🌺Some of My Favorite Summer Plants, a Dessert I’m Obsessed With and a Special Visit🌺

The simplest plants can be the most beautiful…IMG_7622This impatient plant in our back patio is a combination of salmon and red color and it grew into a lovely shape!!IMG_7624This is a pot filled with thyme on our patio table…I use this thyme in my recipes all summer!!!IMG_7629

Buddha sets a calming vibe over my flowers and patio…even though our house is close to the center of the hubbub in town, it is a peaceful oasis.IMG_7754

The vintage turtle from my parents’ house, watches over our Mandevilla vine growing up our back porch!!

IMG_7727This cascading pot of flowers on my front porch is a fun combination of red and pink begonias with a mint plant to add foliage and a pleasant scent that greets visitors at our front door…


This is the way my summer goes…I’m at home at our suburbian house for a few days and then I’m down the Cape for long weekends…a wonderful way to spend the summer!!  And last weekend was special…as our neighbors, Patty and Don, invited us for dinner…I was excited about bringing this dessert!!

IMG_7711In my 4th of July post, I made a Red, White and Blue Chocolate Bark, it was easy, fun and delicious (click here to see it) and so when I saw these molds at Joann Fabric, it inspired me to make this dessert!!  Chocolate cups filled with berries and chocolate shells on the side!!IMG_7713These are the molds to be filled with colorful chocolates and there are directions and recipes that come with them…

IMG_7718The chocolates come in a variety of colors at craft stores…here are some of the colors I chose…Semi-sweet chocolate for the cups, white for the base of the shells mixed with red, orange, green and blue!IMG_7716The chocolate cups are made by melting the chocolate in the microwave, pouring it in a larger mold and then squeezing the chocolate up the sides with a smaller mold and pop them in the refrigerator for about a half-hour. The molds come with detailed directions.  The shells are made by melting the chocolate in the microwave and pouring the white and color in a squeeze bottle and then squeezing it out into the molds, the chocolate will come out marbled!!  Click here for a helpful website.IMG_7690Here is the finished dessert…it’s not the one we brought to Patty and Don’s, I had a little problem!!  I made this dessert in the middle of the heatwave we had on Cape Cod last weekend…It was over 100 degrees, so when I took the cups out of the refrigerator to fill them, the sides melted.  I quickly put them back in the refrigerator, but the damage had been done.  I did the best I could at filling them and they tasted wonderful, just not as pretty as these, which I made the next day when it was cooler!! IMG_7701I placed a chocolate mint leaf from my garden in the center of each cup…IMG_7709and served it with vanilla ice cream on the side…it was so delicious!!!  I’m obsessed!!!


And now a special visit…IMG_7606 2As I was getting breakfast one day last week, I looked out the window and saw this beautiful, what I thought was a hawk, on Patty and Don’s chimney…she sat there for a very long time and Victor was able to get some photos of her…  Patty and Don’s daughter’s boyfriend is an environmentalist and so they asked him what type of bird she is, he said, a peregrine falcon, it’s rare to get a photo of them and they are the fastest bird there is, sometimes diving 200 mph to get their prey, which are other birds!!!IMG_7608After a while, she flew to the fence and then flew away…always keeping an eye on us!!   The reason we’re calling this falcon a she, is that we think she has Victor and Patty’s mother’s spirit and she is watching over them…Don saw her a couple of days later too!!

As I was doing research on this majestic bird I came across this quote…”At its core, the falcon signifies wisdom, vision, and protection.”  Which describes my mother-in-law to a tee💗🦅


10 thoughts on “🌺Some of My Favorite Summer Plants, a Dessert I’m Obsessed With and a Special Visit🌺

  1. Your dessert looks so yummy, and your flowers, yard, and patio are awesome. I would expect to see these in “House Beautiful!” And I love your visitor too! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy!!! It was a fun dessert to make, but challenging in the high heat we had with no air conditioning at our cottage, but we did enjoy eating it😉
      Yes the visitor was a big surprise, we’re hoping she comes back! Thank you for checking into my blog, I hope you’re enjoying your summer🌞🌸


  2. What clever lady you are! You certainly have a way with planting!
    I made pink chocolate lollipops for my middle daughter’s bridal shower. They came out great. I love the seashell candies. I might have to try them. So pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your “sweet” comments, I appreciate it so much❤️ You must be a clever lady too!!! I tried making star lollipops for the 4th of July, but they didn’t come out well, I still need to practice!!! It’s fun mixing colors for the shells, each one comes out different, like real shells!! Let me know how they come out👍


  3. Hi Carol,
    The flowers are lovely, just like at the Cape, and the deserts are yummy; you are so very talented. Hope you did not have any damage from the tornado. Spoke to Marlene, she said there were 110 mile an hour winds, and that two trees were down on the corner house, but no real damage, other than the loss of food. Hope you and the cottage were safe.
    Be well, take good care and enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Hope the bird comes back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lucille!! I got my love for flowers from my mother, she taught me everything I know💗 We got lots of broken tree limbs from the tornado, but nothing too destructive, the same with Patty and Don and the other neighbors too. We were not at the cottage, so we missed the storm. I will share some pictures in my next post!! Thank you for checking in💞


    1. Thank you Lisa, I appreciate your kind comments!! Such rare weather on Cape Cod, I can’t ever remember having a tornado!! We got quite a few broken tree branches, we were lucky, many others lost trees, but more importantly, no one was hurt!! Sorry,​ I haven’t checked into blogs lately, we have been so busy with our new house in Virginia, it’s been all I can do to post on my blog!! Yours is the first one I’ll check into, I miss it💞

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