⚾️A Busy Week…Baseball, Respite, Ringo and Decisions…🥁

We have had a very busy week, since my last post…  Welcome entertainment that has been on the calendar for months, which has helped and been a diversion for making a decision as to what assisted living with memory care facility my mom will be going into…IMG_3276Our first diversion was the Red Sox Game at Fenway Park…I gave the tickets to Victor for Father’s Day!!!  This is Victor walking on Yawkey Way just outside Fenway Park, in which you need to go through security to get into!!  They have all kinds of food vendors and souvenir shops…

And then there is the famous Red Sox player on stilts and very personable balloon men!IMG_3286This is one of the food courts inside the park…IMG_3293Our favorite Fenway Park food…sausages with everything on them and beer…IMG_3415Victor with the famous statue of “Portrait of a Friendship”  Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Dom DiMaggio and Johnny Pesky, right outside Fenway Park!! IMG_3309The lineup of the Red Sox just before the start of the game…IMG_3321A picture of the “Green Monstah!”  Now some of you might wonder, “What is the Green Monstah?”  Well, it is the green metal backboard that says Foxwoods and below is all the data you need to know about the game, as well as other games going on at the same time and we in Boston pronounce monster as “monstah!!”


And this is the team mascot, Wally the green monster!

IMG_3318A very enjoyable evening💚



The very next day I drove down the Cape with this lovely lady on the left, Victor’s sister Marianna!!  Her husband has Parkinson’s and is in a nursing home, she gets a ride every day to the nursing home to feed him lunch, she doesn’t miss a day.  So Patty, on the right, Victor’s other sister, wanted to give her a little respite away.  So I picked her up after lunch and drove her down the Cape to stay overnight with Patty.  We brought her out to have her nails done and out to a nice dinner at Villa Roma in Harwich, after breakfast the next day I brought her back to the nursing home so she wouldn’t miss a day with her husband❤️  And she makes meatballs and sauce for us every week, she is an amazing Italian cook, she has taken over as the family matriarch and has a lot more to deal with than I mentioned… She is the epitome of a STRONG WOMAN…I call her a living angel😇 IMG_3345

Then the next evening this beautiful sight at Rock Harbor, known for amazing sunsets…


If I had a bucket list, seeing Ringo Starr would be on it…Victor got me tickets, for my birthday…I was so excited, the day had finally come… IMG_3361Here I am, walking through the Boston Public Gardens, on our way to the concert, with my 60’s love and peace inspired top, because that is what Ringo is all about❤️☮️✌️


We stopped at Edgar Allan Poe and “The Raven” to pose for a photo…at the corner of Boylston and Charles Streets…

This is the site of the concert…The Wang Theater at Boch Center in the theater district of Boston…The lobby is typically ornate with theater cherubs carved into the ceiling…IMG_3384More ornate moldings around the stage that’s all set up for Ringo and His All Starr Band…


And there he is in the middle…he’s in good shape, moves well around the stage and his voice is great, the same quality that I remembered, he talked and joked with the audience and they loved it!

IMG_3414It was wonderful to see him play the drums, so very talented…  His band members are really “Starrs” from famous bands, such as Santana, Toto, TenCC and Men at Work…they played songs from those bands as well as Beatle songs!!

Victor took this great video of Ringo singing “Yellow Submarine”   Enjoy!!


It’s been a busy week and between it all, I saw 4 assisted living communities, in which Victor and my sister Marilyn came with me and even had some meals at a few with my mom… At one of the communities, my mom looked around and said, “What, you’re moving me into a department store!!” 😂🤣  None of them were perfect, but I think we chose one that hopefully she can adjust well and thrive for as long as she can…

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.”

— Emory Austin

14 thoughts on “⚾️A Busy Week…Baseball, Respite, Ringo and Decisions…🥁

  1. Didn’t know that you were a Ringo fan! I was a Paul fan! Looks like you had a lot of fun distractions while making your decision about your Mother. I know it’s such a difficult time. Hope that everything goes well during the transition. I will be thinking of you and your family. ❤️

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    1. Ringo has always been my guy and he didn’t disappoint, but now I would love to see Paul too!! Thank you Nancy, it’s been difficult but the decision has been made and that’s a little weight taken off our shoulders:) Yes, now the transition…thank you for your thoughts, it helps so much❤️


  2. WOW, you did have a busy week! How exciting…Red Sox and Ringo in the same week!!! I have empathy for you trying to find a place for your mom. I had to do the same with mine and got her into a very nice place in Sandwich. She suffered paralysis due to a stroke but was sharp as a tack. It was hard for her at first, but after she got settled in, she loved it. They made her the “honorary activities director,” and every time I talked to her she thanked me for getting her there. It was very bittersweet as I’m sure you know, but we have to do what’s best for them even though it may hurt us. God bless you, your mom and your family. You are an awesome daughter, wife, mom, sister, and grandmother!

