🎊A New Year a New Calendar Planner to Make📆 and a New Hairdo💁

My old calendar planner, lasted 4 years!!

I like to make my own, the right size for my
purse, and room in the daily blocks to write appointments. The inside has 2 generous pockets in both the front and back.  The picture I put on the first page is one I painted, I put it there to give me the inspiration to continue painting!!  I insert 2 year monthly calendars, so I only go through making the pages and refilling the organizer every 2 years and it all fits perfectly in my purse!! Lots of my friends use their iPhone calendars, but I like to see a whole month at once, so I’ve made this one to fit my life perfectly!!

img_4851 2But now it’s time for a new organizer!!  I will take you through the steps for making it!!  It could be made any size you want, but I thought it easiest to work with 11X8″ computer paper.  These are the tools and materials needed.  I use reusable bags you can get at the checkout counter at TJMaxx or Joann’s.   I also use parchment paper for the pages, both the bags and paper are durable and last for a long time.  I use a sewing machine to put the cover together or I’ve sewn it by hand in the past.  img_4854These are the bags, the first one I use the sides of the bag for the inside cover, the bag behind I used for the outside of the planner cover because, I liked the big bright flowers.img_4853For the pages, I use a template that I made several years ago using my calligraphy skills and just copy as many pages as I want on the parchment paper!!  For a 2 year calendar, I copied 12 pages front and back and one page just one side for the first page, all done on my home printer.  img_4865To begin making the cover I place a calendar page over the pattern I want for the cover and cut about an inch more all the way around…

Then for the inside of the cover, I use the coordinating pattern of the other bag, I cut 2 strips large enough to overlap the cover by 3 inches and sew them together as the second picture shows.

After both sides are sewn together, turn 1-inch hem down on one side and sew.

Next, with the print facing inside sew the pieces together at the sides, so when you’re done it will look like an inside-out pillow sham with an open seam at the middle.

The next step is to turn it all right side out…now it really looks like a pillow sham!! The first picture is the outside of the cover and the second picture is the inside, just fold it in half and you have the 2 pockets. img_4925After the cover was ready for the pages, I wrote the months and year, enough for 2 years, on all the pages using my calligraphy pen, then put the numbers on all the days using a black pen.  A helpful hint, make sure ahead of time that your pens won’t bleed through to the other side of the page, I’ve made that mistake a few times!!  I use my iPhone calendar to make sure I have the correct days per month.   Also, it’s a tedious task but I did it while watching Hallmark movies😉

Then it’s time to sew it all together, by hand!!  This takes a lot of patience…the first picture shows the needle and thread I use, about 16 inches of 4 lines of thread with a knot at the end.  I start at the top sewing through the layers of paper attaching them to the cover, working down the page every inch and a half,  going front to back of the cover and then sewing back up reinforcing the seam, making a knot when you reach the top!!  I use a thimble to get the needle through the layers, wiggling the needle back and forth to get the holes in the paper!!

img_4929For my inspiration picture, on the first page I made a woman sitting in a lotus pose, to give me inspiration to be calm and exercise all through the year🙌 💪  I used my computer to get a graphic silhouette, then copied it on scrapbook paper and cut it out and glued it on the page!!

img_4930And the finished planner…img_4938

with the first page filled out!!Iimg_4933It fits perfectly in my smallest purse!!!


img_4846Nothing like a new hairdo and color to give you a lift going forth in the new year…my hairdresser Michelle is a master at coloring and can create magic!!


Wishing you all a 2019 that fills your hearts with love, inspiration, beauty and magic!!


13 thoughts on “🎊A New Year a New Calendar Planner to Make📆 and a New Hairdo💁

  1. You never cease to amaze me, Carolyn!!!! You are so clever and smart. Who would have thought to make their own calendar??? And, one so pretty too! Not to underplay your new do! Love the cut and the color. You should be commended. I’m in awe!!!! Thanks for brightening my day and giving me ideas! Blessing for a joyous and healthy 2019!

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  2. You are amazing Carol! I have to admit that I always make sure I get to the Hallmark store to get my free yearly Datebook! Love the new hairdo. I am in the process of going “natural”…I stopped coloring my hair about 7 months ago… I am allergic to the dye and I got tired of the cost every six weeks. So far, so good. Growing it out hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. Getting positive feedback from everyone that has seen it . Hopefully I will like it when it’s done… I figure I can always go back to coloring it if I hate it!

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    1. Thank you Nancy, the new hairdo gave me a lift going into the new year, especially during this frigid weather!! One of these years I’m going to go natural too, but I must say that coloring gives my very fine hair some body!!
      I bet you look beautiful with it natural💕


    1. So glad you like the do and organizer!! I only show you the things I can do, I could never show you a walk on the Appalachian Trail, that’s why so many people enjoy your blog👍❤️ Thank you for your kind words!!


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