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This segment in my last post regarding the photo with dots of lights on Victor’s sweater…IMG_5698 2I said they were his family who had passed, come to wish him a happy 70th birthday…Well that post got so much attention with people mentioning that they also get signs from loved ones who have passed…  So I thought I would dedicate this post to signs that I have gotten from Spirit and Spirit guides and how the experts say to notice them…IMG_5785They say rainbows are a sign of Spirit being present.  Many times if you ask a passed love one to give you a sign that they are still around you, they will do it!!  This is from my father…I asked him this week to give me a sign, because I was doing this post, he didn’t disappoint…this picture above is of my dad and Gina dancing at her wedding, it’s in our guest room on a desk.  There is a mirror on the desk and I know the rainbows are from the mirror, but when I walked by and saw the vivid brightness of them and especially the one on him, it took my breath away!!!  Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.45.40 PMMy father also likes to let me know he is around by his name, he was very proud of his French name, Rene Masse!!  Well, last Thanksgiving we were having dinner at my niece Christy’s house, my mother all of a sudden felt faint and we had to lay her down on the couch, I thought she was dying!!  I was so upset, I didn’t know which way to turn, then I looked up and saw on the TV in huge letters, “Masse,” just like the above picture and in that moment I wasn’t only upset about my mom but I was amazed at seeing his name.  My mom was fine in about 10 minutes, but I know my dad was letting us know he was around and helping us.  I found out that there is an auto dealer in Rhode Island named Paul Masse and it was an advertisement for that dealer, but what are the chances that we would see his name in huge letters at that moment in Massachusetts?? Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 12.18.46 PM 3Spirit also comes through in music!!  If your loved one enjoyed a special song and you hear it out of the blue, that could be a sign.  Kristen, a young teacher from our school had passed from breast cancer, she loved the song “You Are My Sunshine” and her good friend Jen, who was the teacher in our classroom was reading a book to the children in our class and to our amazement the book referenced that song…we thought that was amazing!!  And also, when I came home from her funeral and getting out of my car, there was a cardinal on a tree right in front of me and he was looking at me intently, chirping, so I stayed for the longest time just listening and looking at him, I know it was her giving me a sign that she was okay!!


They also say seeing cardinals are a sign of Spirit…here are some beautiful cardinals that my friend Penny sent me!!!  IMG_5784Butterflies are often connected with Spirit…I’ve read a few books by a medium, Suzanne Giesemann, she has monarch butterflies following her around on many of her hikes,  she knows it’s her stepdaughter who passed, letting her know she is around her.   This beautiful monarch was taken by my friend Donna!!IMG_5791Finding coins, especially shiny pennies are ways in which Spirit can check in on us…my sister-in-law Rita loves giving us coins…Rita'sRight after her passing, we were in Baltimore for a Red Sox game and walking around the waterfront, we happened to see a little ice cream stand named “Rita’s,” so I was taking a photo to send to her children and thinking how nice it was that she let us know she was with us, but then I looked down right at that moment to find a dime and shiny penny, and then I really knew she was with us!!! IMG_5840…Rita also loved wearing feathers in her hats and now we find them in odd places at odd times, especially white ones, another sign of Spirit!!


Unknown 2

They say that every one of us has Spirit guides looking after us, they are always there to help, protect and support us on our soul journey.  A clue that our Spirit guides are with us and giving us messages, is seeing certain numbers, especially multiples of the same number, such as 1111, I see this a lot…Several times I’ve woken up out of a sound sleep and looked at my clock to see 11:11, also, during the day, I’ll just look at the clock and see 11:11!!  It is said that seeing these numbers means your positive thoughts are heading you on the right path …this is a very comforting feeling for me!!  You might have a favorite number that you see often?  Click here to go on this website for some explanations of other numbers.  I have Doreen Virtue’s book “Angel Numbers 101” that I refer to when I see numbers frequently!!  Number signs are fun and I often find they are a nod of what is going on in your life and a little hint on how to navigate through life!

There are many more signs that Spirit can communicate with us… Spring is a wonderful time to get out into nature and notice these signals, because most of what Spirit sends us is in nature🌿  Ask your loved one or Spirit guide for a sign, wait, observe and see what happens!!!  I would love to hear your stories…


10 thoughts on “🌈Signs Spirit Send Us🦋

  1. Again, another insightful and entertaining post! I totally agree about getting signs from our loved ones who’ve passed. My mom loved pansies and when I see them, I know she’s watching over me. My grandmother had a thing for gardenias, so when I get a whiff of them, I know she’s around me too! She came to me in a dream during two important times in my life, so I heartily believe our loved ones are watching over us. We miss them dearly, but it’s so comforting when we get signs from them. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

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    1. Yes, another way to know Spirit is around, is by smell, your mother and grandmother are definately letting you know they are with you!! Also, dreams are another way they give us messages from beyond, if it’s a vivid dream full of color and seems real, you know it’s your loved one😇 Thank you for your kind words, Nancy, and for sharing your stories, I love hearing about Spirit❤️


    1. So glad you and lots of others can relate to this!! Yes, it’s so comforting to know that our loved ones and guides are keeping an eye on us. I have so many other stories, I didn’t know where to begin with this subject, maybe another post😇💞


  2. Oh Carol, I remember we talked about these signs. Each time I see one, I know my mom, dad, and Billy are near, so are those I love. They can’t be seen, but they are watching over me, and guiding me. I especially liked the sign “MASSE” on tv, you received from your dad. I’m so glad we believe, it really helps to know those we love are with us always.

    Take good care Carol.
    With love,



    1. Yes, Lucille, we did a lot of good-for-the-soul talking over the fence, wonderful memories!! Your family in heaven is certainly watching out for you…you have the signs to prove it😇 That sign I got from dad was amazing and comforting, he has given me several signs with his name, which is incredible because that isn’t a common name! I think everyone gets these signs but not everyone believes and notices them, it is truly a blessing to do so!! Love and Happy Spring to you too, Lucille💞🌼🌷


  3. I loved reading about this! The entire post was very calming knowing that so many people have experienced this. My father passed away when I was 19, and he was a very gentle soul who loved nature. I always have a picture of him in my mind seeing him in the backyard putting seed in the birdfeeder. So when my husband and I moved into our permanent home, of course I put up all kinds of feeders and we loved seeing all the birds. But one in particular would come to our suet feeder at the window, a red bellied woodpecker, whenever my mother would visit from Ohio on holidays! I would keep a record of the dates it would come, and it’s uncanny and wonderful!

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    1. Penny, so glad you were calmed by this post, I think nature is very calming and for sure you have inherited your father’s love for nature💚 That is so amazing that the woodpecker would visit when your mother visited, it was definitely your dad, very comforting😇 Thank you so much for sharing this story on my blog, I love hearing it😘


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