🐺Great Wolf Lodge and Now, Not Venturing Out😷

I’m so glad we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia three weeks ago, because if it were now, we would not go!!  We were so lucky that this little vacation was before the Coronavirus hit the USA!!  So I will tell you about The Great Wolf Lodge, for when this nightmare is over, you might want to bring your family to this very fun and healing of soul place…


We gave the gift of going to this resort to Gina, Tom, Aaden and Parker for Christmas!!    When we drove up to the front of this very impressive lodge entryway, with the huge wolve statues, the kids were so excited!!


The first thing the boys wanted to do, besides swimming was to buy a souvenir from the gift shop, with their own Christmas gift money!!  Parker wanted a “make your own wolf!!”

Aaden, being 10 years old, wanted to tap into the MagiQuest throughout The Lodge!!

He bought a “magic wand” and a special top!  He chose this one with a wolf head topper!!  Now he could go throughout the Lodge on quests…He was immersed in Vellara, the realm of imagination, as he helped the Guardians to protect the realm portals.  He could befriend the Treetop Pixies, battle the evil dragon, Charlock, fight to defeat the Goblin King and earn the title of Master Magi!!  It was a 10 year old heaven and he loved it!!!


IMG_9654Now, they were ready to experience the indoor water park, which didn’t disappoint for parents, kids and even grandparents!!  After going through one of the many tube slides, Gina, Aaden and Parker were dropped out into a lazy river that wound around a portion of the park!!

On the left, Gina, Tom and Aaden coming out of one of the many tube slides!!  Top right, they even had a giant constant wave, in which people could surf on, and then another tube slide and lots of climbing apparatises that led to slides, were fun for kids and adults to climb on!!

Aaden and Parker climbing on the giant lily pads!!  Parker enjoying one of the many fountains that sprewed out water in a creative way.  Basketball nets that were fun for Tom and the boys!!IMG_4050Tom teaching Parker to float💙

We had the buffet breakfasts at the Lodge and food was plentiful and delicious!!  Aaden using his Magi Wand to light up the tree and tree house!!

Photo opp fun🐺

Then a visit to Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square…It’s adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area…An 18th-century style retail village with over 40 shops and restaurants…a great little visit to get the flavor of the Historic Area without paying and spending a whole day there!!

IMG_4103The end of a satisfying, fun little get-away!!


Now, what to do when you’re over 60 and people say you can’t go to restaurants or shopping and all your activities have been cancelled???😩  You color!!!  When I do a coloring page I usually like to make good use of it!!!  This one will be a cell phone cover liner!!  I”ve done wall hangings and some pages I use as note paper by making copies of them and using the back to write on!!

Mandala Coloring Page Flower Design Element for Adult Color Book

I seem to gravitate towards mandalas!  They are anti-stress therapy, a form of meditation, which is good for what we are going through today!!

Photos of various stages while I was coloring!!  Notice how I shaded the flowers and shapes to add interest and depth…IMG_9810The finished mandala!!IMG_9811 2

Then I made copies in differert sizes, then chose the right size to fit my phone.  Next, I traced my phone right on the copy of the mandala, centering it as best I could!!  I had a clear cell phone cover and this was a good opportunity to clean it really well before adding the cut out…


Here is the finished phone cover…let me know if you try it, I’d love to see a picture of it!!


IMG_9841I was out walking with Victor, when we came home I noticed our Forcythia tree was about to bloom, a great time to prune and bring the branches in to display and remind us that spring is coming…

There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature…The assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter!  Rachel Carson

Hopefully this spring will bring us the infinite healing we so need in the World today!  Good health to all of you and your families and friends💙🌎💚



9 thoughts on “🐺Great Wolf Lodge and Now, Not Venturing Out😷

    1. Oh Norine, I’ve been thinking about you so much and hoping you are staying healthy among all the kindergarteners, but now you are off!! Enjoy your time off, if you can and stay well and thank you for checking into my blog🙏🏽❤️ And happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your family💚☘️


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. How awesome! We have one of these lodges in NC too, but I think I’d much rather go to the one in Williamsburg for there’s so much more to see there.

