📚End of Summer…School Starts, 🌶Farmer’s Market, and More Before🔨 After at The Train House🚂


School started this week for my grandsons…

Aaden, starting 5th grade had all the confidence in the world, however, Parker going into 1st grade and a new school had lots of butterflies in his stomach and Raffa knew something was going on, maybe now she’d get some much needed rest after the long break the kids had from school…

And for the first time, we were there to see them off!!!

Big brother has the little guy’s back and sees him to his classroom…


These days of not going to too many places, trying to quarantine as much as possible, so when we learned there was a Farmer’s Market up the street from us, I got all excited…a place to go and dress up…kind of😉🤣 It’s been 6 months from the start of the pandemic and I’ve been wearing yoga pants almost everyday, and I’m not stopping, they are so comfortable, I’ll just dress them up…

So here are my trusty black yoga crops from Lululemon, expensive but worth it, they hold me in and always look neat, I guess you could say they are my dress-up yoga pants!!! A Chaus tunic top with Tom’s red canvas shoes and of course a mask to match!! Gotta have a straw hat to shield me from the sun and a bag to hold all the treasures we pick up at the Market!!

A closer look at the print of the tunic and mask, together with my favorite bracelet and earrings that I made, antique gold bangle braclets from Alex and Ani and a gold necklace and ring… Love this mask, I bought it on Amazon, it came with 2 other masks, they are so comfortable, here is the link!!

And I’m off…Is it so silly to get excited about going to a Farmer’s Market???

Lots of yummy looking fruits and veggies…

And here are our treasures…


Now the continuing saga of the fixer upper Train House…This is the kitchen of The Train House, before we even touched anything…

Notice the sink…

The demolition…

After!!! The only things we kept from the old kitchen were the kitchen sink and floor…we had the sink resurfaced and Victor stripped 3 layers of vinyl flooring before he got to the wood floor and then we had it refinished!!! The cabinets were crafted by a community of Amish in Pennsylvania!!!

This is a corner of the kitchen that used to be a dining room, we had the walls knocked down to join it with the kitchen and also make a half bath which you can see marked off with tape on the floor!!!

And this is how it looks now!!! You can see the door to the half bath on the right. Victor made the shelf and corbels, I painted the shelf aqua to match the accents throughout the house!! One of the many clocks that my father made is a focal point on the shelf and the copper pots and pans that were my parents, are hung around and from the shelf.

We had a window seat put in between the refrigerator wall and half bath wall…it’s a cozy spot for my grandson, Parker, who loves to read and one of the many places in the house that my grandsons can enjoy their toys!!

This is a panorama view of this section of the kitchen, so you can see the flow!! The last post will show you the kitchen table section of the room!!


Hold on to sweet memories…

“We need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter because it’s not going to be easy,” Fauci said during a panel of doctors from Harvard Medical School.

I for one, will do anything Dr. Fauci tells us to do, to get rid of this virus…🙏🏽


16 thoughts on “📚End of Summer…School Starts, 🌶Farmer’s Market, and More Before🔨 After at The Train House🚂

  1. Absolutely amazing transformation to the house. I love what you have done and all your little touches! You and Victor are so lucky to be near the boys. I miss them so much❤️❤️ Tell them DeeDee sends so much love and kisses😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dana💖 Yes, love being close to the kids, it’s been a lot of work but totally worth it!! You’ll have to visit us when the virus is over and your down!! By then the house will probably be finished!!!


  2. Gteat outfit. Love the mask. The kitchen is beautiful. You guys are so talented. I loved the picture of Charlie and Snoopy and the the mirror imge of Aaden and Raffa.

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  3. Y’all are unbelievable with decorating talent. I’ve always wanted to renovate and old house and you make it look so easy! So happy you got to see the boys off to school. Its been a crazy year! Keep posting your blog! I love it. Stay well. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have had both old and new houses in our lives…we are partial to the imperfections of older homes and the feeling of history in them!!!
      I know, such a crazy year, but for some reason I feel like it’s flying by, probably our age🤨 Hope you and your family are doing well!!! Thank you for enjoying my blog💗


      1. You’re so right about time flying. Crazy, isn’t it? But it looks like you’re making good use of your time. Sure wish I could be with you and help you while you’re renovating…looks like a lot of fun.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s more fun when it’s done and you get to enjoy it🤗💖 Try doing something small in your house to start off with, like painting a piece of furniture…there is plenty of satisfaction in that too👍


  4. Hi Carol,
    I agree with Aaden, “So cool how you fixed the whole house.” What you and Victor have done is truly amazing. The before and after should be in a magazine. The aqua shelf with you Dad’s clock and your parent’s hanging copper pots are perfect, your mom and dad are there with you. I especially like the window seat, a perfect place to read.
    It’s hard to believe how the boys have grown. Hope they enjoyed the first week of school. The pictures of the boys and Raffa are so so cute. I’m sure they are as happy as you and Victor to have you at the “Train House.”
    Your choice of pants for the summer are the same as mine. Sometimes it gets a little boring and its nice to dress up. Like your outfit for the market, it’s so you. Hard to believe the summer is over. It was 55 degrees here this morning; hopefully, it will get warm again.
    Hope Patty andDon are well and safe in Austin. I’m sure you miss them as much as they miss being at the Cape.
    I know I take too long to respond to your blog, but it seems there is so much to say-
    like talking over the fence.
    Enjoy being at the”Train House,” visiting with Gina and the boys, making fond memories. My best to you and Victor. Be well and stay safe. We will just keep following Dr. Fauci.
    Much love,

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    1. Thank you, Lucille!! Mostly, the whole house is furnished with my parent’s furniture!! Everytime we make the trip down to The Train House, we bring as much furniture that will fit into our SUV!!! What furniture we have bought comes from antique or thrift shops!!! I love a house and furniture with a soul and history!!
      Yes, I agree about wanting to dress up once in a while…I don’t even go shopping for clothes much anymore!! Can’t wait for the world to heal from this virus!!
      Patty and Don are well, they are doing some renovations in their Texas home, too!!
      It’s fine that you take time responding, that means I can take my time responding to you…it IS like talking over the fence🤗
      I’m glad you listen to Dr. Fauci, also…he says to get our flu shots in October, that’s the best time, to keep us protected through the winter😉
      Love and best wishes to you, enjoy this crisp weather, and stay well and happy🙏🏽❤️


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