🇺🇸I’m Ready for the Fourth of July❤️⭐️💙


My front door at my Cape Cod Cottage is all set for the 4th of July…IMG_7425Victor and I were walking down the street on The Cape and saw a house with a wreath like this!!  Well, of course, I had to go home and copy it…the only difference was theirs was done with a flag and mine is a scarf!!IMG_7422It was pretty easy…all I did was tie a scarf around my grapevine wreath, tucked in a star fish or you could use any type of shell, then I tucked in real flowers and leaves, but of course mine will not last long, I did this for the photo, you would use silk leaves and flowers!IMG_7398We are going to a few 4th of July celebrations, and so I have a few outfits I can wear to those parties!!  The first one is capri jeans with a red flower printed knit top, red flip flops and red bracelets…the next one is red shorts with a navy and white stars, crape top with a ruffle running down the front and navy flower flip flops! The red hat I can wear with both outfits to shield me from the sun and I probably won’t wear the scarf, but I did use it on my door decoration!!IMG_7470And a dessert I can bring to the party…Red, White and Blue Bark!IMG_7474

  • 16 oz bright white candy melts or equal amounts of white chocolate
  • 6 oz royal blue candy melts
  • 6 oz red candy melts
  • pieces Handful of oreo cookies crushed into bite-sized
  • Red white and blue star sprinkles
  1. Crush oreo cookies into pieces. Set aside.
  2. Line an 11×15″ jelly roll pan (or regular 9×13″ pan), with aluminum foil and spray very lightly with cooking spray. Set aside.
  3. Pour white, red and blue candy melts in three separate small microwavable bowls.
  4. Microwave the white candy melts at 50% power, in 30-45 second intervals, until most of the way melted. Remove from microwave and stir to let the residual heat melt the remaining bits.
  5. Repeat process with the red and blue candy melts.
  6. Pour melted white candy melts into jelly roll pan and use rubber spatula to smooth into an even layer.
  7. Alternate drizzling melted red candy melts and blue candy melts in vertical lines over the surface of the melted white candy melts. (you could also just spoon bits of red and blue in a non-pattern over the surface as well).
  8. Using a small wooden skewer or butter knife, swirl in a figure eight pattern to swirl the red and blue into the white. Repeat over the entire pan. You’re not looking for a pattern here, just pretty swirls.
  9. Sprinkle swirled candy melts with Oreo pieces and star sprinkles.
  10. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours, or until hardened.
  11. Lift edges of aluminum foil to remove bark from pan, and separate the bark from the foil.
  12. Break into pieces.
  13. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.
IMG_7393Placing the red and blue chocolate in vertical lines on white chocolate…

IMG_7447 2After swirling colors, scatter Oreo cookies pieces and stars sprinkles over chocolate…IMG_7401When the bark is chilled for an hour, break it up into bite size pieces!IMG_7402I experimented making lollipops from the recipe…not bad but I need more practice😂IMG_7451You could use the bark to garnish desserts, such as ice cream…ENJOY!!!


As I was looking for quotes to end this post, I came across this gem…


This is so necessary in our world today…

Happy 4th of July to you all!!



12 thoughts on “🇺🇸I’m Ready for the Fourth of July❤️⭐️💙

  1. Hi Carol,

    Love your front door; so patriotic, and perfect for the Fourth; So are your outfits and the mouth watering deserts. Enjoy! The quote you chose by
    Peter Marshall couldn’t be more appropriate for July 4th.


    Love Lucille

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comments, Lucille, you are so sweet❤️ Yes, I liked that quote, I see lots of people doing as they please and not doing the right thing, especially driving!! Hope you enjoy the 4th, miss you at the Cape💙


  2. Well, I posted a comment yesterday, but I guess it didn’t get accepted. Oh well… I love your decorating and outfits; you have such great taste. Are you spending the 4th on the Cape? I have fond memories of that holiday when we lived there. Our little town here, Southport, NC, with a population of 3,500 is being inundated with up to 60,000 tourists for our famous July 4th celebration. I’m staying at home! Hope you have a happy and healthy holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im sorry, Nancy, I didn’t see a comment from you yesterday, but I’ll go back and look, I might have missed it…I would never not accept your comments😔💞 Thank you for being persistent🙏 We are not at the Cape for the 4th, but it is always lots of fun there!! Your town sounds amazing for the 4th, no wonder you’re staying home, I bet you can see the fireworks from your house!! You as well, have a wonderful day, just ignore the 60,000 tourists😉❤️


  3. It looks like you had a marvelous 4th! And I just had to laugh that you happen to have a red white and blue scarf . 🤣 Oh so Carol!! Thank you for giving the recipe for the delicious and festive looking bark . And so clever to think of using them for pops as well. I may have to consider something similar for the next husband’s family gathering. Maybe then they’ll have a clue that I could make something besides cheese and crackers!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes of course I would have a 4th of July scarf and use it on my front door because it was too hot to wear😂 We just got back from Virginia, it was so hot and steamy there!! You could make that white chocolate bark in any color, they have so many beautiful colors at craft stores, your family will be very impressed!! Thank you, Penny, for checking in and for your sweet comment…miss seeing you at our class❤️


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