🛁Getting Ready for Guests at The Train House and Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe!!🍁

We are getting ready for our first overnight guests at The Train House!!

We have been working hard for months, so we can entertain our friends and family from Boston and Texas, at The Train House…

This was the main bathroom, with the only shower, when we first bought the house!! The clawfoot tub is very charming, however it was very clumsy to take a shower in, and we were unable to get that spot out of the linoleum!!

So Victor got to work, taking up the flooring…The photo on the left was the three layers of flooring, the bottom one being wood, which was great news! However, after working hard to get all the linoleum up, the contractor thought it best to rip up the wood floor so they could get all the water pipes put under the floor, for the new shower and sink and so it was, the beautiful old floor was ripped out (photo on right)!!

But what we got was so much better!! A new tiled shower, where the sink was and a new wood floor.

We had the inside of the clawfoot tub resurfaced and I sanded and painted the outside of the tub, lagoon blue and the feet antique brass, with an antique brass faucet!!

This picture shows the bathroom from another angle…it’s a big bathroom, however, after adding the shower, there was less room and wall space for the sink, so we needed to put in a small narrow sink. Because there is no counter space, I have a three tier cart that I leave mostly empty, for guests to use for their toiletries. A ladder-back chair next to the tub, is a great place for guests to put clean towels, clothes or whatever!!!

This is the guest room, while we were renovating it. You can see, behind the bed the electrical wires were on the outside of the wall, that was the case throughout the whole house. Victor rewired several of the rooms so the wires would be inside the walls…a huge task and I’m glad Victor had the expertise to do it!!

The guest room, ready for guests!!

A picture of guest room number 2, when we took part of it for the master room closet…

And this is the room after peeling the wallpaper off and getting ready to paint it…

We have a daybed in this room, great for guests to take a nap or an extra place for their clothes!! They can spread out all they want because the guest rooms and bath have a door that closes them off from the master bedroom suit.

We got everything ready for our company during our last visit, because at this writing, we are not at The Train House…we are leaving shortly with our friends close behind us…their guest suit is ready for them!!


Now with our house ready, I’m thinking about sprucing up my fall wardrobe, which I haven’t thought about for a couple of years…

I bought a couple of fall colored tops to match what I already had. This yellow and orange top goes with my sage green jeans and peach sweater to wear on cool fall nights when we’re eating outside at restaurants!! Tan color ballet flats with a shoulder strap purse to match!!

Ready to go to dinner with friends…

Another top, reminds me of fall apples, with a red and green rose bud print…it goes with the same pants, shoes, bag and even red and green bracelet and earrings, I just changed the sweater to red!!

Being retired and going out with friends is a blessing, so now I have another outfit to wear!! It’s all about mixing and matching, especially when you’re traveling!!

And this is the restaurant we went to…Vico’s in Norwood, MA center, one of the best Italian restaurants we’ve been to in the world!! This is Cioppino, an Italian fish stew with clams, mussels shrimp, calamari and white fish, in a flavorful tomato broth…it was amazing!!

Dessert, we shared molten lava cake, topped with vanilla gelato, that was amazing too🤎


With Christmas coming fast and all news outlets telling us to start shopping now!! This is a great idea for a gift…Gina and family gave this to me for my birthday!! They are called story stones and they come with paint…she bought the stones and painted this message on them…such a personalized gift, I love it!!! A Christmas message to your grandchildren or just giving it to them to create their own stories would be great gift ideas!!


When I read this quote below, it reminded me of the feeling that I wanted for this post…simply said, nothing is more important to me than family and home and maybe a little fashion🧡

We believe in home, that it should restore us from today and ready us for tomorrow. We believe in friendship, because friends who feel like family are the best kind of friends and that nothing matters more than family…”

The beginning of Magnolia Manifesto from Magnolia Journal, Fall 2019

18 thoughts on “🛁Getting Ready for Guests at The Train House and Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe!!🍁

    1. Thank you, Regina!! You are so kind💖 Renovating gives us something to do in retirement, and a place to stay while visiting the kids👍 Hope you your family are well!! We should get the school gang together soon🙏💞


  1. I am so in awe and impressed by what you and Victor have done to the Train House! Amazing! Where do you get your ideas? You both should have your own show on HGTV! What a labor of love and how it shows too! Not only that, but I love how you coordinate your outfits to match the season! You rock! God bless and enjoy the Fall! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so kind, Nancy💖 Yes, it has been a labor of love and we still have more to do!! But we can really enjoy the house now, the rest of the renovations can wait until after the holidays. Hope you guys enjoyed your summer, you certainly had a great celebration for your 50th anniversary, congrats, such an amazing milestone💞
      Thank you again for your sweet comments, stay well!!🙏🍁


    1. Thank you💖 Come on down, The Train House is ready for you, just beware of the train whistle🚂 As for your wardrobe, just buy some fall color tops!! Christmas is coming fast enough, then we’re going to want red and green🎄😂


  2. HI CAROL.
    VJ WAS RIGHT. You And Victor have done an amazing job at the Train House, every room has been transformed. The bathroom is totally amazing, unrecognizable from
    what it looked like before. Victors construction abilities, and your decorating abilities
    have done wonders in all of your homes. ENJOY.
    Have fun with your family and guests in the last days of summer and the early days of
    I always appreciate your fashion updates and your meaningful quotes. Thank you.
    Warm wishes and Love,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lucille!! Yes, you’re right, the bathroom is unrecognizable, it feels so good to have a clean functional guest bathroom!! Our grandsons are enjoying their own wing at The Train House😉
      I’m glad you liked my fashion update, I always feel funny about doing them, but I like seeing fashion for ladies my age, so I think others will too!!
      And I’m glad you like my quotes, it’s amazing the inspiration we can find in everyday living🙏
      This month went by so fast, but we kept thinking we might see you at The Cape, let us know if you’re still around.
      Thank you again for your kind comments!!
      Happy Autumn🍁🧡


  3. Amazing Carol!! Love everything you have done!! Enjoy your guests. They will feel so pampered❤️

    On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 9:35 AM Visions of My 60s wrote:

    > visionsofmy60s.com posted: ” We are getting ready for our first overnight > guests at The Train House!! We have been working hard for months, so we can > entertain our friends and family from Boston and Texas, at The Train > House… This was the main bathroom, with the” >

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    1. You are totally welcome to stay with us and have your own wing at The Train House, if you don’t mind being woken up at 3 am by the train whistle😉 Victor sleeps right through it😂 Thank you for your kind words, Dana!! Enjoy the arrival of Autumn🍂💛


  4. Gotta start with the bathroom! That tub is so charming!! From the color to those fantastic brass feet. A real work of art. And however you got rid of that nasty stain, good riddance! The cart idea is brilliant. There never is anywhere to put your toiletries without it completely taking over. I wish more places thought of this. The guest rooms you’ve done such a great job with, and good going Victor with the wiring! The problem is, you may just have some guests that will want to extend their stay or never leave in general lol. The food looks obscenely goood, and you look adorable!!! Just such a welcoming home! 💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Penny!! It took a lot of planning but the bathroom was a hit with our visitors!! Sadly, they have come and gone now, the guest wing was great, so convenient!! The tub looks good, but no one took a bath, they just loved the rain shower!! I always like a lot of space, to put my toiletries. And another thing I like in a guest bath is, a place to put my clothes when taking a shower, the chair was good for that!! Thank you for taking the time for your sweet comments, I so appreciate you💖 Hope you’re enjoying good weather, like we are in VA🍁 So looking forward to seeing you soon!!


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