❤️Heart Healthy🚶🏻‍♀️Habits Don’t Have to be Boring🍫

February is American Heart Month, so I’m sharing with you some things that help keep my heart healthy!!

This is a box of chocolates we gave to Gina and Tom for Valentine’s Day!!

I know what you’re thinking, this does not look healthy!!! But actually, they say chocolate is healthy for you, but it has to be dark…a powerful source of antioxidants. It may help lower blood pressure, and lower bad cholesterol, and may reduce heart disease risk, also, may protect our skin from sun and best of all, could improve brain function!!

These are chocolates that Victor and I gave to each other for Valentine’s Day, we always eat dark chocolate!!

Of course they advise us not to eat too much chocolate, a little bit a day is all we need, to be healthy!! Click here to read more about the benefits of chocolate.

This would probably be a better option…then we can eat the chocolate!!


Of course exercise is another healthy habit…Victor and I enjoy walking, we try to get out everyday, but it is challenging on these cold winter days.

So, this is what I wear, to stay as warm as I can, because I hate to be cold. I bought a new winter coat this season at Columbia Outlet store …it’s a lightweight coat but very warm, with thermal reflective lining that captures body heat and seals it in! A warm hat is a must, and this knitted one has a thermal lining and keeps me extra warm on really cold days and actually stays on over my ears! I wear two pairs of pants, here are fleece lined leopard print yoga pants under wide leg stretchy pants. A knit long sleeve top, with a linen scarf, I find wearing bulky scarf is too much fabric around the neck. Then a hooded sweatshirt, this one is Lululemon, I got it at the Outlet store on sale!! I wear two pairs of gloves because I have Raynaud’s syndrome, where my hands get cold easily. The boots I wear are old Merrell’s that keep my feet dry and warm and are so very comfortable to walk in. Although these boots are not sold anymore, there are lots of Merrell’s that are similar!!

We don’t walk if it’s below 20 degrees, but honestly I wouldn’t walk if it were below 40 degrees, but with all the modern technology in fabrics, it’s truly comfortable to walk in cold weather now. I hope this inspires you to get out in the winter fresh air, it’s good for our soul and body!!

Here we are going on a family walk on a nature trail at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley…I’m walking with Gina and Raffa…notice Gina’s hat, with two black pompoms, it looks like a Mickey Mouse hat, which is very appropriate for her!!

On a rare warm winter day, we took a ride to Cape Cod to check on our cottage, with our good friends, Susie and Frank! We ended up on Nauset Beach in Orleans for a long walk and here we are sharing a log for a well deserved rest! Spending time with friends is good for your health and heart❤️


Did you know there is a pedometer that counts how many steps you take, while you have your phone on you, right on your iPhone?!! It’s the Health app that’s built into your iPhone.

Victor and I have been counting our steps daily. It is recommended to do 10,000 steps a day…so I try doing 10,000 steps, but of course Victor has to outdo me, so he does 12,000 or more!! I think counting my steps is a fun challenge…

So I have a Fitbit!! These fitness trackers do lots of things other than counting steps…it tracks heart rate and it even tracks how much you sleep at night!! I’m only interested in my steps at this point!! I don’t think they are very attractive, but as you can see in the photo, it can be dressed up with jewelry!!

The most important thing is that you find something that will inspire you to exercise, whether it’s friends and family to walk with, counting steps, going to the gym or joining classes!!


I thought my tap dancing days were over, however, I found a great class for seniors and Victor got me a new pair of tap shoes for Christmas!! I’m loving it!!!

When you do things that you love, it is good for your body and spirit!!

♥️To all my readers, may your heart be happy and healthy♥️

8 thoughts on “❤️Heart Healthy🚶🏻‍♀️Habits Don’t Have to be Boring🍫

  1. as always love reading your blog! you are so creative, and it’s wonderful to keep up with what’s going on with you and the family ,, Great job! Keep ’em coming! Happy New Year , have a heart healthy one ❤️🌹❤️

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  2. Wow! You are awesome!!! That candy looks yummy! I have to chuckle at your winter outfits! I’d be sweating if I wore that, but that’s because it doesn’t get real cold here, thank God. Yea, I know, I’m a wimp!!!

    Art gave me a smartwatch for Christmas and it not only counts steps, it checks your blood pressure, pulse, etc. And you can get phone calls, get on the internet. It’s so kind of like a mini-computer, and I love it.

    I’m so thrilled you’re back to dancing…so much fun! Wish I could join you!!!

    Take care and have fun!!!! 💗

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    1. You are so lucky it doesn’t get that cold where you live!! Even Virginia gets really cold, sometimes colder than New England!! Today, we were out walking and it was so windy and cold, but that coat was amazing, it really blocks a cold wind, the new fabrics are amazing!! And another thing that’s amazing is a smartwatch…it does everything, who would have thought years ago, that we could have that type of technology!! That will be my next watch, for sure!!
      I haven’t been in a tap group for 25 years, I thought I would never get back to it, there are not many classes for adults, especially seniors!! Wish you could join me too, wouldn’t we have fun!!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!!! Take care of your heart and Arts too, be well❤️


  3. Happy Sunday Carol. VJ is right, your energy is an inspiration, your enthusiasm is contagious. Great Blog. I wanted to reach out to the chocolates, my weakness. Hope
    you and Victor had great Valentines Day. I always loved the winter beach at theCape,
    it’s God’s world. One year after a major snow storm, Rock Harbor was inundated with snow, it was beautiful. You are fortunate to be able to enjoy Virginia and the “Tree House” with your family, and the Cape, the best of both worlds; and your outfits are suitable for both in this weather. It’s great you are going to begin tap dancing again;
    have fun.
    Be well, stay warm, and be safe. SPRING is coming.

    With Love,

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    1. Hi Lucille, I’m so happy to inspire new and better ways to do things through my blog, especially when it involves chocolate😉 I’m learning to embrace getting outside in the cold weather, as long as I can bundle up…and like you said, some places are more beautiful during the winter❄️ We are so very lucky to experience the different atmospheres of VA and MA and especially to see our grandsons regularly!! Thank you for your encouragement for my tap dancing and my blog!!
      Take good care of your heart❤️ And yes, SPRING, yah🌷


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