💞An Old Fashion Dressing Table, a Treasured Discovery and a Yummy Treat for Valentine’s Day💗

In preparation for Valentine’s Day and for this post, I was taking out all my heart jewelry fixing up my dressing table and thought you would all like to see what I discovered in the process!!!  I know it’s probably very out of style, but I love my antique dressing table, I walk by it several times a day!!IMG_9533 2It’s nestled in the hall, in which, where my closet and master bath are off of…IMG_9585The scrolly details of the mahogany wood are nothing like the furniture you would purchase today and the fluted hourglass legs even have wooden casters on them!!! IMG_9526 I love the photos I have displayed on it, they are of all my babies…my children and grandchildren, also photos of Victor and I when we were in high school, and Gina as a bride and V.J. as a restaurant owner!!!  It’s so nice to remember the days when our lives  were filled with youthful energy and dreams of building our lives on the love we created.IMG_9524Many of these earrings and necklaces were given to me by Victor, my Valentine!!  IMG_9523And now for the discovery!!!!  I  thought that maybe a doily or two would look nice on my dressing table, so when I looked in my doily drawers (yes, that’s right, I have several doily drawers🤣) I found a silk bag that was my mother’s…when I looked inside,  I was amazed  that I had forgotten these embroidered and lace handkerchiefs that were my mothers when she was young lady, many of them looked handmade, and among them was a valentine handkerchief, probably given to her by my dad!!IMG_9522It was so amazing to find these treasured old hankies, because on that day it would have been my mom’s 100th birthday… it felt like she directed me to find these “gifts” that were so personal to her, even her initials on many of them…I feel she was letting me know she was with me on that special day😇  I decided not to use the doilies, but what I discovered while looking, was filled with love💞


And now what would Valentine’s Day be without sweets!!  Here are cupcakes that are easy to make and yummy to serve for Valentine’s Day!!

I was looking to make a cake from scratch, but I just didn’t have enough time, so I came across this recipe with just 4 ingredients, plus the frosting!!

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes


  • 1 Devils Food Cake Mix

  • 1 can 21 oz. can cherry pie filling

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 tsp. almond extract


  • Place all ingredients in a bowl and beat for 1-2 minutes. If you want chunkier cherries, mix by hand

  • Pour batter into lined cupcake pan

  • Bake at 350F for 15 to 17 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean

  • Frost with your favorite frosting

    I mixed the batter by hand so they would come out chunky and you can see and taste the cherries when you bite into them!!


I made Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting for the first time, it came out really good and I frosted most of the cupcakes with a pastry tip in a plastic bag.  I would have taken a photo of the process, but I had frosting all over my hands and arms!!!  However, I have to say they came out really nice and tasted so amazing, the finished product is what counts!!!  Store bought frosting would be totally fine too!!


Take our yummy Cream Cheese Frosting up a notch with a little bit of chocolate. This Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting is a great twist on a classic. (yield 2 1/2 CUPS prep time 10 MINUTES)


  • 1 pound (4 cups) of Powdered Sugar
  • 1/2 cup room tempertureButter
  • 8 oz. room temperture Cream Cheese
  • 1 /2 cup Cocoa Powder
  • 2 teaspoons of Vanilla


  • Beat cream cheese, butter and vanilla in a mixer until blended.
  • Mix Cocoa Powder and Powdered Sugar.
  • Add Cocoa/Powered Sugar a cup at a time and continue to mix until sugar is incorporated.




Love is not a matter of counting the years…
But making the years count.”
~ Michelle St. Amand


A wish for all my family and friends on this Valentine’s Day…May you create love and live with love in your heart all year through and maybe discover, like I did, a gift from a loved one, at just the right time!!!  …Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you all💞

23 thoughts on “💞An Old Fashion Dressing Table, a Treasured Discovery and a Yummy Treat for Valentine’s Day💗

  1. Beautifully said. All of it. Always enjoy your blogs and it is so meaningful to find treasures that we had tucked away. It’s amazing how all the memories come rushing back High school seems like yesterday. The house being filled with our children. School sports. You name it. Soo busy. Astonishing how quickly time goes by Happy Valentines Day to an amazing loving and caring person. Xoxo ❤️❤️❤️ Kathy. P.S. Also to Victor

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    1. Thank you, Kathy, so glad this post touched you and made you think of high school!! Yes, didn’t we have a great time in high school, so glad our reunion is coming and we can connect with our friends, hope you come, it will make us feel young again!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Kevin and your whole family💞


  2. As always, your blog entries are so heartwarming. I LOVE your antique dressing table, and what a gift to find your mom’s hankies and such. I still have a few my grandmother made. I had one pinned to my wedding gown when I got married and I did the same for Danielle. Items like these are totally priceless.

