🏠My First Tradition of the Season📚

When Halloween decorations are put away, it’s time for the beginning of my first holiday tradition of putting up my winter Dickens Village…I set it up inside our antique secretary desk in the corner of our living room…This is the desk before I dismantle the decor…IMG_4118Notice I said, “my tradition,” because I mostly do it myself, it’s one of those activities my children didn’t enjoy doing, although they did enjoy looking at it and now my grandchildren have fun seeing it and that’s why I put it up!!  Victor does help with the boxes, carrying them from and to the attic🤣IMG_4093A closeup…that photo is of my mom and dad, at a family wedding…wonderful memories of a more vibrant time for them❤️IMG_4182And this is my secretary desk turned into a winter village…IMG_4184The village lit up at night…I use LED fairy lights instead of the lights that came with the houses, I feel they give the village a vintage look and adds more light… IMG_4192A close look at each section shows the top level is Tiny Tim’s house with Scrooge walking by and tipping his hat to Tim and a few of the villagers going about their workday in front of the Crowntree Inn…All the houses, people and trees are from a company called Department 56  and I’ve collected the pieces over many years.  IMG_4191Next is the village church nestled in the tree with carolers singing their hymns for all to enjoy… IMG_4189This level shows a skating rink with a family sitting on a park bench watching  3 skaters all in between the Cloak and Cane shop and Cottage Toyshop, with shoppers and street vendors selling chestnuts and fruit. IMG_4188Last is the village square with a gazebo and bridge with a couple and their dog sitting on a stone bridge with a child sledding under it, also children making a snowman, a horse-drawn carriage with the passengers enjoying their ride and a lamplighter carrying a torch up a ladder to light the lantern…

IMG_4205A view from outside, looking through the curtain of my front window into my living room…Don’t you just love taking a walk on a cold winter night and seeing a cozy inviting view through the window of a passing house?  I love to create a cozy and warm atmosphere to live in and share with my family and friends, and oh yes, for people walking by too🤣   Maybe that’s why I like creating a cozy village, I feel like I’m peeking into the lives of a cozy happy village…a little escape from life in these times😉



I’m sorry this post is so late, but I have been busy cleaning out my mom’s house of 70 years of stuff…we are putting her house on the market and trying to do it before the holidays get too close. Needless to say, it’s been a little crazy for me, but doing this blog is a welcome diversion and helps me focus on my life:)  So please forgive me if my posts are late with more simple content, until the holidays are over…I’m so grateful for all my followers…you guys are the best❤️


8 thoughts on “🏠My First Tradition of the Season📚

  1. Hi Carol. Love this post… I have a Dickens Village too and some of the same pieces (Crowntree Inn, Church, stone bridge, horse drawn carriage and a lot of the same figures). I also have a house that says Walpole on it! It is a lot of work setting it up but definitely worth it…my grandchildren love mine too! Good luck with your mother’s house…tough job. Hope your mother is settling in to her new “home”. Enjoy the holidays!

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    1. Thank you Nancy!! That’s amazing that we have the same houses, but what’s more amazing is that we probably knew that many years ago, I think I remember looking at yours in Walpole😂❤️ I don’t have many houses and people, which makes it easier to put up and take down:) I was thrilled to get the bridge from my Mom’s set, just last week!! My Mom is settling in the best she can, it’s a wonderful place for her to be and I feel at peace about it now:) Thank you for your concern❤️


  2. Your Dickens Village is so inviting and really a great forecast of the season. You are so clever and you must spend a lot of time with your decorating, for your pictures show well and should be in a magazine. Lots of luck selling your mom’s house. I know how sad that can be. I had to sell my mom’s house too. Put it on the market in November, and surprisingly, it sold in February, so I hope you’ll have a quick sale too. My prayers and thoughts are with you at this trying time. Hope you, Victor, and the family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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    1. I’m glad you like my village, Nancy!! I have pared down quite a bit from what I used to do…I don’t do the lights inside the houses anymore, and I used to put fake snow around and use a special table and tablecloth…no more!!! I just put it up with fairy lights and that is it🤗 That’s good to hear about your Mom’s house, thank you for the encouragement, I hope ours goes fast too🙏 Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving 🦃🍴


  3. I just love how you set up your Dicken’s Village. You are so created!
    Hope things are going well with your Mom and selling your family home. I know it’s not easy. Really enjoy reading your blog and BTW You like Marvelous!

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