🎁Three Gifts, but the Last One is the Most Precious of All❤️

Remember this gift from my last post, “Christmas Spirits” …just present

I said, “I’m not telling who that gift is for or what it is… but you will find out if you see my next post!”  So here it is…

img_4704The gift was for Gina, my daughter…

img_4748It was an outfit…a black and white print peplum top, tulip fringed hem jeans, and red and blue paisley flowered scarf, all from Loft!  The red shoulder purse can be turned into a clutch with handle, I got this at a little boutique in Wellesley, MA center!  The gold feather earrings were given to Gina by her husband Tom😉img_4746A closer look at the tulip hem jeans, so cute, Gina loved them!! img_4774 This is how I fashioned the outfit for Gina to model!!  And this is how she…img_4783fashioned it!  She liked this black peplum top from Loft and her leopard shoes from Toms…she will be returning the black and white print top…that’s okay, she’s keeping the rest👍


And Gina’s gift to us…Version 3Silhouettes of our grandchildren, Aaden and Parker❤️   She had these made on Etsy… I know that they do these at Disney World, we had them made for us 30 years ago!! Version 2So I went deep into my attic and found these…our family silhouettes from Disney, 30 years ago…img_4806And I inherited these of my mom and dad, made in 1940…img_4806 copyFour generations of silhouettes, what a treasure!!


And now a sad time for our family, our beloved brother-in-law, Peter, passed away on December 29, after living with Parkinson’s for several years, but only in last 3 years he has had a difficult time. 49132413_10213733412477080_3392673475465314304_nHe was a loving, kind and fun gentleman, his life was a true gift to the world…We will miss him dearly but we know he is in a better place and his suffering is over… michelangelo1-2x 2 Peter loved and he definitely was loved…I know he is in heaven with his loved ones that passed before, holding court and laughing that infectious laugh, like he did in life…

Rest in Peace, my good man❤️

13 thoughts on “🎁Three Gifts, but the Last One is the Most Precious of All❤️

  1. So sorry for your loss Carol. Please give my condolences to Victor. It’s always so hard to lose a beloved member of your family especially at Christmastime.

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  2. Your daughter is a beautiful young e woman, and I loved the outfit you picked out for her. Wish we lived closer so I could take you shopping with me! You have great taste. So sorry for your loss, but from what I could conclude from your blog, Peter suffered. So sad, but I’m sure he’s at peace now. God bless and Happy New Year! 💕

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    1. Thank you Nancy, you’re so sweet❤️ I love to go shopping for my daughter, she’s the only girl in my life at the moment, so I like to spoil her:) Yes, Peter suffered, but like you said, he’s at peace now. Thank you for your kind words and good wishes🙏


  3. Sorry for your loss Carol but loved the quote so fitting. The silloheutes are amazing and such a treasure for your family. All the best in the new year.

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    1. I’m glad you like the quote, I thought it fit him well, he was such a good man❤️ I was so glad to find the Disney silhouettes in my attic, so much is hard to find after our last move. Happy new year to you and your family🙏


    1. Thank you Lisa, I enjoy putting outfits together, especially for my daughter, she has such a cute little figure!! The silhouettes were such a great surprise, not only our grandsons, but how all of them went together.
      I’m grateful for your comforting words❤️


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