😷What Am I Doing During Quarentine?🐰

What am I doing during quarnentine?  Besides feeling completely surreal, who would have thought this could happen to our World?!  Healing thoughts, later!!IMG_0041I am making masks!!!I made up my own pattern, after not being able to get my hands on any elastic…just like toilet paper, elastic is no where to be found!!!  So I made up a way to make masks using  ties.




Cut 2, 9 inch by 8 inch rectangles of frabric, right sides together…I used a print for outside the mask and flannel for the inside, next to your skin.




I then ripped 1 1/2 inch by 44 inch a strip of fabric for the tie, I used the width of the fabric.


The fabric and tie, ready to sew…

IMG_0016Sew the 8 inch sides together.  Then, measure a little less then 1 inch from the stitching on each end, this will make a casing for the tie. IMG_0017

Then, sew the top seams leaving a 2 inch opening on the top, for turning the mask right sides out, the photo above shows where the pins are for sewing.


After turning the mask, right sides out, make a seam a little less than an inch on each side of mask to make the casing for tie.  This is optional, but I thought it’d be very useful…  a wire to fit the top of the mask against nose…make a small casing around the opening, stick a wire in, then slip stitch closed after inserting wire.  Make sure you make loops on each end of the wire so it won’t poke through.IMG_0039I pinned the seam for the tie, then did a zig-zag stitch right down the middle…when this is done, feed the tie through the casing with a safety pin…and then you are all done and ready to wear your face mask to the grocery store!!  My prediction is that we will be wearing these for some time to come😷

This is my quarentine ponytail!!  The loop goes around the back of your neck and it ties at the top of your head…it helps if you have a ponytail or a baseball cap!! And it’s adjustable!!  For the men, you would want to run elastic through the casing and sew it in a loop, so they could wear it around their ears.


Easter sort of snuck up on me!!!  Since Dr. Fauci advised us not to go to grocery stores or pharmacies this week,  I had no way of getting cards or gifts for Easter and since I had nothing but time, I made cards!!IMG_9952 2The one on the left is for Gina and Tom and the other 2 are for our grandsons!!IMG_9957These are the tools and materials you would need, I had all of these on hand …

Card stock, scrapbook paper, paper cutter, scissors, decorative scissors, hole punch ribbon, glue, stamps and ink!!

IMG_9955All I needed for the egg card was an egg shape stencil which I traced on my computer screen!!  You could do the same thing, just use computer paper and trace on this picture, you can scroll in or out to make it the size you want!! IMG_9954These are the peices for the bunny peaking out from the card!!  The hole punch and black paper made just the right size eyes and just cut strips for the whiskers!!  I used Text Edit to make the printing for the words and then the decorative scissors to cut around it!!IMG_9953These are the peices for the basket bunny!!  Again, you could trace the stencils from this picture!!  IMG_9960Make sure you have an envelope befor you start, so you know what size to make the card…simply fold the card stock and cut to size, either with scissors or a paper cutter!!IMG_9956For the inside of the card, I used my printer to print out sayings and jokes for the kids, fold and insert into card held in place by a ribbon tied around the center of card.  I used my stamps and color pad to add some pretty graphics!!!  So there you have some Easter cards that were easy and fun to make!!


Something else I’m doing to keep busy, is doing jigsaw puzzles!!  How many of you are doing jigsaw puzzles?!!  IMG_9886

This one is 300 pieces, I thought it was too easy…so I ordered 2, 1,000 piece puzzles!!  I was so shocked to see how small the pieces are, but I’m determined to finish them!!IMG_9996

On nice days I do the puzzle on my porch, I brought plants from their winter hibernation places in the house, out to get the sun and add a natural relaxing vibe while doing puzzles…very relaxing🌱

IMG_9981The finished puzzle!!  On to the 1,000 piece puzzle!!!


IMG_9913Every weekday at 12:30, you will find me in my 3rd floor studio doing LaBlast!!  I was doing LaBlast 2 time a week at the YMCA, before The Virus took over!!  It’s partner-free ballroom dancing, it’s kind of like Zumba and it’s free!!  It was developed by Louis van Amstel, a pro from Dancing with the Stars, and he teaches it, with his husband and mother dancing behind him!!   If you’re interested, this is the link, https://lablastfitness.com/free-lablast-live-classes/



Something else I enjoy doing, if I have the time, and I do, have lots of it, is place solitaire with real cards, I find this very relaxing, just a couple of games, after the news, can calm me down, a little🙏🏽


I love this poem written by Kitty O’Meara…it says it all💜

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 9.36.58 AM

Our lives are changing, I hope for the better… for the sake of all the people who are perishing, the people who are caring for them and the people who are helping to nourish us, and for us who are staying home, I hope we are changing for the better…I am so very grateful for all these people around the world…let the healing begin🙏🏽 🌍

10 thoughts on “😷What Am I Doing During Quarentine?🐰

  1. Good to hear from you Carolyn! You always have creative ideas! I am going to try the dance class! Hang in there, you will be gardening soon! Norine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Norine, I’ve been thinking of you!! Hope you and your family are doing well, especially your mom❤️ Thank you for checking my blog!!! Yes, can’t wait to garden soon, but we have to buy plants, more social distancing!!! You take care and be healthy, Happy Easter🐰


    1. Thanks for checking in, Marilyn❤️ I know, that poem is perfect for today, I truly hope we can learn from all of this🙏 Are you finding a place to do your jigsaw puzzle?!! I can’t wait to get back to my 1,000 piece one😆👍🌸🐰


  2. Carolyn, I never realized how crafty and talented you are, but after watching all your blogs, it’s finally sunk in. Duh!!! You are such an inspiration, and I love your posts. I hope things get better soon and this crisis is over with quickly with the least amount of deaths. Stay well, and I’m wishing you, Victor, your kids, and grandkids a blessed and healthy Easter. I don’t know about you, but I sure miss going to church and socializing, but this too shall pass, that they say. Sending hugs, Nancy😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have loved crafts all my life!! When I was a child, I remember asking mother to do things I saw on TV, she hated that because it would “mess the house up!!” So when I got my own house, I enjoyed messing it up all I wanted and I’ve been doing it ever since🤣 Nancy, thank you for the kind wishes💖 I also wish you and Art, love and a blessed Easter and praying that our world gets back to enjoying eachother’s company soon🌍🌸


  3. Hi Carol,
    Your blog is perfect for these trying and difficult times. Kitty O .meara’s poem could have been written for today- it sums it up perfectly.
    I love the way you are keeping busy and entertained. Perfect face masks,
    so very cheerful. I know Aden and Parker will love their Easter cards,
    Gina and Tom too, because they are adorable and made with love.
    As for the puzzles, they are a chore, maybe your Mom was helping you.
    Although you can’t celebrate with your family, I’m wishing you and Victor
    Be healthy and stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Lucille, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment💖 I hope you are doing well through this very stressful time! I would love to spend some time on the Cape, but I know it’s not the right thing to do for so many reasons, so that and VA will have to wait for when these areas are healthy!! Sending you love, and you and your family a wonderful Easter and happier days ahead, stay well🙏🌷💞


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