🌿Salad on a Windowsill and Also in a Jar🥗

With warmer weather here, I’m anxious to plant my herbs and vegetables, but the nights are too cold now…my solution…plant them and put them on my windowsill until the nights get warmer to put them outside!!IMG_6638It just so happens that everything I planted would be wonderful in a salad…IMG_6646This windowsill over our sink is plenty wide to hold freshly planted lettuce, parsley on the bottom sill and herbs on the upper shelf… One of my older posts tells how we added a middle shelf to this window, click here to see it!  My sister, Marilyn gave us the laughing Buddha!!IMG_6651This is a closeup of gourmet lettuce consisting of different colors of leaf lettuce…IMG_6642 On the top shelf among books and family photos are basil on the left and oregano on the right!!IMG_6622 The extra large windowsill in our family room holds a chocolate mint plant, that I will use in a salad, because why not have a little chocolate in our salads??!!!IMG_6624If you don’t have a windowsill large enough for flower pots, you could use a bench or table close to a window…the plants are not only convenient to use as food but they add an earthy elegance to your decor!!  I put a bench close to our one of our doors on our sun porch, it holds a tomato plant and rosemary plant…that little porch smells divine with rosemary!!


I used to make this salad in a jar for work…just recently Gina made this for her first day of work at a new job, which will be a post of its own someday!!  Since I had planted the herbs and vegetables, it reminded me that I could show you all how to make a salad in a jar!!


You could prepare lunch for a whole work week or for a fast supper, just serve with meat or fish with it or you could take it on a picnic!!  The only things you need are mason jars!!  It is so simple, just start with filling a dressing into a jar and then layer various ingredients like veggies, cheese and seeds, ending with lettuce on top.  Keep the jars in the fridge until you need them. Grab a bowl and empty the jar. The dressing will then cover the whole salad.  I like to start with a vegetable that could be marinated in the dressing, like black olives in the photo above!!

2Next, I added a layer of chickpeas and tomatoes…4On top of the tomatoes I layered scallions, then basil, oregano and parsley…5Next I added small chunks of pepper jack cheese…6And then the lettuce, cram it down so all the layers are tight…less air will keep the salad fresher!7On top of the lettuce I added more sprigs of basil, oregano and parsley for flavor!!!8Close the lid and there you have a salad that will keep for 5 days!!9Don’t forget a fork and a light plastic bowl!!!


IMG_6627Spring has finally sprung in our yard…Victor was thrilled that the tulips he planted came up!!IMG_6611And look who I found peeking out of the branches of the weeping cherry tree!!

I think that handsome cardinal had the spirit of my father in him, he was looking at me so intently…my father would have turned 104 today, he passed 6 years ago!!

8 thoughts on “🌿Salad on a Windowsill and Also in a Jar🥗

  1. I am always amazed by your posts. How did you ever get so clever and talented? Your “inside” garden is awesome, not to mention the outside too! I, like Victor, love tulips, and aren’t you thrilled Spring is here? By the way, I love your farmer’s sink. Wish you lived closer to give me some decorating tips! God bless! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Nancy!!! Clever and talented… I think it was the kids I hung around with in my neighborhood, because you are too😉 I plant most of my herbs and vegetable in pots, they seem to grow better that way and they go out on and around my potting bench when the weather gets better. I love decorating, I hope you can pick up tips from my photos. Thank you again for your kind and sweet comment💗


  2. Absolutely every photo is so gorgeous and looks completely yummy!! And I agree, chocolate does go with everything. Do you have raised garden beds or fenced in gardens? I was wondering how you kept the critters away, especially that perfect looking lettuce. Not to mention the slimy snails! But I must say you have inspired me to try basil again on my windowsill. I tried it once and I came down with a bad case of spidermites. But it’s definitely nice to have around, especially because it goes with so many things. Even pizza as an afterthought!

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    1. Hi Penny!! Thank you for your thoughtful comments and good question!! I put the pots outside on and around my potting bench. The plants I think the critters will eat, I put on the bench and sprinkle with chili powder, it works on some but I had a problem with the lettuce last year…I’m trying again…I’ll let you know how I make out!! I always have good luck with the basil, at home and the Cape…I spray them with an organic bug spray and use the chili powder. Enjoy your planting💚


  3. I love your kitchen window! Its filled with so much happiness. I love salad in the jar. There is something about storing it in glass that makes it extra good. So easy to make a bunch at one time, too 🌼🌱💕 Fantastic post!

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    1. I’m glad you like my kitchen window, I put a lot of thought into what I put on it, because I’m always looking at it!! I agree about mason jars, I love how pretty the layers of salad look in them too!! Thank you for checking in and for your kind comments💚

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