🏡Fixer Uppers🛠

images-2On our trip to Austin Texas, one of the places I really wanted to visit was Waco!!  Not because of the horror that happened there in the 1990s with the Branch Davidians, but because of the people who brought that town back to life, Chip and Joanna Gains from the TV show “Fixer Upper!!”  Click here to see about the show!!  Their show is no longer being produced, Chip and Joanna are working on having their own network, similar to Oprah’s!!

IMG_6233Chip and Joanna have added a breakfast and lunch restaurant to the city of Waco, it’s conveniently right off the highway!!  They named it “Magnolia Table” after Joanna’s love of magnolias…in fact, all her retail stores, magazine and their ranch are called “Magnolia.”IMG_6235The restaurant looks like many others, except this one took us almost a 2-hour wait to get in the door!! IMG_6274But they have a lovely place to wait, with heaters too…there is also a place to get coffee and snacks!!  The staff couldn’t have been nicer in all the “Magnolia” properties!!IMG_6247One of the window boxes, which contain herbs, that they use in their dishes!!IMG_6243 This is the wall right outside the restrooms…IMG_6245and the floor right under the wall…beautiful tile work!!IMG_6278 2Finally, we are in the restaurant…the food was very good, not sure worth a 2-hour wait, but it is was thrilling seeing it and Joanna’s mother was making the rounds!! IMG_6281Next stop was the Magnolia store, which was not near the restaurant, it was Joanna’s first store before they had even done the TV show!!  This store is now all the discounted home decor merchandise from the new store..IMG_6294We then made our way to the Silo Area…if you watch the show you know that Chip bought 2 silos for Joanna to start this huge family shopping area.  This is the bakery, right outside the Silos, people waiting in line to order pastries, which we did not do!IMG_6360These are the silos…there is a big expansive grass park area between the silos and the new Magnolia market, used by families to picnic, play and relax!!  IMG_6357On another side of the park is this row of food trucks!!!IMG_6345There are beautiful flowers throughout the silos property.  This is the garden shop area, which sells lots of accessories for gardens!!!IMG_6296And finally Magnolia Market, which was very lovely!!!

The inside of the market, so many decorations for homes and so beautifully displayed!!

Victor and I are great fans of Chip and Joanna’s “Fixer Upper” show, it was such a thrill to be able to see all that they have built and brought back to life in Waco!!


AND NOW A FIXER UPPER OF OUR OWN‼️                                                                                  We bought a house in Virginia‼️

IMG_5346We bought this house to be close to Gina, Tom and the boys!!  We got a good price for it because it’s a true fixer-upper and we love a challenge!! It’s right in the middle of a city, great for walking to restaurants and stores!! We won’t be moving there permanently, but a place to stay as we visit the kids often and it’s a great investment!!

IMG_6130Our son VJ and our grandsons Parker and Aaden on the front porch!!


I am looking forward to posting lots of before and after photos on my blog…But since we just purchased the house, I will be posting lots of bad to worse photos, which happens before the finished “after” photos!!

 So here are a few bad to worse photos… The only good thing about our kitchen is the original sink…my idea is to plan the kitchen around that old kitchen sink…but first it’s going to be reglazed!!

I love this back staircase, it goes from the kitchen to the master bedroom, in the left photo you can see the wall with a window looking into the dining room, the photo on the right is the wall taken down, it will open up the kitchen to what will be the family room!!

You could say this photo is a before and after, and it is, but I will have a better “after” when I can decorate…  The master bedroom, in which a closet was put in at the top of the staircase…you can see it in the left photo…on the right, Victor had taken it down and now you can see the top of the staircase!!


IMG_7215This is the color pallet that I have chosen and some of the things I have bought for the house!!  A quilt and draperies for the guest bedroom, where we will be staying until the master suite is finished!!  I love this color seafoam, I’ll use it as an accent through the whole house.  The pitcher and plant pot I had and I bought the undershelf basket because it matched!!  And the book will be the first book in the boy’s bookcase in their room…I’m looking forward to reading it to them!!


I think it’s important, as we age, to have a purpose in life, a passion!!  Victor and I have always loved renovating our homes, this will be our 8th!!  He loves the nitty-gritty of renovating and I love decorating, so we make a good team!!!  

A hope for us and all of you are, that our passions, along with some gardening, travel, grandparenting, and our friendships, will keep us young at heart and strong in body as we gracefully enter our golden years💛

16 thoughts on “🏡Fixer Uppers🛠

  1. Carolyn, what an exciting development in your life!! Nothing better than being close to family. I’m sure this home will be gorgeous when you’re done. Have a wonderful time getting it there 😊

    ~ Regina

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    1. Thank you Regina❤️ Yes, you know first hand how important it is to be close to our grandchildren, and now we can have them overnight!! I’ll be posting pics of our progress, as I said though, it gets worse before it gets better😉


  2. Wow, this is awesome! Looks like you had a great time in TX, and I admire your discipline for not buying something tasty at the bakery! I wouldn’t have had that willpower!!! I too, loved “Fixer Upper” and know Joanna’s store also has online shopping, but I’m staying away from there. Too much temptation! You had jackets on there. Was it cold? I always thought it was warm in TX, especially seeing we once lived in LA, and it was always sticky there.

