🎅Christmas Spirits🍸

Nothing like Fireball whiskey for Christmas Spirits…IMG_4625Added to eggnog, it is so delicious…especially when using the official Cousin Eddy’s moose mug, from Christmas Vacation movie!! IMG_4633Just add about 1 ounce or 2 tablespoons of Fireball to 3/4 cup of eggnog and add a sprinkling of nutmeg, a cinnamon stick, cranberries for color on a skewer for garnishes and you have yourself a festive spirited drink, for you, company or Santa…of course leave cookies if it’s for Santa!!IMG_4633 2I have been practicing with royal icing since my post with the “Grand Cookies,” I think I’ve gotten a little better??


IMG_4643This will be my Christmas Day outfit!!  A green sweater with shawl collar, red swede bow heels, black knit pants and…IMG_4654red and green silver earrings and bracelet… I loved the color of the beads so much that I bought 2 pairs of earrings and made a bracelet with the second pair!!  IMG_4663I’m not telling who that gift is for or what it is… but you will find out if you see my next post🎅


“The Christmas spirit is simply an honest spirit of love for all humanity. It is the force that moves us to give what we can, to help as we are able, and to always be of kind comfort.”
Richelle E. Goodrich


A wish of peace and love to all during this Holiday Season…may the Spirit of The Season stay with you all through the new year!!



15 thoughts on “🎅Christmas Spirits🍸

  1. I never thought of adding Fireball to eggnog, but now I will! It sounds delish! You look lovely. Wishing you, Victor, and your family a blessed Chridtmas. Hugs . . . 💕 🎄

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  2. Love your outfit and how nice everything looks from food to clothes to that present. You’ve piqued my interest of what it is 😊

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year to you and your family, Carolyn!

    ~ Regina

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  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Carol, Victor, and your family! Carol, you look amazing and I love your Christmas jewelry. Your blogs are really interesting and I enjoy looking at your photos. 🎄🎁❄️🤗

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    1. I appreciate you checking into my blog, Cathy, and your sweet and kind comments, it means so much to me🙏 Wishing you and Mike and you whole family a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year❤️


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