💗Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom💐

IMG_6975My mom 75 years ago…a photo she gave to my dad while he was overseas in the service…

IMG_6977and probably 70 years ago!!

IMG_6515And now!!  Happy Mother’s Day to my mom…I’m so lucky I get to spend the afternoon with her!!!  My mom has taught me perseverance, just by living to date, over 99 years old!!!  Eight months ago we moved her to assisted living for memory care, from her home of 70 years… she was confused and at times she still is and last month she had pneumonia but got better and is doing great now…through it all she has persevered!!  Most days when I go to visit her she is dressed in matching outfits complete with jewelry!!!  So it is today,  the day we celebrate our moms, I am grateful I get to see and talk with her and interact with her for at least one more Mother’s Day💞.  Here’s to working towards her 100th year!!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in my life, whether they are mother’s to human children or fur children or just by being women we are mothers’ of the earth…love to you all💐



12 thoughts on “💗Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom💐

  1. We were both blessed to have wonderful moms, and you’re twice blessed to still have her with you. When you see her today, give her a hug from me, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you both! 💕

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  2. Carol,
    A beautiful tribute to your mom, a lovely and special lady. Enjoy every moment with her. Wish her a HAPPY Mother’s Day for me.
    Hope you had a Happy and enjoyable Mother’s Day.


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    1. Thank you Lucille!!! Yes, a lovely lady and I spent a lovely afternoon with her💗 Hope you’re having better weather than us…it’s cold and rainy here, for the rest of the week…wishing you sunshine and flowers, if not in your yard, in your heart🌞🌷🌻🌸💖


  3. Such beautiful pictures of your mom, who is still so beautiful! Check out those gams!!! I bet all the servicemen in your father’s company were jealous. A lot of indoor celebrations around these parts. I’m glad you included our fur babies as well as our humans. Sometimes one can be more consistently loving than the other!

    Glad you had a nice day with your mom, Carol. You’ve been a very caring daughter ♥️

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    1. Thank you, Penny, for your sweet comments!!! Gams, LOL, she did and still does have nice gams🤗 You are such a good mother to your fur baby and butterfly babies, but most of all to your “human baby”…hope you had a well deserved wonderful Mother’s Day💗🌷🥰


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