🙏🏽What I Have Learned During These Changing Times💚

I am learning a new Format on this blog…you can’t see it, but it is how I compose this blog, and they, all of a sudden, changed it on me…so please, bear with me while I learn something new!

I learned patience while putting together a 1,000 piece difficult puzzle!!

I learned to open a door without touching it…this tool is so handy when using a public restroom, elevator and using touch pads in stores!!

I have learned to find the right time to social distant at the beach…

Taking a magical walk with Gina, Tom and boys…We learned to keep our social distance with our grandsons…even though we wanted to hug and kiss them!!

I learned how to grow vegetables from scraps!! I use scallions everyday, in my salads or cooking, so when we couldn’t go to the market during the surge, I decided to try growing some of my vegetables. I found online, that scallions can be grown from the ends that are leftover!! Simply, place the end with the roots in a glass of water and in about a week or two green shoots sprout up, like the photo on the right!! The shoots can be used in cooking or they can be planted, which I did…

I planted them in a pot, among my other herbs and vegetables. The scallions grow tall and green, simply cut and use them in your salads or cooking!!

This is our backyard garden, we planted all but the tomatoes in pots, because we found we have more control over animals eating them, by moving them around and placing them high on tables!!


But more importantly…

I have learned, from the Corona Virus spreading all over the world, from person to person, for standing up for “Black Lives Matter” all around the world, over the death of George Perry Floyd and countless other deaths of women and men of color…this is evidence that we are ALL connected, whether it is physically and/or something underlying connecting our hearts. If this is truly the case, let’s start treating each other with love and respect and listen and learn from others who are different, so that too will be spread all over the world. I’ve learned that it could starts with just one act of caring or kindness, it doesn’t have to be something big…

Like this 80 year old woman, Leta Austin Foster, who was the only one standing up for “Black Lives Matter,” in her town of Palm Beach!! The policeman gave her a citation for not drinking enough water, and gave her a cold bottle of water!!

Or by just wearing a face mask in public, to show people you care about their lives.

Let us listen and learn from people that are hurting, so that we will understand and help.

Deepak Chopra said, “If we learn the lessons of these difficult times, we will emerge in a healthier and happier world!!”

6 thoughts on “🙏🏽What I Have Learned During These Changing Times💚

  1. A very uplifting post my friend! The beach is absolutely calling. It looks so inviting being deserted. Of course I adored seeing the turtle and it’s social distancing 🤗🥰 There are so many things going on they can pull us apart or unite us. It’s amazing to me that we are living in such a truly historic time. The story about the 80-year-old woman just cracks me up! That was awesome. And I remembered, looking at your picture of growing chives, that garlic and onions are easy to grow this way as well. I found it completely accidentally, when I stored them in my refrigerator in a plastic bag. All of a sudden roots grew, and when there were enough I just put them in a pot with some dirt and voilà! Supposedly you can do this with carrots as well but I’ve never tried it. There is no way the bunnies would allow me! Although your idea of a table higher up is a fabulous idea!! BTW, your blog is a kindness you are giving to others. It always makes me smile, so thank you 😘

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    1. Yes, we never see the beach so deserted in June, but it was a cold morning and shortly after that more people were walking, but still able to keep a safe distance!! I agree with you, about this trying historic time, it can pull us apart or unite us, but I truly believe in the young people today, they have passion, brains and soul and I feel they want to unite us!! I feel the same about the elders, we just lack the energy and the bladders, can you picture us protesting, where would we find a bathroom…that’s why Leta was protesting in front of her house🤣
      There are so many vegetables that can be grown from scraps!! In the 70’s, it was a big thing to grow avacado trees from the seeds!! We didn’t care about getting the avacadoes, we just wanted a green leafy plant in our house!!
      I’m so happy that this blog makes you smile, my aim is to share some ideas and add a little goodness into the World!! Thank you, Penny, for your kind and thoughtful comments, you made ME smile🙏🏽💖


  2. Well, I tried twice to leave a comment, but got kicked off! Computers , ARGH! Anyway, I love your postings and you are so talented and clever, especially your “farming skills!” I have two black thumbs. And, don’t you love doing puzzles? I just finished one of our town that I love, and I ordered a 1,000 piece puzzle for my cousin who just had a knee replacement. This ought to keep him occupied while he recovers. Anyway, keep up the great work and stay safe and well. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, Nancy, for being persistent in getting your comment through!! I know, computers are maddening, it’s so hard to learn a new way of composing these posts!! Thank you for thinking I have “farming skills!!” I just put things in pots and water them, most of the time they make it, but sometimes they don’t!! And I do love puzzles, that is so cool that you have one of your town!! 1000 piece puzzles are so hard, but very satisfying when you finish…Good luck to your cousin with his knee and puzzle!! Thank you again for your kind comments and wellness to you and your family🙏🏽❤️


  3. Hi Carol,

    I have been thinking of you, and was happy to hear from you. The puzzle, which must have taken you and Victor hours and hours, is great. I Hope you are going to have it framed. It looks like you were able to get to the Cape, I hope so. I miss the little house and the Cape so so much. I hope Patty and Don are loving it. I was planning on coming up this month, but the virus changed everything. Maybe in the fall. Were you able to get to the train house? Its been so crazy withe the virus, but this too shall pass. I hope its soon.
    Take good care. You, Victor, and your family be well and stay safe.
    Love, Lucille.

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    1. Hi Lucille, Victor didn’t help me much with this puzzle, it was very tedious, but I was determined. I’ve started another one that’s lots of fun, I’ll show it in my next post!! Yes, we are getting to the Cape, it’s very quiet this year!! Patty, Don and the girls love the little house and are taking very good care of it!! If you are here in the fall please stop by, we would love to see you!! We did get to The Train House last month, although we had to social distance with our grandchildren, it was still so great to see them. I toyed with the idea of wrapping myself in plastic just to hug them:)
      Hope you are doing well, Lucille!! Thank you for checking into my blog and taking the time to comment, I so love to hear from you, take good care of yourself and say hi to Dee for us💖


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