🎀🐕Meeting Our New Granddogaughter🐶🎀

We traveled 8 hours to Virginia to meet our new granddogaughter for the first time…IMG_3204This is the new little girl in our family…her name is Raffa, after the tennis player Rafael Nadal…IMG_3244Here she is enduring grandma hugs…IMG_3045And enduring hugs from the kids…she’s a good dog!!!

I get paws on my shoulders and kisses as we travel to pick up the kids from school…she even poses for a selfie with me🤣

IMG_3190She loves more dreamy hugs and pats from Aaden and Parker as she rides in the car from picking them up from school…


IMG_3226So adorable in her Mommy’s arms❤️06BFFAC2-EB86-4816-A3F3-8C1A013C4D60Safe and happy in Daddy’s arms…IMG_3143Curling up with Papa on the couch!!IMG_3150 2It was totally worth the 8 hour drive to meet the newest member of our family…now for the ride home…


IMG_3257Victor and I like to make elaborate sandwiches for the long drive, so we don’t have to stop for a meal…IMG_3259For me, since figs are very much in season now, I made a sandwich with lettuce, swiss cheese, prosciutto, sliced figs and honey dijon mustard between Trader Joe’s whole wheat, gluten-free bread!!!  IMG_3239.jpgIt is soooo yummy!!!



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