🛌Guest/Yoga Room in a Cottage Loft🙏🏽

This is our guest loft in our little cottage…IMG_2863Mostly used for our grandsons…we have 2 air mattresses and lots of floor room for toys and playing…IMG_2857This is the mandala wall hanging that I started coloring last year…see the post “My Studio”…I finally finished it!!IMG_2366The pillows on the beds echo the mandala print in the wall hanging…I love my sleeping Buddha statue…adds to the zen vibe in the loft…IMG_2371 Aaden and Parker minutes after arriving for their visit to the cottage…in 5 minutes you wouldn’t recognize the room with toys, books and games spread out on the floor of not only the loft but the whole cottage…which is fine with me because they come for only one week out of the year!!! trackThey set up the Hot Wheel’s track from the loft, going over the ceiling beam and down into the living room.  It ends in the fireplace…you can see the Hot Wheels car as a blur at the top of the track…what fun!!!IMG_3027 2Victor custom made the bookcase to hold games, books and trinkets for guests to enjoy…that’s the hatch which frames the ladder to enter the loft…we close the door to the hatch to keep the kids safe while playing!!

IMG_3032A little wooden plaque left over from when my children were young…”Mom’s Mood Meter” was usually kept on Stay Away!!…In those days I could have used a little mindful meditation…wish I knew then, what I know now🤣


And now for the Yoga Room… When the kids are not visiting, the room is turned into a yoga room!!

IMG_3021This is an outfit I might wear going to my yoga classes…I like to wear Lululemon brand…I know they are pricey, but they wear well, not only for yoga but out and about and to travel too…  I try to buy the clothes when they are on sale, or sometimes I’m given a gift card for special occasions!  I love these high rise yoga crops, they really give lots of support where I need it!!  The top has been in my wardrobe for several years and still looks great after many washes!!  My yoga teacher encourages us to bring a wrap to class for Shavasana, which is the meditation in the last part of the class, done laying down in “corpse pose!!”  The wrap will keep you cozy warm while doing this calming practice…

IMG_2950 2I enjoy doing stretches in my homemade studio…  IMG_2971I’ve set up a little yoga alter…  A yoga alter can be set up anywhere that is tranquil and calm, any corner will do, even outdoors…choose things for your alter that mean something to you…I picked out a wooden Buddha set on old pieces of weathered wood with shells, flowers from my garden, a feather to remind me gulls that gently soar by the seaside and a meditation gong that I found in my parent’s home because they enjoyed Asian accents!!IMG_2996More stretching and gentle twisting…IMG_2947Love the pleated detail on the back of this yoga top…Lululemon has lots of interesting details on their tops!!!IMG_2972And finally a chance to be calm, reflect and meditate…74f6afbe749e9c074b07ca20293890a2Many people have difficulty quieting their mind to meditate, I found this short and easy meditation on Pinterest… Teachers often use this meditation technique at the end of their classes… I sometimes do this to fall asleep…Namista❤️🙏🏽

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