    Congrats on your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing pics as you go along. We too are on our 8th home and Art’s always looking to move, and I told him as long as it is still here in Southport, but I’m tired of moving after 17 moves in 47 years!

    Between the both of you with your fantastic skills, I’m sure we’ll be seeing the finished home in “House Beautiful!”

    Wish you lots of luck and happiness on your new endeavor!


    1. I loved seeing Waco, and all the buildings and stores they have shown on the show!! I wasn’t going to wait in that bakery line after waiting for almost 2 hrs to get in the restaurant and I didn’t buy too much in the stores, just a few gifts. It was unseasonably freezing there, I had 4 layers on😂 Wow, you had 14 moves, you must be well organized, I still have things in boxes from our last move 15 years ago😩 Thank you for your good wishes, can’t wait to start decorating and sharing pics🙏💖


  3. Hi Carol, I so enjoyed your visit to Waco blog. I wish you and Victor much success and many happy memories in your new adventure. I am so glad you will be closer to Gina and her family, a place to call your own.
    Can’t wait to see your progress and how you decorate. We may be seeing Vic and Carol Fixer Upper!!!

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    1. Thank you, Debbie💞 You know how important it is to be close to our grandchildren, I’m looking forward to having them for sleepovers!! I so appreciate you checking into my blog and for your kind wishes🙏❤️


  4. Hi Carol,
    Through your blogs, I have been able to visit Texas (Austin and Waco) vicariously, thank you. Congratulations on your Virginia home. You and Victor had been planning on it for several years. With Victor’s skills at carpentry, etc. and your decorating talents it won’t be long before the house will be just the way you want, picture perfect. The before and afters already look great. I love your color choice – seafoam- acqua, are my favorites. Those were the colors in the “little house.” I really do miss it.
    You will have lots and lots of fun planning and doing, getting yourVirginia
    home just the way you want it, and being with Gina and her family.

    Take real good care, and give Victor my very best. Miss you both.

    With love,

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    1. Oh Lucille, I’m glad you can, vicariously, come along on adventures with us, it’s wonderful to have you along💞 I love that sea foam color too, I’m planning on painting the front door that color too!!! We just saw Patty and Don in Virginia, as they stopped to see our new house on the way to the Cape from Austin!! We miss you too, but know your “little house” is being well taken care of:) Hope you are enjoying your summer so far🌞❤️


  5. Fixer Upper is my all time favorite DIY show, and I record a lot of both that channel and HGTV. I was so upset they cancelled, but I understand with their ever growing family. Seeing you at the silos was such a kick! I had no idea what their plans were for that, or that they had a restaurant. I had to laugh that you actually waited 2 hours to get in. It reminded me of a little diner in New Orleans that had the same wait every Sunday morning. I only did it once. I guess you have to see what all the fuss is about!

    Sooooo great to see pics of your home near the family! Maybe you and Victor can get a TV deal!! 😂 Actually. . .why not?!

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    1. Yes, I love that show too, and lots of other people do too, that’s why it takes so long to get into their restaurant!! But I’m so happy that the money is pouring into that run down city…Chip and Joanna have done an amazing job bringing it back to life!! There are also other shops that don’t have anything to do with Fixer Upper, that are doing well, because of all the people milling around, expecially near the Silos!! Klint, who does Joanne’s woodworking, even has shop there, and that’s mobbed too!!
      Glad you like our city home near Gina…I’m looking forward to it being done, so we don’t have to use our bathroom sink for a kitchen sink😩 Thank you for checking into my blog, Penny, and for your thoughtful comments😘


  6. Hi Carol! I’m so excited and happy for you and Victor on your new journey!! How wonderful for you to be able to live near your grandsons! My sister Caroline lived in Charlottesville, Virginia for many years and loved it! And I loved visiting her there also!

    I too love Fixer Upper on HGTV. My favorite show is Beachfront Bargain Hunt but love all the shows that show people bringing older, dated houses back to glory.

    Your color scheme is great! Can’t wait to see your progress!

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    1. Thank you Cathy!!! I didn’t realize Caroline lived in VA, a great place to visit, love the history there…I have a story about Charlottesville when I see you😉 We love all the HGTV shows too, I’m excited about Chip and Joanna’s new network!! Glad you like my color scheme, reminds me of sea glass💙💚 I appreciate you checking into my blog!!


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