    I loved your pictures too, and remember Victor from high school, and you, of course, from all the years we grew up close together.

    Now…for those cupcakes!!! OMG, they look so delicious. I definitely am copying your recipe, especially for the frosting. YUM!

    Yesterday was our Pastor’s birthday and he’s from Vietnam, so Art and I treated him to lunch out at a waterfront restaurant and I had done some research and made him a Vietnamese Birthday Cake, which is called “Banh Bong Lan” and is like a sponge cake. A lot of work, but so worth it.

    Wishing you and Victor a blessed Valentine’s Day with many more to follow. ❤

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    1. Nancy, I’m so glad you find my blog heartwarming, that’s exactly the feeling I want people to have when they check in on it!! I wish I had thought of the hankie idea for weddings, well I will from now on, thank you for sharing it!! You are such a sweet and kind person to think of your Pastor on his birthday and to bake a special cake for him, I bet it was delicious and he loved it!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Art💖


      1. Absolutely, cherished photos💞 When I was growing up, we had a tiny bathroom for 5 people, my dressing table was my sanctuary, for after we took lukewarm showers we had to get right out for next person and no outlet for hairdryer!!

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    1. Thank you so much for the tulips…the center piece to this post!! I never know how things will take shape on my posts, but those tulips we’re just thing I needed for my dressing table and gave me so much pleasure every time I walked by!!! Love you my good friend💞


  3. Carol,
    I love the dressing table and the beautiful mirror. The pictures and the pretty hankies(my Mother has some decorated ones that were my Grams, and they are a treasure). The pretty tulips add a finishing touch. All perfect for Valentines Day. A very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you and

    Much Love

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    1. Thank you Lucille!!! This dressing table and chair were part of a set we bought for our first vacation home in New Hampshire, 38 years ago!! The rest of the set, the bed and bureau are now in our bedroom at the cape!!! We sold the NH cottage a year after we bought it, not for us, the Cape was our place😉 Wow, your Grams hankies are sure a treasure, the linen they made hankies with, kept covered lasts such a long time💖 Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, Lucille💞


  4. This is such a lovely post! Your dressing table is gorgeous and I love the way you have decorated it. Nothing better than family moments. The hankies are beautiful! Such a beautiful story about your mom 💕💗 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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    1. Thank you, Lisa!! Yes, they don’t make furniture like that anymore, I bought it when it was an antique 38 years ago and now it’s even more of an antique!! Stories like my mom’s are coming more into my life lately…so comforting to know our loved ones are still in our hearts💞 Have a lovely Valentine’s Day💖


  5. I can’t believe it, but we both have dressing tables that are almost exactly alike! Of course yours is so much more feminine and beautifully organized. This does not shock me one bit!! I found mine in an antique store and there were some scratches, so I had the idea that I was going to paint it somehow, but never quite finished.

    How incredibly exciting, touching and meaningful that your mother lead you to her beautiful and delicate treasures!!!! And finding the ones with the hearts? It’s unbelievable and so special.

    Those cupcakes are definitely a must try when I have an event to bring them to. I especially like the little pearls on top of the yummy yummy icing. It’s so you!
    A beautiful post as usual Carol. I enjoy these so much 💞

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    1. Oh Penny, of course we have the same dressing table…I will help you paint it💞 I found mine in an antique store in Medfield a very long time ago, it was a whole bedroom set, the rest of it is on The Cape, painted white…See this older post for a peek at it… https://visionsofmy60s.com/2018/06/21/🐚a-cape-cod-cottage-bedroom-and-a-surprise-room🙀/ I know, I love when synchronicity happenings, like with my moms hankies, and finding them on her birthday😇 Glad you liked the cupcakes and my blog!! Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love you dear friend❤️


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