🌼A Different Mother’s Day and What I Make Every Night for Dessert to Keep theVirus Away🍓

The first Mother’s Day for me with my mom not here!! IMG_3518How I would like to remember her❤️

The first Mother’s Day for me with my children not being able to to be physically with me!!Byrd Family 2019How I would like to remember the way we were❤️

However, I firmly believe we will get back to the way we were, in time but, maybe a little different!!


What I have been doing…2nd puzzle, 1,000 pieces!!











And Victor helped!!!!


I make this smoothie every night for dessert…it’s filled with immune boosting nutrients…we need lots of those to protect our bodies from The Virus…

IMG_0207These are the ingredients I use, but sometimes I change it up, depending on what I have on hand…cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, banana, honey and flaxmilk (any milk will do)…IMG_0208This smoothie blender is great, I ordered it on Amazon at the beginning of the quarantine and I’ve been using it almost every night since… click here to see it on Amazon. I just fill the blender to the top with the fruit, top it off with honey and pour the milk half to three quarters of the way up the container…this makes 2 servings…

IMG_0210Then mix until your desired texture!!  So easy, healthy and yummy!! IMG_0214I like it thick, and I use a spoon to eat it instead of drinking it…Enjoy your healthy smoothie dessert!!!


This is the town square up the street from our house, it’s usually bustling, but on this first day of quarantine, 7 weeks ago, it was a ghost town…IMG_9872And to our surprise, someone took the time to write these hopeful messages on the sidewalk…IMG_9868IMG_9867IMG_9866If The Virus can spread around the world in such speed, so can “small acts of kindness!!”IMG_0195Our tree and flowers are giving us such joy during these trying endless days being at home…


And finally…This video touched me and made me think that…On this Mother’s Day, we might not be able to be close to our mother’s, but we have ourselves, we are all mothers to our younger selves, weather we are men or women…Happy Mother’s to Ourselves Day💞

What would you say to your younger self?


I would say, “Don’t be afraid, honey, living life will prepare you for anything you go through, even old age and a pandemic…”



(Thank you to my Dance Aerobics Teacher, Barbara, for sending me the video💞)

19 thoughts on “🌼A Different Mother’s Day and What I Make Every Night for Dessert to Keep theVirus Away🍓

  1. Hi Carol,
    I was thinking of you, knowing your first Mother’s Day without your mom would be especially difficult (its aways sad, and brings back many
    memories). Added to this, is not being able to be with your family, but you can at least chat and zoom. Your mom is in your heart and with you always. Happy Mother’s Day Carol , think of all the good times and smile. Warm wishes to you and Victor. Be healthy and stay safe.
    Much love,

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    1. Thank you so much, Lucille!! It is hard, I still miss my mom so much, but I am so glad she is not living through this pandemic!! Sometimes when you look back at hard times, there is a reason it happened, I truly believe she knew this was coming and didn’t want to live through it!! And I would be in VA with Gina and kids, but we don’t want to travel just yet. But you are so right, Facetime is wonderful, we have been doing lots of that lately!! Hope you are doing well, and staying safe!!! Thank you for checking into my blog and your comforting comments!! Love to you and your family!!!


  2. Carol, I remember the first Mother’s day after my mom passed away. It was tough. Yours will be too, especially with not being able to be with your children. But you will get through it because I believe what you said is so true…living life will prepare you for anything you have to go through. I am so blessed that we are still in touch after all these years. I wish the younger versions of you and I could get together with our present versions of us (I didn’t say old!) and have a few laughs! ❤️

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    1. Yes, it is tough, we are bringing pink roses to the cemetary tomorrow, so that will make me feel better!! And yes, life has prepared me for this, thank you for giving me my own advice!! I love the vision of the youger you and I getting together, didn’t we have so much fun??!!! Maybe when things open up, we can get together for a few laughs and pretend we’re young again!! Thank you for checking into my blog, Cathy, and for your fun comments, you put a smile on my face!! 💞


  3. Isn’t the first Mother’s Day without our moms difficult? But know our moms are smiling down on us from Heaven and they are always with us!

    You have such patience to do such a big puzzle. I got one for Christmas and it took me months to finish it!!!

    Love your smoothies and I like to make them too! I have blueberries and bananas every day as well as other fruits, but especially love them in smoothies for they’re so nutritious as well as filling.

    Take care and Happy Mother’s Day. God bless, Nancy ❤

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    1. The first Mother’s Day is difficult!! I keep asking my mom for a sign she is with me, and she sends me cardinals at our bird feeder, so I believe she is with me😇
      I love doing puzzles, Victor and I are now working on a 1,000 piece puzzle of the Boston Waterfront map, I’ll post it when we’re done, it’s really hard!!
      Nancy, I love that you’re so faithful at checking and commenting on my blog, thank you and have a wonderful Mother’s Day, stay well🙏🏽💞


  4. I have to say that I am also seeing a lot of cardinals too, as well as finding pennies in unlikely places. So see, we’re both being watched over! I love your blog and it almost makes me feel like I’m there with you. You stay safe too! 💗

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  5. Dear Queen Carol,
    What a beautiful entry to your fabulous blog. Thank you for the smoothie recipe, and for the older/younger video (I especially love the earnest young Barack!), and the sensational photo of teenage you . How stunning you were (and are!) and so fun to imagine us all dancing together in those long ago high school bodies. We would have been breathtaking. Good thing we can still move, huh?
    Missing our moms is the hard part of the circle of life. You embody her spirit so well by taking on the loving grandma role with style and grace.

    Much love,
    Nancy H.

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    1. Oh Nancy, thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful comment💞 Yes, it is fun to imagine our dancing queens, moving gracefully with our teenage bodies💃🏻 I love that video that Barbara sent us, Barack and Michelle, particularly touched my heart♥️
      I know your Mother’s Day must have been extra special this year, with the addition of your new bundle of joy, granddaughter💖 Love to you and thank you again for taking the time to check into my blog🙏


  6. Beautiful post Carol. Still missing my mother after all these years
    Not my favorite day
    But we have wonderful memories for sure

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    1. Thank you Elaine!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! If there is one thing I learned from this post, it’s that everyone misses their mother no matter how long she’s been gone…what strong bonds we have with our mothers💞 Thank you for another reminder🙏💖


  7. Sorry I am so late at looking at you were always so beautiful and personal blog that we are can relate to! It’s been 41 years since my dad passed and I still miss him on a daily basis. The circle of life concept and reality has never been able to comfort me unfortunately. I’m so very happy that you have a comfortable grasp on the realities, even though you miss her. Your smoothie looks divine!! Just add a little wine to it and you’ll have the perfect 5 o’clock smoothie! The video is quite remarkable, your picture from earlier days is breathtaking. But I’ve always told you how Beautiful you are now and I mean it! We are so lucky to have Skype and zoom and technology in general so even though we are separated from friends and family, we can still keep in touch and feel a little bit closer. Happy very belated Mother’s Day 💓💓💓

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    1. My dear Penny, you can never be late at looking at my post, it doesn’t have an expiration date. I think, no matter how long our parents have been gone, we will always miss them, it’s our nature to miss our parents. My mom never forgot her mother, even when she was in full dementia💞 Thank you for your kind comments, we were all breathtaking when we were young, but we are getting better as we age, right??!!! And Happy Mother’s Day to you, you are one of the most amazing mothers that I know❤️ Let’s ZOOM ON, my good friend💖


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