🌈50 Year Anniversary of Woodstock…What a 65+-Year-Old Wears to a Rock Concert…Santana’s Good Energy 🎸

We just happen to go to Santana’s Supernatural Concert on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock…not planned…Victor gave me the tickets for my birthday!!Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 9.45.32 PM Carlos Santana at Woodstock…  I read an interesting article about him…

“At Woodstock the band Santana took psychedelics thinking they had plenty of time to come down before they performed. Due to schedule changes they had to play a few hours later, while still high on drugs. Santana said he had to play his guitar while it felt like a wild snake he had to tame, he had never played his guitar at a concert while high!!  This is how it Sounded: Soul Sacrifice – Santana (Live at Woodstock)” click here to see the video!!  That performance at Woodstock was the beginning of Carlos Santana’s success!!


I love to be in the presence of someone who is carried away by their passion…for me going to see Sanatana’s Supernatural Tour with the Doobie Brothers,  was just that…IMG_7999This is what a 65+-year-old might wear to a rock concert…edgy enough without going overboard!!  Black rolled-up jeggings, leopard sleeveless top, Tom’s red canvas shoes, white knit ruffle cardigan, a peace sign necklace for a nod back to the 1960s and red bracelet and silver bangles!! I went on to Xfinity Center’s website to check what I could carry in, it said no purses, no backpacks, only 10X10 clear plastic bags, and cell phone carriers were allowed…so I bought the clear bag at Dick’s Sporting Good Store!! IMG_8008All set to go see Santana and the Doobie Brothers, it was a very hot and humid day, but turned into a very pleasant evening!!IMG_8009My clear plastic bag, perfect for carrying everything we needed!!IMG_8085There were lots of people tailgating but I thought this one was very creative…a framed photo of a young Santana overlooking their little party!!!IMG_8026Here we are at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA, it’s an amphitheater that seats up to almost 20,000!!


We were too far away to get good close-up photos, so these are some from Santana’s website!!  I like the Doobie Brother’s, but not as much as I like Santana!!  A funny story about the Doobie Brothers:  Gina says to me “Mom how did you like the concert?”  I said, “I loved it, but there were lots of people smoking pot, the smell was a little much!!”  She said, “Well you did go see the Doobie Brothers!”  I said, “So what! What does pot have to do with the Doobie Brothers???”  And then she told me😂 Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but I thought it was pretty funny!!!


Santana playing “Oye Como Va,” I couldn’t believe I was seeing him in person, he and his band were amazing!!  Notice the drummer is a woman, more about her later😉


Santana playing “Black Magic Women,” with his singer Ray Greene!!



The band playing “Evil Ways!!”  You can see what we had to put up with in front of us…I wouldn’t mind people standing and dancing if we were close to the stage, but we were not and everyone was sitting back enjoying the music in our section, except these ladies in front of us???  They could have danced in their seats, like I did👍😉


And now for the woman playing the drums!!  We didn’t realize it during the show, but as I was doing research for this post, I realized she is Santana’s wife!!! How cool is that?!!  Her name is Cindy Blackman, Carlos proposed to her during a July 2010 concert!!

I love this quote from Cindy…

“To me, music is completely spiritual, it’s the way you connect with your higher self, with the universe,” says Cindy.   “It’s also a way to share the light with millions of people.  They don’t need to speak your language, have your beliefs, or be in the same place you are.  The music speaks, it channels good energy and makes a difference in people’s lives. Carlos and I are both conscious of doing that.”

And so it is,  Carlos and Cindy brought amazing energy to their concert, that the world so needs today…I think 20,000 people went home uplifted and happy by being in the presence of Santana’s Supernatural Band demonstrating their passions…


This coloring page I did, from my book by Johanna Basford, Enchanted Forest, reminded me of Santana’s vibe and incorporates one of my passions with his…



9 thoughts on “🌈50 Year Anniversary of Woodstock…What a 65+-Year-Old Wears to a Rock Concert…Santana’s Good Energy 🎸

  1. Hi Carolyn! I just finished my morning meditation when your blog post popped into my inbox. I loved it… mostly because I loved hearing from you, but also because of your messages of joy and passion.
    The centering thought in my meditation today was:
    “My true self is playful and wise.” Meaning, where there is joy, there is creation. There’s more, but not enough room here to share.
    Your blog embodied my centering thoughts. I’m so happy you had a good time. I loved your fashion choices and you did an excellent job sharing your joy. With all the videos, I felt as though I went to the concert with you!! ✨💖✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG Betsy, it’s so wonderful to hear from you❤️ We had a synchronicity happen to us, we are aligned with the same thoughts coming together…they say that means we are on the right path!! Thank you for checking in on my blog and making a comment, I so love it💞 Yes, the concert was a joy and was so much more meaningful after I read Santana’s wife’s quote…they are truly aligned with the the good energy of the universe!! We should get together sometime, now that our highest paths have crossed🙏😍


  2. How awesome was this!!!! You looked so cool too! Way to go, my friend! I love reading your blogs. Almost makes me feel like I am with you! Take care and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy, we had a great time, lots of people our age were there😉 I’m so happy you like my blog, that’s my aim, to make you feel like you’re with us on our adventures, cause I wish you all could be😍🙏❤️


      1. You should watch the Woodstock movie! I think 95% of the bands and the audience were stoned in one way or another. LSD was so hip then that it was the general choice of the day. I’m so glad you got to go. Good for Victor!! But just so you know for future reference, if you go to a concert no matter what area your seats are in, people will be on their feet dancing. It’s just the way of a good show, at least until they play a ballad. I can’t sit at a concert no matter where I am. And usually everyone behind me is sitting down for a while but they end up standing and dancing in place. It’s a good venue for that because the seats are so raked. Did you know that’s where I met my husband? Yep, the rest is history! Love all your footage and stories!! And of course the peace sign necklace was perfect!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I plan on watching the Woodstock movie, other people have suggested it too😉 Yes, people were stoned at Woodstock, maybe that’s why there were very few arrests🤣 I know what you’re saying about people dancing at concerts, I like to dance too, but if someone is sitting behind me, I’ll stay in my seat and dance, until at least the end💃 I didn’t know you met Bobby there, you’ll have to tell me the whole story, I want to hear it!! Thank you, Penny, for checking into my blog and your sweet comments, I so appreciate it🙏🏽💗


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