🕯Be My Guest and I’ll Give You a Dessert to Die For🍪🍒🍨

Be my guest and you’ll stay in the gold room!!!img_5017Well, it’s not huge, but it is warm and cozy…

img_5015I know that wallpaper is not very popular nowadays, but I happen to think it adds richness and texture to a room…this is tone on tone damask print gold wallpaper…the bed is wrought iron and has an arch silhouette and is paired with a gold quilted bedspread and a deep red soft throw to wrap my company in warm comfort on these cold winter nights!!! Black velvet draperies and off white floor length lace curtains keep the cold at bay from the two windows, but just pull the lace curtains aside and the room is flooded with light!!   Now, don’t you want to stay with me?!img_4992I added this lace trim to a cream-colored pillowcase to add a vintage look to the bed..img_5029A vase of red and yellow flowers on an antique bureau adds an inviting natural touch for guests…I’ve also added touches of black toile, such as this fabric covered jewelry box…img_4982A wooden tray provides a surface to write notes on and hold tea or coffee mugs…img_5020A night table with a lamp, a clock and maybe a good book is a must for guests, also a reindeer throw because you can’t have enough warm throws and fun accent pillows!!img_5012Another view of the room shows the Persian Bokhara design rug in cranberry to match the decor, also a desk/dressing table with a vintage style mirror,  a black polka dot blanket folded on the back of a black velvet slipper chair paired with a leopard print pillow.  A small accent table next to the chair holds a variety of reading books, above the table is some fun artwork…   img_4991We acquired this artwork on one of our many trips when Gina was performing on the Disney Cruise Line…the Disney artist, Don “Ducky” Williams, was making an appearance on the Magic, signing copies of his artwork…the top picture is commemorating the passage of the Disney Magic going through the Panama Canal…that was a very special trip and it’s wonderful to have this artwork to remember the trip and also since Gina stays in this room quite frequently, it’s nice for her to have that memory too🖤💛❤️


Another reason to be my guest is that I will make this Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie for you!!  The inspiration for this cookie was from my sister-in-law Patty, she sent me a picture of hers, she was making it for workers in her home!! She made hers from scratch…img_5069But I won’t have to work too hard to do it…it couldn’t be easier…img_5050You will need a cast iron skillet or stove-to-oven skillet…I used a small 6 inch one because it was just for Victor and me, but it could have fed 4 people!!

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie


1. Nestle’s Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough roll 16 1/2 oz.

2. A handful of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate chunks

3. Vanilla ice cream or flavor of your choice

4. Maraschino cherries

5. Chocolate or Carmel or both sauce


  • Heat oven to 375°F. Press dough in bottom of ungreased skillet.  I used 3/4 of the package for the 6-inch skillet, for the 10-inch skillet you could use the whole package.   Press in chocolate chunks.
  • Bake 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Cool 15 minutes.         
  • Scoop ice cream onto middle of the cookie, drizzle with sauce, place cherries on the top…eat and enjoy!!!

img_5052This is the cookie in the skillet before it’s cooked…img_5070Done, Yum!!img_5075Close-up!!  Eat while it’s hot, make sure you have ice cream with every bite!!!img_5084Enjoy this warm gooey sweetness…great for game day ❤️💙❤️img_5083Victor certainly enjoyed it!!


You never know where or from who your inspiration will come from!!  For me, it was my sister-in-law Patty’s skillet cookie, below!!    patty's cookie

My wish for this blog is to inspire, not necessarily in a big way, but in a good way, the smallest act can spark the biggest inspiration!!



And if you can’t surround yourself with people who reflect good energy, try your hardest to be that contagious good energy!!




18 thoughts on “🕯Be My Guest and I’ll Give You a Dessert to Die For🍪🍒🍨

  1. Are you opening a B&B now? Your guest room is so cozy and inviting. Makes one want to snuggle up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a good book! And, for that dessert . . . YUM! Between that comfy room And sweet treat, I’d never leave! What a gracious hostess you must be! Thanks for sharing your creative side and the recipe! I know Art would enjoy it as much as Victor appears to! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so funny, Nancy!! Please, no B&B, I just enjoy having my family and friends stay, as I enjoy staying with them:) Thank you for your kind comments❤️ Yes, that treat was amazing, good to make for a special occasion, but not good for the waistline😂


  2. Carol, Your guest bedroom is beautiful, and so you. I can tell Victor is thoroughly enjoying the cookie; it looks delicious. The recipe is simple enough, even for me.
    I’m sure it won’t look like yours, but hope it tastes good. Thank you. As always,
    your closing quote is so meaningful and thought provoking.
    Despite the weather, I hope you are enjoying the new year. Take good care.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucille, thank you so much for your kind comments❤️ You can’t go wrong with that dessert…if you don’t cook it enough or too much just put ice cream and a cherry on it and it will taste delicious😂 I’m glad you liked the quote, my blog is all about things that inspire me at my age and I hope in turn I can inspire others in a good way…we need that in this world today🙏🏽 Love to you, Lucille, I hope you get away to somewhere warm this winter:)


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