🌪A Tornado, but a Wonderful Vacation🏖


On a lazy Tuesday in the middle of July,
Unknown-1tornadoes surprised vacationers on Cape Cod!!

images This was the path of the 2 tornados!!


The roof flying off of a popular hotel!!




Lots of people had trees uprooted…we were lucky to have just branches break!!  Electricity was out for 2 days around our cottage, but many people went additional days without power…we were also, lucky to be off The Cape when this happened, but Patty and Don, Victor’s sister and her husband, who live next door to us,  were there and toughed it out!!

This was the result of the tornadoes, at our cottage!!

Thankfully no one was injured, not even at the hotel in which had the roof  blown off🙏🏽


The Cape is getting back to normal and vacationers are still coming and so did we!!  I don’t very often get a week on The Cape, but last week when Gina and boys came, I got to be with them💗IMG_7894There is nothing like a walk to the beach with your grandchildren!!

And there’s nothing like lazing on the beach and watching your grandchildren have fun looking at the ocean…IMG_7836One of the days was spent selling lemonade…our little entrepreneurs did great and met lots of nice people walking to and from the beach…

IMG_7866With Patty and Don next door, we did a few dinners with them…  Have you ever heard of a charcuterie board??  I never did either, until Gina told me about it, apparently, it’s all the rage!!!   It’s a platter or board with dried meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, nuts, olives or whatever else you want to put on it!!


I had a little help putting it together…it was easy and fun!!  A great horderve for summer nights!!IMG_7842Another fun night with Patty, Gina and the boys seeing “Treasure Island” at Harwich Jr. Theatre, where Gina performed as a child…it was a great show and brought back wonderful memories!!FullSizeRenderMy birthday just happened to be last week!!  Gina made the ice cream cake with a candelabra on top🕯

And then ladies night at Smuggler’s Beach in Yarmouth, watching “Jaws” with Patty, my sister Marilyn and my niece Christy!!  Needless to say, I won’t go past my knees in the water this summer…just today there were 4 sightings of sharks on Cape Cod🦈   IMG_7901On the last day of vacation we came back home to visit my mom…she so enjoyed seeing Gina and her great grandchilren❤️



Going through a weather phenomenon we can’t control, like a tornado, helps us to put life into perspective…you could say, it clears a path for us, to see the little joys in life, like watching a child playing in the surf 💙💚



8 thoughts on “🌪A Tornado, but a Wonderful Vacation🏖

  1. Like reading a wonderful story! We were all so afraid when that freak tornado hit, and personally I’m glad I was delayed in hearing about it because I would have been even more concerned. Gina can bake me a cake any day! How gorgeous and classy like her Mom. Watching Jaws on the beach must’ve been such a thrill, and you’re so lucky to have that little slice of heaven within walking distance.

    The family photo is absolutely beyond priceless!! What a forever keepsake. Your mom is so lovely. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the sweet read ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Penny, you are so sweet, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog🙏❤️ I was watching the weather while the tornado was barreling through our town on the Cape, they mentioned our street and beach, I was so worried for Patty!! That was an ice cream cake, I loved the drippiness of it😉 I had never seen Jaws, it was quite a thrill, seeing it on the beach for the first time!!! Yes, that family photo is one to cherish!! Thank you again Penny, hope to see you soon😉


  2. HAPPY Belated Birthday wishes Carol, and all good wishes for a year filled with all good things. Looks as though you had great birthday week with Gina nd the boys. The family picture with your mom is great; your mom looks so happy. Glad the effects of the tornado were not too bad on Gordon Road. it must have been scary, glad you were not there until the following week. Take good care and enjoy the Cape and your new home in Virginia.
    Love, Lucille

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your wishes, Lucille!! We had a great family vacation!! However, the neighborhood was saddened by Ferne’s passing. I tried to email you but it came back and then Marlene told me you were in touch with her. We have been back and forth between our 3 houses, very busy times, but all good, so I’m not complaining!! Thank you for checking into my blog and your kind comments, enjoy the rest of summer, no school for us in September!!!💗


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