👻A Haunted House and Halloween Goodie Bags🎃

This is the Fairbank’s House, which happens to be close to where we live…it is the oldest wooden house in America and is located in Dedham, Massachusettes.  It was built by Jonathan and Grace Fairbanks in 1636 for their family of 6 children and has stayed in the Fairbanks family until 1904 when it became a historical museum!!  The roof is sagging, but it has been well taken care of over the years…built-in-1636This is the front of the house as seen from the street…The middle part with the chimney was the original building and the buildings on either side of it were added to accommodate growing generations of families…back of houseAnd this is the back of the house, where guests enter…

The photos above and the photos inside of the house I got from their website, which you can visit here

1The fireplace in the center of the kitchen, where all meal preparation was done…2A skilled tradesman, Jonathan Fairbanks, crafted spinning wheels like this one in the corner of the kitchen used to make yarn and thread…back in the 1600’s clothing and food were made from scratch, which kept the women busy all day!!!   Aren’t we lucky today😉  3A sample of dishes used in that era, displayed in the cupboard…It looks like it could be Dedham Pottery, but they didn’t start making it until the 1800’s.A4A downstairs bedroom…5The parlor, where guests were entertained…peopleSome of the Fairbanks ancestors…eyesAnd if these eyes could tell a story…

curatorAccording to Danial, the curator of this historic home, the man with the mysterious eyes has tried to tell a story…and this house is haunted…and we took a tour of it!!!!  The remaining photos were taken by me, in the dark, only flameless candles lit our way through the house…cottageThis is Daniel’s home, the curator’s home…it is on the same property as the haunted house…When the alarm system was installed into the Fairbanks home, Daniel was woken up several nights in a row by the alarm going off, for no apparent reason…bed I took a picture of this bed because it looked a little spooky, when I looked at it later, it looked a little like a young girl’s shadow in the middle of the bed?fireplaceThis is Daniel holding a lantern at the fireplace in the original kitchen, while telling us a fascinating story about Rebecca, the last of the Fairbanks to inhabit the house…

These are a couple of video’s I took, it’s really hard to see because of no light but gives you an idea of how creepy it was…the first video Daniel played the recording 4 times before we could hear the ghost say “Michael!”  So listen all the way through to the end and see if you can hear it!!!

In this video, Daniel is talking about a team of ghost hunters that stayed at the house along with a member of the Fairbanks Historial Society board member and what he heard…usThis was a fun evening that we shared with our good friends Claire and Tom…here we are outside the not so well lit house, but it all added to the spookiness of it all!!!  I would highly recommend this ghost tour, unfortunately, it is all sold out for the rest of this year…they have this tour every Friday and Saturday evenings in October…sign up for next year, information on their website is here!!!


IMG_3705We were visiting our grandsons this weekend and thought we would give them their Halloween goodie bags since we won’t be seeing them for Halloween!!!

IMG_3708The bags, bubbles, Twister 3D Paint and silly putty were bought at 5 Below and all the treats I bought at Whole Foods because Gina has Aaden and Parker on an all natural diet!!!


barney-sarecky-all-houses-are-haunted-all-persons-are-haunted-throngs 2This quote might be disturbing to some, but I find it comforting…I hope my loved ones are following me around😇❤️


7 thoughts on “👻A Haunted House and Halloween Goodie Bags🎃

  1. Hi Carol,

    Your visit and tour of the Fairbanks house really helped me to get into the spirit of Halloween. Its comforting to know that the spirits of those we love are always with
    us. I loved the the halloween goodie bags; I’m sure the boys loved them too, especially their contents.
    Your blog and video on “Old Cape Cod,” made me feel a little sad. I miss the Cape and “little house.” They are often in my thoughts and will always be in my heart.
    Enjoy the Fall and all the beautiful colors.
    Happy Halloween!

    Hope your Mom is adjusting to her new home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The ghost tour helped me get into the Halloween mood too, Lucille!! I knew you would identify with that quote, we are never alone!! I know you miss the Cape, but I bet the trees are prettier where you are right now🍁
      I hope our loved ones in spirit are helping my mom, because she’s having some tough moments adjusting to her new home🙏❤️


  2. This is so cool, yet creepy too! I remember this house, but being away from the area for so many year, I really can’t place the location. What an awesome way to ring in the Fall and Halloween! I love going to historical sites and you did a great job with this posting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy, you can go on their website and get more history of the house and family…a spooky story about a Fairbanks boy named Jason, it was too long to write about and I promised Daniel I wouldn’t publish him telling the story.


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