🍃🍁Nature’s Inspiration in Fashion and Decor🐘🐆🐅

This time of year the fall colors are so rich everywhere you look in nature…just driving around New England roads can give us so much inspiration in the beautiful scenery of colorful trees…IMG_3815Since being retired, I find myself wearing yoga clothes every day…I’ve joined the “Y” and go to exercise classes every day during the week!!  Dashing from yoga, aerobics or seniorcise classes, visiting my mom in assisted living to cleaning out her house and putting it on the market, keeps me busy and needing comfortable clothes to wear.  The fall colors inspired this outfit, a comfy sage green sports define jacket, rust color knit jersey, black Athleta yoga pants, black Skechers ballet flats, and a fall leaf print scarf to pull it all together!!  The leaves are from my mom’s swamp maple tree in her yard, planted when I was a little girl☺️IMG_3834And I’m off to meet with a real estate agent and then dinner with Victor after my yoga class…IMG_3836No time to change, but that’s ok, because the outfit is comfortable enough for yoga, but dress it up with a scarf and I can wear it to a casual dinner out…  And now a peek inside that door behind me…IMG_3861This is what I see when I walk in my back door…  Can you guess what room it is??  Off a small entryway is our guest powder room, we added it when we built a new addition of a family room off our kitchen!!  As you can see not only does it echo the colors of an autumn forest, but also has a jungle theme with statues IMG_3849and pictures of animals!!

IMG_3841Every powder room has to have a crystal chandelier, right??  I painted it black to go with the fixtures and I made the draperies that coordinate with the wallpaper… you can see a closeup of the wallpaper in the photo below…IMG_3863This is a shadow box that I display on the back of the tank, of actual tiny urns, a unique piece of art given to me by my good friend Lynda:)IMG_3874Our vanity was made to look vintage with worn edges and matches some of our kitchen cabinets, I painted the oval mirror and also the sconces on each side of it to match accents in the room.IMG_3881A closer look shows the faucet of oil rubbed bronze and the shelf that I didn’t have to paint, it came in black, the carvings in it add to the vintage look of the room!!IMG_3847Powder room reading…I love to have books displayed that mean something to me and if you know me, you know I have a soulful side and I also like to help people who have “troubled hearts.” A few of my favorite pearls of wisdom from “Healing Thoughts for Troubled Hearts:”


“Many people find that spending time with nature brings comfort.  Tending a garden or walking in the woods can bring serenity and insight.”

 “Observe the coming and going of the seasons.  While change is never easy or painless, it is a part of all creation.”

“Movement is helpful, especially when we are stressed or worried.  Exercise elevates the spirit while releasing tension.  An activity as simple as walking has great healing power.”



13 thoughts on “🍃🍁Nature’s Inspiration in Fashion and Decor🐘🐆🐅

  1. You have such an amazing flair for decorating and for dressing! The pictures of your home show it to be so inviting and cozy. I wish I lived closer as I’d love to come to your house for a cup of tea and a chat!

    I have to agree with you about yoga pants. They are so versatile and comfy.

    Best wishes with selling your childhood home. It must feel so bittersweet. 💕

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