocking loop roller coaster…Aaden and Tom went on that one!!! The middle picture is Verbolten, a tamer roller coaster for intermediates…Gina and Parker went on that one!! And Victor and I didn’t go on any roller coaster…but we did go on the Aeronaut Skyride on the right and below…

Gina, Parker and Tom on the Skyride!!

This is a rope bridge, at the elaborate three story tree house, it looked pretty easy to walk on for Aaden and Parker on the left…So I thought, “I could do that!!” Well it wasn’t so easy, I was tipping all over the place and had to hold onto the sides to make it across!!😂

This was the very best part of Busch Gardens!! The Clydesdale horses were absolutely beautiful!! When this picture was taken, the handler gave the horse a signal and he turned his head and kissed me!!! What a delight!!


After a day at the amusement park, we had a day surrounded in history, but also fun!!

This is a depiction of Colonial Williamburg’s main street, The Duke of Glouster…

As we leisurely walked down the Main Street of Williamsburg, we were transported back to the 1700’s. Not only the houses and businesses depicted the history, but there were people dressed in period attire of that era, who were answering questions and giving us interesting facts!!

The picture on the left is a gardener working in their beautiful vegetable and flower gardens. The middle photo is a local barber in front of his shop. The right photo is local woman answering questions from people passing by, she even taught some of us how to curtsey!!

This jewelry store had an inscription on the front of the building that I typed above, I thought the “Golden Ball” was very interesting!

Enjoy watching these short videos of horses and carriages carrying passengers for scenic rides, which you can book ahead of time!

Aaden was quite taken by the minuteman vibe in town, so he bought himself this colonial tri-corner hat and then we bought him a souvenir musket, he was in boy heaven!! Parker was happy with this little wooden cannon!!

Aaden enjoyed guiding the family as we were leaving…

Colonial Williamsburg was so wonderful, lots to do there, for young families or adults…besides the history, the shopping and restaurants were excellent!! Click here if you interested in visiting!!


Last year Victor and I tried driving into DC for the cherry blossom season, but we didn’t make it because of so much traffic…I posted what we did see, but it didn’t compare to the real thing…

But this year we left early, during the week and were successful in getting to the heart of DC!! So when we drove by the bank of the Potomic River Tidal Basin, we were awe-struck by how beautiful it was and the amount of trees in bloom!! Mostly around DC and Virginia are white cherry blossoms, but these around the Potomac are pink!!! This is The Jefferson Memorial surrounded by cherry trees, a beautiful sight…

This picture does not do the Cherry Blossoms justice, but I tried to get a shot of how dense the trees were, it was like looking at a pink wonderland…it was an abnormal freezing cold day and we just drove by, next year we will get out and walk!!


Veggie Platter

These are the vegetables that you will need to make this veggie platter…

There is no recipe…just cut and place the vegetables on a wooden cutting board, it truly went so fast once I had the vegetables cut!! Start on the outer edge, for the cucumber flower and layer, working your way into the middle. I put olives in the middle but you could use cherry or grape tomatoes. The small flowers are sliced from the top of a pepper, take out the stem and there is a hole in the middle. Cut off the bottom of the pepper and place the round end in the center of the pepper, or you could use a cherry tomato in the center. Use a celery stock for the the stem, broccoli florets for the grass and carrots to add color and interest!!

I brought this to my niece Christy’s house for Easter and used the dip recipe from another post…click here for the recipe!! Everyone enjoyed it…it was easy and looks impressive!!


This is a picture of my mom and dad from the 1940’s. They had been married for about a year…they were so happy to be together. My dad was in the Army and as the story goes my mom was pregnant with my brother, nearly 80 years ago, and my father was going overseas, so my mother was going to live with her mother, while he was away. I put this photo on my Facebook page when it would have been my mom’s 104th birthday. My high school friend, Toni, from California, who is an amazing artist, saw the picture and asked me if she could make a painting of it!! So of course I said YES, and this is the result! Stunning!!! She captured the joy they shared in being together and the love they were celebrating, in starting a family! However, bittersweet because he was going so far away, to a war.


When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix


7 thoughts on “🎢Busch Gardens, Historic Williamsburg🏛, Cherry Blossoms…Again🌸,Impressive Veggie Platter🥒 and Stunning Art♥️

  1. Dear Carol , Hope you are all well. Loved your post So much fun being with family You’ve reminded me about Williamsburg. We need to take our own granddaughters looks like fun and a great learning experience and then of course Busch gardens as well. Nice to see everyone out and about. You and Victor enjoying life. Soo perfect I’m going to make the vegetable platter loved it I especially loved the painting of your mom and dad. Such a great picture and so wonderful that Toni did such a beautiful painting with so much history and sentimentality behind it. Be well , my friend

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kathy!! Thank for taking the time to comment, I love hearing from you!! If your granddaughters like roller coasters, they will love Busch Gardens!! They also have rides for small kids, but really not much in between! However, I loved seeing the Clydesdales, they also, had sheep, wolves and eagles!! Historic Williamsburg was nice surprise, so much for the kids to do, a great family trip!!
      How talented is our classmate, Toni, she is amazing!!! When she sees a photo she likes, she’ll just ask if she can paint it!! She painted another photo I posted on my blog, of food, it too was amazing!!
      Thank you again for checking in!!
      Wishing you, Kevin and family a healthy and happy Spring🌸❤️


  2. Loved this blog. The picture and painting of Mom and Dad are so beautiful. I am going to try that vegetable tray the next time we have food at bowling,. The quote at the end is so relatable to the current situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazing! Looks like you had a fabulous time! Now I want to go to Williamsburg! Not that far from us, so I’ll put it on my “bucket list” along with a trip to Lancaster, PA and Amish country. DC is beautiful in the spring. My aunt used to live there, near the zoo, which is another great attraction along with all of the Smithsonian! Needless to say, you made some great memories as a family while having lots of fun.
      I also love your veggie platter. You are so clever, but I always knew that. I hope you’re enjoying your sping and I look forward to more blog installments. Love and God bless, Nancy

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Marilyn, glad you liked the post!! I knew you would like the painting!! Toni is amazing, we took art classes together in high school, she got all the talent and drive!! Your bowling group will love the veggie platter, but look online, you might be able to find a bowling theme platter you could copy!! That quote by Jimi Hendrix is so now, some of these icon musicians were timeless!! Thank you for checking into my blog and taking the time to commenting!! Enjoy the Cape these spring days, while it’s quiet😉🌸💖


    1. Thank you, Nancy, yes it was a fun time and glad I inspired you to go to Williamsburg!! We went many years ago, when Gina was in high school, but it has gotten so much better, especially the historic area, it’s more interactive, I’m glad we went again!! Amish country is beautiful too, once in awhile we see horse and buggies crossing overpasses as we’re on 81 in PA!! And I would love to see the zoo in DC, that will be on my “bucket list!”
      That was a beautiful painting of my mom and dad, however, it wasn’t a gift😌 She’s a talented artist and she probably has it in her studio, I asked her if I could buy it, but she hasn’t replied😉
      Thank you again for checking in, it’s always wonderful to hear from you!! Love and best wishes for a happy spring🌷💚


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