💐Say Goodbye to Summer Flowers and Hello to Cozy Nights with Chocolate…🍮

We have had a great summer for flowers…but I’m not too sad to see the hot humid weather leave us…IMG_3426This vine that is growing up our front porch turned out to be amazing…It is a morning glory vine, which didn’t give us any flowers, but that vine, I’ll be sorry to see it go…IMG_3429My backyard impatiens came out particular vivid and lush this summer…I will be sorry to see them go too…IMG_3431And this morning glory vine over the garage window bloomed a little but is definitely on its way out…IMG_3433This is a Mandevilla vine…I had them on the Cape too and they did amazing…it will be hard to say goodbye to these also!!IMG_3473White hydrangea or snowball bush…This beautiful specimen is near my mom’s house, we enjoy looking at it when it explodes white blooms in summer and then in the fall, when the blooms turn to blush like the photo!!IMG_3512These are my white hydrangeas…not quite as impressive as the one in my mom’s neighborhood…IMG_3436But this beautiful bouquet came out of it… IMG_3439Look how lovely the flowers are close up and they turn that luscious blush color… IMG_3498.jpgAnd they can be dried and last a few years…this bowl is filled with blush blooms that were picked last fall…  Simply put your flowers, that have already started to turn blush, in a vase with water…after about three weeks they will start drying out, then you don’t need water…and then you don’t have to say goodbye to them🤗  I’ve cut the stems off of these blossoms and filled an antique bowl with them, it adds to the look of my antique decor!!


IMG_3508Now for the chocolate…This is Trader Joe’s Chocolate Salted Caramel cake mix in a mug!! It comes with 2 packets of cake mix and 4 caramels…


Just mix the cake mix with water in your mug, cook in microwave for 20 seconds, put 2 caramels in the middle of mixture and microwave for 20 more seconds…And there you have a gooey salted chocolate caramel yummy treat!!  ONLY 350 calories!!!IMG_3465Perfect for a cold rainy night, watching the first episode of this season’s Dancing with the Stars…2 of my guilty pleasures!!!

It’s not so hard to say goodbye to summer when you can sit in front of a roaring fire or watch a good movie or read a captivating book on a cold winter night with some nice gooey chocolate!!


IMG_3518Another goodbye…After almost 70 years in her home, my mom says goodbye to it and moved into assisted living today…It went well💗

10 thoughts on “💐Say Goodbye to Summer Flowers and Hello to Cozy Nights with Chocolate…🍮

  1. Hi Carolyn! If I had beautiful plants like those I’d be sad to say goodbye too. It must have been the summer for impatiens, ours were so nice this summer. I’m sure you’re relieved to have your mom moved to a place that she’ll be looked after. You’re a wonderful daughter and have devoted much time to her care and also recognized when it was time to make a change. I hope your mom settles in nicely. Happy Fall 😊

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  2. You have such a green thumb!!!! Good thing I’m not around your houses…everything would die!!! Everything is so lovely. As a true New Englander, I can see you looking forward to the fall and winter. Not me! You’d never know I was raised in MA as I’m a wimp when it gets below 65*!!! I guess that comes from living down south for 34 years! Anyway, great pictures and a great blog. Hope you’re mom’s transition is flawless. You are so blessed to still have her.

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    1. You’re so funny Nancy, no growing flowers in that beautiful climate? I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting the weather in NE, I’m done with it after Christmas🤪 Thank you for checking in and your kind words❤️


  3. Hi Carol,
    Your flowers are gorgeous! I miss gardening in Walpole…it’s just not the same in Florida. It must have been so hard for your mother to leave her home and all the memories there. I hope she will be happy in her new “home” and will start making some new memories there. Love the picture of you and your Mom…you both look wonderful!
    ❤️ Nancy

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