🌸A Week of🌷Spring Crafts🏀Ending with🌱Grass Roots🎸

It was a very busy week…it started with a visit from my good friend Claire, who shares my love for decorating cookies, …IMG_5918We had icing up to our elbows and exchanged some ideas…and I think we both got better and definitely had fun!!!IMG_5922Here are our combined efforts…We wouldn’t win a contest, but I think they look pretty good and Claire has lots of cookies to take home for her grandchildren!!   (Click here for the recipe from an older post.)


March Madness is here…IMG_5360Gina made this adorable dessert for the men in her life, who are mad about sports…  A basketball hoop made from a clear plastic cup with piped on white frosting for the net and orange icing for the rim!!  She made her own chocolate ice cream, although the recipe, below, called for orange sherbet…Gina uses all natural ingredients for her family👍

IMG_5365This is the recipe from Food Network Magazine…

aaden parkerThe guys enjoying their dessert while watching March Madness!!IMG_5370Good til the last drop and lick😂


My other good friend, Sue, and I went to The White Barn Farm, on Saturday for this lovely afternoon of “Wine and Design Bulb Planting!!!”farm info



The pictures speak for themselves…it was so much fun…I would highly recommend this and any of the other workshops they have to offer!!!

current bulbsAnd this is what the basket looks like today…5 days after I planted it!!   A helpful hint, the floral designer told us, was to keep the basket of flowering bulbs in a shaded cool area, the flowers will last longer!!!  Another helpful hint about bulbs is, not to cut them down in your garden after the blooms have faded, let the foliage turn yellow then cut.  The bulbs need the nutrients from the foliage for next years blooms!!


Our next adventure was to see the Grass Roots on Saturday night at the Norwood Theater in Norwood, Massachusetts!!

IMG_5951Now some of you might be familiar with this theater, it has been around for a long time!!  When I was growing up in Norwood it was a movie theater.  It was in disrepair for a while but the current owners restored it back to its former glory, and it is beautiful!! Now it’s used for all types of entertainment, but mostly concerts and plays.  For more information regarding the Norwood Theater click here.



Here we are with our good friends Frank and Sue…Sue and I had a busy day🤗

Now a little bit about the Grass Roots!!



When the Grass Roots walked onto the stage I was very doubtful that they could entertain the sold-out audience at Norwood Theater for an hour and a half!!  They all had white hair and a little hunched over their instruments…but they proved me wrong after coming out strong with the first song and continuing for the whole time without an intermission!!!



The Grass Roots had many popular records from the mid-1960s and 1970s…  Before we went to this concert I was a little foggy on what those hits were, but after seeing them I wasn’t foggy anymore!!!  You will know these hits when you watch these videos and there were many more that we enjoyed from this amazingly talented group!!  (For a history on The Grass Roots click here)



The average age in the audience was from 60s to 80s, but as you can see from this video they were moving and grooving to the music like they were back in their teens!!  What fun we had!!!


 There isn’t anything better in life than to share our talents and watch the talents of others!! 



10 thoughts on “🌸A Week of🌷Spring Crafts🏀Ending with🌱Grass Roots🎸

    1. Thank you for checking into my blog, Nancy💗 I didn’t realize how many hit songs the Grass Roots had and they all brought back memories to everyone in that theater, by the end of the concert it was a hopping theater, so much fun!!!


  1. Carolyn, you amaze me with all your talents. Your cookies are awesome and too pretty to eat. And, I see Gina has inherited her mom’s creativity too! How special is that?

    I LOVE the Grass Roots. Their songs bring back good memories. And, how wonderful that the Norwood Theater has been renovated and looks like it did in the 50s and 60s.

    I so enjoy your blog and look forward to your next posting. Take care and enjoy the Spring. Sending hugs and blessings…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Nancy!!! I inherited creativity from my mom and it’s nice Gina and VJ have also inherited it!! I was really surprised that the Grass Roots could deliver the concert that they did!! They were all amazing but the guitar player on the left really showed his talent!! Yes, they brought back so many memories, we couldn’t help singing along and dancing in our seats!!! I’m so happy and grateful that you are enjoying my blog, I hope this spring will bring some inspiring posts!! I hope you and Art are getting some good weather down south, it’s very slowly coming our way☀️🌷💞


  2. It’s so much fun reading your blog, I enjoy it. I was very interested to see the old Norwood movie theater. It looks great, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Marianne, I knew a lot of my friends that grew up in Norwood would like the review of the theater!! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog, I try to make it informative, easy to read, fun and soulful💞🙏


  3. Hi Carol,
    What a fun week. The Grass Roots concert brought back a lot of memories. I took out
    their Greatest Hits album and took a trip down memory lane. Thank you. The cookies
    are so festive, and look delicious. I disagree, they would come in first in any contest.
    Gina’s basketball hoops would also win. I’m sure the boys were thrilled with them.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy the warmer weather.

    love, Lucille

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Lucille I’m so glad the Grass Roots brought back memories for you…me too!!! And thank you for your sweet comments, yes the boys love the all natural treats that Gina makes for them, she’s a good Mama💞 Looking forward to the warmer weather, we’ve gotten glimpses but nothing steady yet🙏🤞🌞


  4. What a week of utter enjoyment! If I had to pick a favorite moment of course it would’ve been with the flowers. Are you surprised? 😄 What a stunning final result!! It’s fabulous to bring spring into your home while the weather is still so chilly. I cut some forsythia and put them in a vase before they were ready to bloom outside. They looked like a bunch of sticks in a vase! But five days later I have the most gorgeous bouquet of intense yellow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Penny!! No, I’m not surprised you would like the flowers😉 I’ve always wanted to try to cut my forsythia to flower, you have inspired me, I’m going out to do it now!!! Thank you for taking the time to check in to my blog and your sweet and thoughtful comments, I appreciate it so much💗🦋 🌸


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