👵🏻It’s Never too Late for New Beginnings🌺

Today my mom turns 99 years old!!IMG_3517This is my mom’s last day in her home of 70 years… All her children and some grandchildren were there to support her as she moved out in September 2018…this is her grandson VJ!!IMG_3521And this is her first day at her new assisted living with memory care facility…


Her first couple of months were rough, with her being confused as to where she was and wanting to go home!  It was heart-wrenching for us, but with programs like this, that bring baby farm animals into the facility for the residents to hold… and other forms of entertainment that keep them busy yet comforted, she has finally settled in as best she can.IMG_4814And she gets family visitors almost every day…here is her great-grandson Parker and her granddaughter Gina visiting her at her new place!!IMG_4360At Christmas, we were able to bring her to my house for a little celebration!!  Some of her family that were with her in this photo on Christmas day are, (counterclockwise) my sister, Marilyn, my niece Christy, her fiancee Mike, Victor and me.  She has settled into her daily activities nicely…I would say that this was a new beginning for my mom, I’m very proud of her for accepting a new way of life!!  IMG_4909And after 2 months of cleaning out, we said goodbye to our childhood home, another heart-wrenching task…IMG_4906 Here I am giving the house a hug before leaving for the last time…but I have to say, with having my mom somewhat adjusted in her new place and having my childhood house sold, I am experiencing a new beginning for myself, which has been very freeing…I will be writing in new posts to come what I am doing with that freedom🤗


IMG_5180This Amaryllis I planted before Christmas and is in full bloom at the moment, reminds me of Spring and new beginnings!!  How wonderful it is that no matter how old we are, we are still capable of learning and accepting new situations in our lives…maybe that’s the secret of living a long life🌺IMG_5185“YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO SET ANOTHER GOAL OR TO DREAM A NEW DREAM!”  C.S. LEWIS

IMG_5087Here my mom is trying on a hat displayed in her hallway!!




16 thoughts on “👵🏻It’s Never too Late for New Beginnings🌺

  1. I am so happy to hear that your mother is doing well and everyone is adjusting to this “new” life. Your mother is such a beautiful lady! Having gone through so many of the same transitions with my mother, I know how hard and gut wrenching they can be. Life goes on and we must embrace it! Happy Birthday Mrs. Masse!

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  2. Your mom looks awesome and twenty years younger. I know only too well how bittersweet it is selling our parent’s home. I also know how heartbreaking it is for our mom’s to require assisted living, but it sounds like your mom has adjusted very well and is happy. Same with mine. She thanked me every day for getting her into a facility where she made a lot of friends and was happy. Give your precious mom a big hug from me and enjoy every minute you have with her. ❤

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    1. So true, bittersweet, but I feel we are so lucky to have her in assisted living with memory care as opposed to a nursing home, such a big difference! My mom isn’t with it enough to thank me, it was nice that your mom did❤️ Thank you for your good wishes and reminding me to enjoy every minute, sometimes we need reminders😍


  3. Happy Birthday Mrs. Masse!! Your mom looks terrific and very stylish. I’m happy to hear that everyone is beginning to settle in to their next phase of life 😍


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    1. Carol, such a beautiful way you put dealing with change. I so admire you and your family. I have fond memories with you and your parents at your house. Your mom is beautiful at 99, so stylish. Might you have something to do with that! My best to all of you and Happy Birthday to your mom.


      1. Oh Debbie, you are so sweet, thank you so much for your kind words!! I also have fond memories of your family…I was telling Victor the other day how I felt like you were my sister when we were in elementary school…such a great friendship❤️ My mom had and still has very definite ideas about her fashion, I just carry it out for her as best I can🌺


  4. This post brought tears in my eyes! I remember how we moved out of our first flat 4 years ago… and we spent only 7 years there… It was hard to move cause two of our oldest girls were born there (planned homebirth).
    I can’t imagine how hard it was for you and your mom to get to “new” life.
    Happy birthday to your mom! 99! The hat looks good on her!

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    1. I’m glad I moved you Ilze❤️ To sell the house was bittersweet, bitter because of the history and memories, sweet because the house was falling apart and Victor had to be fixing it. I understand how hard it was for you, but you did it and that’s growth. It gives my mom a moment of joy when I tell her that people wish her a happy birthday, thank you💕

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  5. A very happy birthday to your beautiful Mother. My own Mother who died two years ago aged 94, had the same experience when it became apparent that she could no longer take care of her home and large garden. As an only child, I oversaw her care for the last seven years of her life, first in her home and then afterwards in a very good care home close to where i live in London. It’s not an easy time for anyone, but so worthwhile. I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend so much time with my Mother during her final years.
    Thank you for such a lovely post. Janet

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    1. I’m sorry for your loss and as you said, it was a blessing to have had that precious time with her❤️ Yes, so glad we have her in a lovely place, I can now have quality visits with her instead of being a house maid and nurse to her. Way across the ocean and in different countries but having the same experience makes the world a friendly place💞 I’m enjoying your blog, thank you for visiting mine and for your kind comments🙏

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