🛍When Retirement Kicked In🚴

While the teachers went back to school I was driving to the Cape, over the Sagamore Bridge blasting the radio and singing to Charlie on the MTA, I don’t know why but it was playing on the radio and it spoke to me!! If you’re my generation and from Boston, you would probably remember that song by the Kingston Trio!!IMG_3126 Not much traffic on Thursday before Labor Day!!IMG_3069And then off to lunch with my good friends!!  Sitting with me on the left is Eileen, behind her is Susan and behind me is Cathy.  We became friends when our children were performing at the Harwich Junior Theatre and we were helping to make and serve refreshments and sewing costumes for the shows they were in.  Through our children, we bonded and have been friends for 30 years!!

IMG_3075The next day my new neighbor, who is my sister-in-law Patty, and I walked to Harwichport for shopping and lunch…IMG_3073We came across this etched in the sidewalk…so true!!!IMG_3072Then out to dinner with Don and Patty at the Red Cottage Restaurant in Dennis…great for breakfast if you can get near the place, so we went in the evening, a lot easier to get a table…IMG_3088The next day Victor and I went on a bike ride with our good friends Claire and Tom…We have been friends for almost 40 years…We lived next door to each other when our children were growing up…they babysat for us when we were looking for a cottage on the Cape and we ended up buying down the street from them, which has been beyond wonderful for 30 years!!!IMG_3090We biked on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which provides the most spectacular views of marshes, cranberry bogs, ocean, ponds and woodlands, not to mention some of The Cape’s best restaurants and ice cream stands along the way and a few hidden away beaches…IMG_3091A beautiful view of Namskaket Creek and ecosystem…IMG_3095A peek at a pond that we stopped at to rest our weary legs along the way…IMG_4656Another picturesque pond on the rail trail…IMG_3097After an afternoon of biking, Victor and I had Tom, Claire, Patty and Don over for dinner…Claire brought her scrumptious scallops wrapped in bacon for an appetizer…IMG_3135For dinner, Victor and I made Bouillabaisse or Fish Stew…you can find the recipe from my post “Cottage Dining and Fish Stew.”  Instead of cooking on top of the stove, we put it all in a disposable aluminum pan, covered it with foil and cooked it on the grill until the shellfish are opened and all the fish is cooked!!  IMG_3101A simple salad with a crusty french bread and you have a delicious seaside dinner…IMG_3102Now a Handy Tip…It was getting dark as we were finishing our meal, all of sudden Victor disappeared into the cottage and came out with an empty wine bottle!  He turned the flashlight on his phone, laid it on the table with the bottle on top…and there you have a portable table light…IMG_3108Well, we didn’t stop there…I remembered we had an empty fish bottle, we put it on top of my phone flashlight and there we had two lovely wine table lanterns on a dark night to finish a fun dinner with special friends!!❤️


As I go into fall, I have sweet memories of summer with family and friends…it looks like my whole summer was filled with fun and bliss but the reality is, the care of my mom is getting more difficult by the week, her dementia is progressing, decisions of changes in her care have to be made and it is heart-wrenching…  My family and friends are keeping me sane, I am ever grateful for their listening ears and comforting advice…

I get by with a little help from my friends❤️”

The Beatles


13 thoughts on “🛍When Retirement Kicked In🚴

    1. You have me missing the Cape with every post! So sorry about your mom. I know how difficult things can be as we and they get older. You both are in my thoughts and prayers.

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      1. I can understand how you miss the Cape but you live in a beautiful area of the Country too👍 Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I can really use them at this difficult time of decision making❤️


  1. Miss the Cape…love reading your posts…makes me feel like I’m there again! Thinking of you and your family as you try to figure out what’s best for your mother…such a hard time. Your mother is blessed to have such wonderful children. ❤️❤️

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  2. I hope you will figure out what is best for your mother but also don’t forget yourself! Love yourself! Love that garden. And ever since you shared your kitchen sink – I’m looking for something like that but since it’s USA vintage thing and costs 3 000 $ 🙂 and it’s not eligible for shipping to Latvia.

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    1. Thank you Ilze, so true, I do need to take care of myself, I’m trying🙏❤️ Love that you have been looking for that sink, people probably throw them out in the US when they remodel…try looking at salvage websites…if I find anything I’ll let you know!!

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  3. I love this blog. It seems like retirement agrees with you. I know what you are going through with your mom and how difficult the decisions are. Try and remember you are making decisions out of the great love you have for her. There are no easy answers but you will do what is best.

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