🎂Celebrating 70 Years🎊

Victor’s 70th birthday was this week!!!  It will be 2 months of celebrating. The first one was on his birthday this week,


with just Victor, VJ and me!!

IMG_5698 2Now, I had to show you all this remarkable phenomenon… See in this photo the 5 dots of light on Victor’s heart, I know they’re from the candles on his cake, but why did I choose 5 candles and how did those dots get on his heart, I didn’t notice them until I looked back at the photo a few hours later??   I think it’s very comforting to know that it could be Victor’s 3 siblings that have passed away in the last 5 years and his mom and dad who have passed, which make 5 spirits that came to visit him on his birthday and show up on his heart😇❤️


Now for the 2nd party…Victor decided at the last minute that he would like to have his close family for a dinner party this weekend…since we invited the guests at the last minute, I wanted to have something nice to give them for helping us celebrate…  So I thought a little box with chocolates would be a nice favor to put at each place setting.  I chose green and red because Victor likes wine…the green is for the vines and the red is for the grapes!! IMG_5685A pillow box is pretty easy to make, so I got a template online…click here and this website will give you a template and directions if you’d like to make them…it’s fun!! I used craft paper and to make it personal, I copied a message on to parchment paper to attach to the favors.IMG_5687I filled them with Ghirardelli chocolate, attached the ribbon with tags…IMG_5710And there you have favors for any party!!!IMG_5745And this is how I could set the table for a dinner party with the favors in the center of each plate!!

IMG_5731The centerpiece is made with alstroemeria flowers, which last for a very long time, and roses, the dishes are Wedgewood that we got for wedding gifts almost 50 years ago, the silverware is my moms and the red-rimmed wine glass was my grandmother’s!!


Now for the gift…IMG_5726 2As I’ve said before, I do love the art of expressing myself through fashion, yes even men’s fashion!!   So, for Victor’s birthday, I gave him an outfit😂  Oh poor Victor, but he did really like the tweed vest and shirt and the wine too, everything else he already owned!!  I also, gave him a new grill for the beef tenderloin he loves to cook!!IMG_5752And here is Victor modeling his new vest and shirt…the only way I got him to do this was to hold his beloved Red Sox wine glass😘

The celebration will continue when we visit Gina and her family in Virginia and then visit Victor’s sister Patty and her husband Don in Texas!!!  But the biggest celebration will be bringing our family on the Disney Cruise🚢‼️ That’s how you celebrate a 70th Birthday‼️


It’s amazing how when you turn from your 60’s to 70’s the greeting cards get more kinder and gentler…like this one!!  No more ” over the hill!!”


Like Victor, 70 years of making a difference in this world and in all our lives, living a life of generosity and kindness …he’s a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, son-in-law, brother and friend…I’m proud to be his wife❤️

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19 thoughts on “🎂Celebrating 70 Years🎊


    Carol, A beautiful blog and tribute to Victor on his birthday. Its hard t believe he is 70, many blessings. I got emotional when I read the your explanation of the five dots on
    Victors heart., beautiful. I’m certain his mom, dad and siblings are with him always.
    Enjoy dinner this weekend. The place settings look great, and the favors are a great idea. You really are creative. Enjoy the parties to come.
    Take good care and have a fun time.

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    1. I knew you would like Victor’s visitors, I couldn’t believe it when I was looking through the photos😇 I know our loved ones are always with us and guiding us but to get a nod from them like that is really special, as you know❤️ Thank you again for your kind comments, you are so sweet🙏💞


  2. Happy Birthday Victor, May God grant you many more and may they all be happy and healthy ones with those you love around you.

    Life is good!

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  3. My goodness, I’m in awe at your talent. You make things so special! I loved your favors, your table and Victor’s outfit. Please wish him a very happy birthday from me and Art with many more happy and healthy years to follow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t be too much in awe, that’s 32 years of an elementary assistant teacher…we would have to think up crafts in a matter of seconds…the pillow boxes are child’s play…literally😂 Thank you for the sweet sentiment for Victor❤️ Hopefully he will be retiring in his 70’s and we will be able to do a little traveling🤞


    1. WOW, thank you for such nice compliment, Lisa, and your good wishes!!! Yes, I believe our loved ones who passed are always with us, guiding us through life, we just have to be open to the signs💞😇


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