    I LOVE coloring too, and we have a coloring group here in my development. You’re so right…it is a great way to ease stress, though at our age, do we have stress??? Great idea for a phone cover, I’ll have to do one myself. I know, I’m a copycat.

    It’s a scary time now. I just got home from church and working on the bulletin, and everything has been canceled, but the bulletin still goes out on our website and the Parish App. Hopefully, this will all be over before Easter and we can get back to normal, but it’s sure teaching us all a lesson about taking precautions and being careful.

    Stay well and keep your posts coming. They are so delightful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it was a wonderful little get-away!! Inside the water park was 84 degrees, it felt like we were in summer and then go outside and it’s winter, it was fun!!! And you’re right, it was nice to be able to go a short distance to Historic Williamsburg. I think a long weekend is good for that trip, anymore and it would be too much!!
      I want you to copy me, that’s why I put crafts on my blog, to give people ideas on what they can do, especially since we are all house bound!!
      It is a scary time and you are doing a wonderful service to keep your church in communication with your congregation!! We all need to be in touch with people at this time, when we could all feel isolated. I think that social media is playing a pivotal roll during this time!! Can you imagine being a parent of a teenager during this time, thank goodness those teens have social media!!! Use it wisely!!
      Thank you, Nancy, for checking in on my blog, I’m glad you are enjoying it💚


  2. Hi Carol,
    What a fun vacation for the boys and the adults. Love Williamsburg at anytime. Your timing was perfect, Another week and you might not have
    been able to go. Love your idea for a phone cover. If I had a small fraction of your talent, I would be talented. I hope you are dealing well with all the closures and being confined. It’s hard to believe, Nothing like this in history. You, Victor and your family take good care , be well and be safe.

    P.S. I know Victor”s birthday is in March, but not sure of the date. Wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucille, You are so right, another week and we definitely would have cancelled our little vacation!!
      I’m trying to think of crafts to do and get into a routine while home bound, but so far all I’ve been doing is exercising and watching the news, and getting scared!! One fun thing I did was go to a friends big front porch, with my own chair and drink and stayed 6ft apart, while chatting for awhile. It was good for our souls!! Hope you are doing well during all this craziness and taking advantage of social media to stay in touch with your friends and family. You do a great job staying in touch with me on this blog💖 Wishing you good health and sending you love🙏💞


  3. All I could think of looking at those pictures was how wonderful it was to be able to get away with your family and have such an amazing time together! Like you said, now that would be a complete impossibility in every way.
    I would’ve probably spent all the time I could on that lazy river. I love those things! It is the best invention ever!! I’ve been to a few places that have had them and especially when you’re out in nature there’s just nothing like it.
    I wouldn’t have taken a chance at the surfing LOL, but I would’ve definitely gotten on a board like the girl in the picture. That would be such a blast!
    I’m so glad you shared your Mandala with everyone. It’s beautiful and so beautifully done! There’s something about that symmetry that is very calming. I can’t wait to go to labyrinth in our town when the weather is finally decent! I don’t know if I told you about it, but it’s always been here since I’ve lived here!!! But where it sits against the church, with the grass high around it, you can’t see it from the street. I can think of so many days in the past where it would have come in handy for sure!

    Keep sharing your gifts with us, dear Carol! 💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Penny, thank you so much for your sweet comments!! When I wrote this post, we had just started the stay at home orders, we never would have guessed the state of things now!!! So, having that little vacation is more precious than anything!!! I can just picture you on that lazy river, what fun!!! And I’m so glad you liked the Mandala, it was very calming to color!! I would love to see the labyrinth in your town, they always give such a sense of serenity and we need that now and on the days we will be set free!! I look forward to the day we can walk that labyrinth together, my good friend💖 Thank you for your continued support, I so appreciate it🙏🏽💞


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