🌷Inside Us and Our Closets are Wonders👚

My inspiration for this post are these tulips and a Rumi quote…

IMG_5579I love pink, green and black…these tulips on my kitchen counter gave me the inspiration to search in my closet for a spring outfit of the same colors…IMG_5566Of course, I would pick out a scarf first…and as I was searching, I got a hankering to make jewelry with those colors since I already had the beads among my supplies…IMG_5569This is the layout plan for the bracelet and earrings…I decided not to use the antique gold spacers, so when I wear the jewelry I can add either gold or silver…IMG_5621 2The finished bracelets and earrings… I put gold and silver spacers on the earrings, so I could wear either tone with them.  IMG_5635This is the outfit I choose from my closet…a pink green and black scarf from Old Navy from a few years ago, a pink knitted shirt under a deep sage green cargo jacket with ties at the waist to give it style, from TJ Maxx, also a few years ago!!  Black skinny jeans allow the green and pink colors of the tops to pop, just like the colors in the scarf!!

IMG_5642The finished look with tulips and all!!!


To me, searching my closet for an outfit is a metaphor for life…let me explain… We don’t always need to go out shopping, we most likely have all we need to make a lovely outfit right in our closets…same as life…

“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us!”


I love Rumi quotes, a poet from the 13th century, his timeless wisdom and poetry are still relevant in today’s world… To me, this quote means we have inside us what we need to make us happy and whole, it’s just clouded over with fear and doubt… The perks of getting older?… We can usually identify what makes us fearful and doubtful, which lifts the clouds, therefore,  exposing the wonders for us to lead a more happy and whole life…and in our closets find an outfit that will make us happy😉



12 thoughts on “🌷Inside Us and Our Closets are Wonders👚

  1. Carolyn, you have such a great eye for coordinating your wardrobe and for decorating. Sure wish we lived closer so you could go through my wardrobe and offer me some suggestions! Awesome! 💚

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    1. Thank you Nancy, I certainly would help you, but I bet you have a better eye for fashion than you think👍❤️ I usually start with a scarf, but since you live down south maybe you could start with shoes👠 But not these, I like comfy shoes😉 We’re getting snow tonight and into tomorrow, be glad you don’t need scarfs🧣


  2. Eweee, the wimp I am, I’m happy you’re getting the snow and not us! 😆 Stay safe and warm and keep adding to your awesome blog! 💚

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