🎁A Birthday Celebration and Our First Night in “The Train House!!”🚂

My little girl is 39!!!!IMG_7517Gina usually makes her own birthday cake from scratch and this year was no exception…see last year’s birthday blog post for this delicious ice cream cake recipe!!  Click here!IMG_7521The boys were more than ready to celebrate with their mom…IMG_7530What’s in the box??IMG_7565We usually give her a gift from Loft and this year was no exception…A wrap-around blue flowered top, black knit capris and a round of sparkling stud earrings along with Rosa wine on the rocks and yellow daisies given to her by Tom!!IMG_75669 pair of pretty earrings…she loved them!!IMG_7560It all fit perfectly…IMG_7573And a perfectly celebrated birthday💙


Now for the first night spent in “The Train House”…that’s what we are calling our new home in Virginia (click here to see the post about our new fixer-upper)!!!

IMG_7274This picture was taken from our guest bedroom.  See the freight train beyond the trees, that almost stopped us from buying this house, but being an up and coming historic neighborhood in the heart of town, with several new restaurants,  great shopping and getting a good buy on it, we decided to embrace the train theme, suggested by our son-in-law, Tom!!!  The train passes through an intersection, about 3 houses away from us, with no gate to stop cars, because of this, it is a law that the train has to blow a warning horn several times when going by our street!!!  Do you think we will have many overnight guests at our new home, especially since the train may go through a few times in the middle of the night???  I’m hoping that our renovation will be so amazing, that they will want to stay with us, even if the train passes through in the middle of the night!!! IMG_5831And so, this was our first night in the house that is in deep renovations…the only room that doesn’t need a lot of work is the guest bedroom, so we are decorating it and staying there until the master suite is done…this picture is the front windows of the room before decorating… IMG_7493And this is the same view after decorating, a little sitting area…since this is the only room in the house that’s habitable and we are sleeping in it, I wanted to look and feel great!!!

IMG_7342We had a bed delivered and brought furniture that Gina had at her house, but had to cover it all up while we weren’t there, while workers marched in and out of the house doing electrical, plumbing and structural work!!!

IMG_7551The best I could make the room look for our first-night stay…IMG_7540While I was busy getting the bedroom ready, Victor was puttying, scraping, changing the knob and painting our side door…

IMG_7541The finished door…I love the imperfection of it💞


Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 10.53.56 PMAnd now, are you wondering how we slept with a freight train as our neighbor???  The first night we woke up twice, it took me a while to get back to sleep, but we have stayed there for a total of 8 days and I am waking up and going right back to sleep and Victor is sleeping through😂😴



10 thoughts on “🎁A Birthday Celebration and Our First Night in “The Train House!!”🚂

    1. Thank you Lisa!! I’m enjoying the process of renovating, but it takes lots of time especially being an 8 hours drive away from our year round home and we have our cottage too!! I appreciate you taking the time to check into my blog💗

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  1. Well, I tried to leave a comment a few times, but had no luck! ARGH! Computers!

    Your daughter is beautiful and your grandsons are very handsome! Looks like Gina had a great birthday and that cake looks so yummy!

    Lots of luck with your “train house.” I can’t wait to see your pictures as you progress. Only wish I could be with you and help you!!!

    Love and hugs, Nnacy

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    1. Oh, Nancy, I hope it’s not my website you’re having trouble with?!!! Thank you for your nice compliments, Gina had a wonderful birthday💞 Wish you were here too, to help with The Train House, so much fun picking everything out, thank goodness for online shopping🤗😘


  2. I adore that Gina makes her own Bday cake!!! I looked totally delicious! What is that exquisite flower on top? Real or decoration? And how perfectly that outfit looks. Wow!
    (It’s raining cats and dogs as I write this, so I hope the power doesn’t go out before I hit “send”.)

    That train house is looking better and better. You made that bedroom look so inviting! I can recommend some fantastic earplugs for your guests. When Bobby decides to snore, it’s a must do 😂👂🏼

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    1. Yes, Gina makes that cake from scratch, always makes her own ice cream…she’ll be making mine soon!! The flower is a candle, I know, it’s beautiful and looks real!! I love buying my little girl clothes, she’s a good model😉That rainstorm was something else, kind of scary, but we need it for the flowers!! The Train House can only get better, because right now it’s pretty bad, but I have grand plans for it!! Thank you so much for checking in on me Penny, I love your comments😘


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