❤️My Mom, a Spirit of Love and Kindness🙏🏽

My mom passed away on October 7, 201920191007_184303333_0

She was four months away from 100.  We were so fortunate to have her for as long as we did, she left us beautiful memories…


And cherished photos…


Celebrating V.J.’s birthday with Victor too…


The last time that Gina and the boys came to visit her…


Marilyn, my mom and me, Thanksgiving Day, 3 years ago…


Christmas with family, a few years ago…


Our whole family on vacation at The Christmas Tree Farm Inn,  in Vermont, in the 1990’s!!


My mom and dad’s wedding day…they are together now…


One of the many pictures my mom sent to my dad when he was in the service…


My Aunt Mal, with her daughter Janet, my sister Marilyn and my mom holding me…


Mom leaving her house for the last time, going to assisted living with memory care…


IMG_8802As I was unpacking a box of pots and pans, that I wanted to keep, from my mom’s house,  I found this homemade recipe book…I think it was serendipitous😇  I had never seen this booklet and didn’t know where it came from, but after investigating I found out it was written by residents of my aunt’s (my mother’s sister) housing community. “A Celebration of Life Cookbook” was meant for me to find…


People often asked my mother what advice she would give them to live a long good life, she could never find the words because of her dementia, but I’m sure she would have said these words if she could have found them… “A Recipe for a Good Life.”  This is the first recipe in this touching, inspirational booklet of recipes.

IMG_8811All the rest of the recipes in this booklet have inspiration sayings to live by…like this recipe for “Spinach Balls.”  I have been extremely busy lately, but I would like to try all the recipes in this booklet and bring them to you through this blog, so stay tuned, I think my mom will be channeling me😇



My mom and dad’s headstone says, “Simple Lives, Lived in Love”

I love you mom, I will think of you every day…

22 thoughts on “❤️My Mom, a Spirit of Love and Kindness🙏🏽

  1. Carolyn,
    What a heartwarming post. Your Mom was so lucky to have you, as you were to have her. I’m sure your parents are together looking down on you and your family with tremendous love and gratitude for the time you all had together.
    ❤️ Regina H.

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  2. Carol, I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately and was going to drop you a line to see how you are doing and then I saw your post. Your mother was such a beautiful soul. How lucky you are to have so many wonderful memories. I’m sure the holidays will be hard but I’m sure your parents will be watching down on you and you will feel their love all around you. Looking forward to seeing your next blog posting.

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    1. I’m doing good, Nancy, thank you for thinking of me. Of course, I’m very sad to lose her, but all the good thoughts and comments from friends, really help to lift my spirits💖 Glad you’re looking forward to my next post, I can’t wait to try and share some of those recipes😉


    1. I do feel my parents around me. You know that song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” that’s how I feel, I’m just a little lighter😉😇 Thank you for checking in Nancy💞 Hope everything is going well with you and your family!!


  3. Dear Carol,
    A lovely tribute to your Mom. I know how much you are hurting, but know that your mom and dad are surely smiling down on you. Your mom, you and your family continue to be in may thoghts and prayers. Like your mom, “you are a spirit of love and kindness.”
    Take real good care Carol,and know that your mom and dad are always with you. As you said, “the wind beneath my wings”.

    With Love’


    1. Thank you, Lucille. Yes, I do miss my mom but I know she is with my dad and they are both watching over their family that they loved so much!! Thank you for your supportive and kind words! Love and best wishes to you, as the Holiday Season starts🙏🏽❤️


  4. My sweet Carol, what amazing and warm memories! The book of recipes I cannot begin to tell you how special and amazing I think that is, especially with the wonderful messages written for each one! She absolutely had you find this when you needed it the most!! What a gift! You should copy one each for the Queens and we could have a special dinner! Wouldn’t that be amazing? I hope you’ve been doing well and have been allowing yourself to feel both the difficult and the beautiful. Sending love 💓

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    1. Thank you, Penny❤️ I know my mom must have wanted me to find those recipes, they are amazing, I will be making and showing them on my blog, a little at a time… Good idea, I think the Queens would enjoy a special dinner of those recipes!! Thank you for wishing me well😘 Loved your pic on FB, can’t wait to talk with you about it!! Sending love back to you💗🌈


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