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    1. Thank you so much Nancy…I love hearing parent stories, and yours is a good one…I remember your spunky mom, you are a lot like her…leading baby turtles on their way home:) I hope my mom’s story works out to be as happy as your mom’s!! Thank you too, for such kind words, you are so sweet❤️


  3. Carol, your love for your mother will guide you to do the right thing for her. The lovely quote at the end of your post pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? ❤️

    I remember way back that Ringo was your favorite Beatle! How wonderful that you got to see him perform! The photos of Boston and Fenway Park are beautiful. Let’s go Red Sox!!

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    1. Oh, Cathy, I thought about you and Debbie so much during this event…we went through the Beatle frenzy together… I know your favorite was John, did you ever get to see him in person? Debbie should see Paul some day, my sister in law, Patty, in this post, is going to see him next weekend in Texas!!!
      Ringo is all about peace and love, a real throwback from the 60’s✌️I so enjoyed it🤗
      Such wise words about the love for my mom, that gives me comfort…Thank You Cathy🙏❤️


  4. You are a lovely woman Carol. I know how difficult it is to have to make important decisions for your Mom. It will give you such peace of mind. Looks like you are enjoying retirement. Look forward to seeing you over Thanksgiving with our kids and our boys in Virginia. ❤️❤️

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    1. I know you had difficult decisions to make also, and your right about the peace of mind, we can move on now and get her ready for her big move:) Thank you for your kind words, Dana, you are lovely too…we are so lucky to be sharing that beautiful family…so looking forward to being together at Thanksgiving❤️🙏


  5. I would love to see a real American baseball game in Fenway Park. Sounds like you had a blast. I visited Boston a couple years back and really enjoyed it. I think we didn’t see a game because it was off season, but I still really enjoyed the culture, food and the gardens.

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    1. So happy you got to see Boston…there is nothing like a Red Sox game at Fenway, but it’s expensive and can be hard to get tickets. Right now our Red Sox are on fire and will be playing in The World Series!! I would love to see Australia someday, it looks beautiful!!


  6. Hi Carol,
    I was away for most of the summer, got back a week ago, and finally got caught up on your Blogs (not sure of the order).
    You had a fun week filled with happy and sad. Although it was a rough decision to make for you Mom, I’m certain it was the right decision for her. She will be around people,
    and involved in activities. You are a wonderful daughter and are always there for your
    Mom. I hope she had a great birthday.
    Loved the pictures of you and Vic in Boston. A Red Sox game, what a treat.
    Ringo was my favorite too.
    Congratulations on your new “granddaughter.” What a precious little puppy; I’m sure the boys are loving her, you too.
    I know you had a fun time with the boys. You made wonderful memories for them of fun times with you and Vic at the Cape, that they will have forever. I’m glad your Mom was able to spend time with them; they will remember that too.
    The cottage is lovely. The beautiful and colorful flowers outdoors, and your decorative
    skills indoors (have you ever thought of being a designer?) Love the loft, and all that you and Vic have done- a perfect Cape cottage.
    Finally, I know the feeling about being able to stay at the Cape after Labor Day, a real sense of freedom. Even though I missed the kids, as you do, it’s a good feeling to be rid of time restrictions and commitments
    Congratulations on your retirement. ENJOY!

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    1. Glad you got the chance to spend the summer away, Lucille…I was a little worried about you, because I hadn’t heard from you!! Yes, I agree with you about my mom and things went well today for the move into assisted living with memory care, thank you so much for your comforting words!! And thank you for your kind words about my cottage, it was certainly special to spend a little time there after school started and I do miss the kids, but I plan to volunteer from time to time😉 I appreciate so much for your faithfull support of my blog!! Best wishes and much love for a wonderful fall❤️🍁🍂


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