🌻Spring Porch, 🌸Flower Chocolates and ✌🏽In My Opinion🙏🏽

Today is the first day of Spring, and I wanted to have my porch ready…

I put away the heavy plaid quilts and pillows that kept us warm during the winter months, and

added the plants that had been in the house all winter…

So easy…lots of plants and an Easter egg wreath, then we’re all set for Spring!!


Molding chocolate into shapes makes great hostess gifts for Easter/Spring Celebrations or to put in Easter baskets for the kids!!

These are the materials you will need…pretty color chocolate melts from a craft store, but I did get dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s to add rich flavor, bowls to melt the chocolate in, plastic baggies, spoons to place chocolate in the baggies, decorative boxes, small cup cake liners for placing chocolates into the boxes and silicone chocolate molds…I chose flowers and butterflies, but they sell all types from flowers to lego shapes!!

First, melt the chocolates in small bowls, it took less then 60 seconds in the microwave, next either spoon chocolate into a baggie, cut a small hole in a corner. Pipe chocolate into molds…I started with the colors on top, then added dark chocolate on top, which will actually be the bottom when they come out of the molds. Make sure to let the chocolate set before adding another color, I put the molds into the freezer for about 10 minutes in between layers of colors. Now, it looks quite messy the way I did it, I think the chocolate was too warm, which made it watery. Next time I’ll wait for it to cool a little before I handle it!! Also, I might try to use a squeeze bottle instead of a baggie. However,

it came out pretty nice and is really quite easy to do and tasted scrumptious…you can’t go wrong with chocolate!


Remember in the 1960’s and 70’s…

you were either a hippie or

you were a mod…

I was somewhere in the middle!

In my opinion…Americans have always been split about different things through history, some big things, some small things…

Through it all we’ve always been able to voice our opinions, that’s part of our democracy,

and it’s still going

extremely strong!!

However, the past month we have all come together, to agree on one thing…

That is our support for Ukraine💙💛

There is a monster tearing apart Ukraine…the monster thought, because our country was torn about things, he could grab a country he wanted…not only our country, but the world has come together to support Ukraine…The people of Ukraine are strong and with most of the world is behind them, so I don’t think the monster will win🇺🇦

A prayer for Ukraine

We pray for the people of Ukraine,
for all those suffering or afraid,
that we will comfort them and protect them.

We pray for world leaders,
for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.

We pray for the world
that in this moment of crisis,
we may reach out in solidarity
to our brothers and sisters in need.

May we walk in the loving energy of all creation
so that peace and justice
become a reality for the people of Ukraine
and for all the world.


12 thoughts on “🌻Spring Porch, 🌸Flower Chocolates and ✌🏽In My Opinion🙏🏽

  1. Great blog. I also hope Ukraine gets some relief from Putin. It is so sad to see innocent people slaughter like that. I also feel bad for the Russian people who do not support him. As for the chocolate, I’d like to try that with white and dark chocolate. I love the white chocolate Lindt balls. I wonder if I can use those melted down.

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    1. Glad you liked this post❤️ I know, Putin is so evil, his life must have been and still is, a living hell, for him to do this. I heard that Russian families are now fighting with the young ones getting their info from the internet, and older ones getting the propaganda from government!! The disinformation is so troubling now-a-days!! There is a video going around of President Zelensky and his wife singing Endless Love, when I first saw it, I thought it was amazing, I was even getting ready to put it on this post, but then I heard it was a hoax!! I felt so let down!! Prayers to Ukraine🙏🏼🌻
      On a lighter note, I would like to try all different things with the chocolate, like adding fillings. But the way I made them was good too, the dark chocolate makes all the difference, as you know😉 Thanks for checking in to my blog, let’s talk chocolate soon🤎


  2. I so look forward to your posts as they are always so entertaining as well as educational. Love the chocolate molds, but I’m staying away from them for they’re too tempting! I smiled at the picture of you and Victor…you were both just kids…but hey, we were kids when we got married, right? The good old days. Hope you enjoy Spring. We’re inundated by the horrible pollen, but this will pass. Take care, my friend, thanks for making my day, and God bless.

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    1. I so look forward to your comments, Nancy💖 And I’m glad you liked the old photos, that was our wedding going away photo, we were such babies, our 50th is coming up this year!!! Those were certainly the good old days, I so wanted to be a hippie, but I didn’t have it completely in me, just a little though😂
      I guess the pollen will be coming our way soon, but we’ll enjoy this mild weather for now!! Thank you, Nancy…stay well and let’s pray for peace🙏🏼🌸✌🏽


  3. Happy Spring Carol. A great blog, as always. Welcoming spring with your plants, chocolate goodies for Easter, pictures from the past ( really liked the one of you and Victor); and most important, prayers for Ukraine and its people. I hope God is listening and takes care of them. I also hope he takes care of the the evil ones and all of their cohorts, and that they get what’s coming to them – soon, before they can take more lives and do much more damage.
    You and Victor take real good care and enjoy the spring.

    With love,

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    1. Happy Spring Lucille!! It’s always wonderful to hear from you!! Glad you enjoyed my post, getting ready for Spring! It’s so wonderful to breath in that mild fresh air, especially because things seem to be going back to normal after Covid🤞🏼
      I pray too, that the war will end soon and those precious lives in Ukraine will be spared🙏🏽💛
      Wishing you love and peace during this Easter season, stay well and give our best to Dee too💖🌷


  4. I could live on that porch! So warm and inviting. The perfect place to cuddle up and read a book. You truly are a design master Miss Carol!! And OMG those gorgeous chocolates!! You’re speaking my language.
    I was definitely a mod/hippie combo. If I was just a tad older I would’ve probably been all hippied out, because by the 70s I was definitely all hippie! And I’m not sure that’s changed a lot, especially my musical taste.
    But Ukraine… It’s unimaginable how much pain is being experienced by all of those innocent people. I’m constantly reminded of the Holocaust every time I look at those pictures. I’m grateful for them that they are not riding those trains to their deaths, but hopefully to safety instead. But there’s no place like home as Dorothy said. I have no qualms about someone taking a hit on that evil bastard who is causing so much grief. I think the world would agree. Thanks for such a beautiful post 💓

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    1. Hi Penny!!! I’m glad you like my porch, you can come and sit with me anytime!! It was fun making the chocolates, I’m looking forward to finding the time to experiment with them and when I do, I’ll let you be my taste-tester😂
      I think you would have been a full on hippie with frayed jeans and prairie blouses!! I would have loved being friends with you, just like now, my bohemian friend!!
      I feel the same way about Ukraine, all the pain and suffering going on for one coward’s ego, it IS unimaginable!! Taking him out is fine with me!!
      Thank you, again, for checking into my blog and your kind response…hope I see you soon😻


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