🕰A Cottage Kitchen🍓

This is my Cape Cod Cottage kitchen…

hutch 3This is where most of our dishes are kept and it’s also our kitchen counter… The shelving was there when we bought the cottage, but Victor rebuilt it new, adding beadboard and moldings.  There was a cabinet below but Victor built a new one, in keeping with the cottage ambiance… We thought we would try having a wood counter, thinking we could put in granite or marble if it didn’t work out, but so far we like it!!!   dishes.jpgA small area to work on but we’ve hosted as much as 10 people for dinner!!

This is a handy serving piece, given to me by my good friend Lynda… It’s a 3 tier folding dessert server and when not in use it folds up and looks pretty displayed on the counter!
sink 2I think this is the one thing I love the most about our cottage…the kitchen sink…and Victor wanted to get rid of it when we remodeled!!!clockA vintage looking cottage clock fits in nicely with the theme of our kitchen…also, the spoons that are hanging on the rack are…spoonsmeasuring spoons, that I actually use!!stove.jpgMore cabinets that Victor built in and added moldings…my oven range is a little outdated and not in a stylish way, but it works and we mostly grill outside!  Another tiny counter which gets used alot for preparing meals!!IMG_2812This is a MacKenzie-Childs fish-dish that I use as a spoon rest…I love the colors and used it as inspiration for the colors of the kitchen!! handlesThese pink glass and brass knobs and pull are from Anthropologie…sunday breakfastWe don’t skimp with our cooking just because we’re in a tiny house with a tiny kitchen…our typical Sunday breakfast is soft boiled eggs, toast and berries, with our coffee, orange juice and vitamins!!cape cod breakfastNothing like a Sunday morning sitting across from a Red Sox fan, reading the Cape Cod Times… We usually eat every meal outside, but today it was raining⛈window sillFinally, there is something dreamy about a cottage kitchen window sill…Doing the dishes isn’t a chore when I can look out this window and see flowers from a well-appointed windowbox and the coming and going of people walking to and from the beach🐚

“The voyage of a lifetime starts at the windowsill.”   Khang Kijarro Nguyen

“Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.” ― Edith Wharton


13 thoughts on “🕰A Cottage Kitchen🍓

  1. If I was on Facebook, I would hit the ‘wow’ button! I LOVE IT!!!

    What a treasure that sink is! If you look on Pinterest, farmhouse/single basin sinks are “IT” right now. I don’t think your range is outdated, either. It fits perfectly with the style of your kitchen. If it is all gas, it is also a treasure. You can’t buy all gas stoves anymore. It’s illegal for them to make stoves with pilot lights that burn all the time. I have a gas stove that has a battery powered igniter that they designed to get around that rule. All other stoves have something electric on it.

    I have open cabinets/shelves, too, and they are very similar to yours. I love it. Mine are more ‘rustic/country/farmhouse’ though…natural wood…no beadboard.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen!

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    1. OMG, Kara, I’m so glad you checked in to my blog… I’ve been following your blog while you’ve been on the Appalachian Trail, not used to you being a civilian😂 Yes, I agree, a sink like that is a treasure, and now Victor thinks so too! I didn’t know that about gas stoves, I will look at my stove in a different light now!! I love having open shelves, it’s so easy to grab what you need, actually my kitchen is so tiny, I can stand in the middle and reach anything I need🤣 I would love to see your open shelves, are they on your blog? Thank you so much for your informative and kind comments❤️ I’ll be checking in to see how you make out at your doctor’s visits!!


  2. Such a lovely cottage and so typical of the old Cape Cod. Your place should be highlighted in “Country Living” or “Yankee Magazine.” I love it; so cozy, cheerful , and inviting!

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    1. Yes, so typical of the old Cape, but sadly those cottages are being destroyed to make room for bigger and better😧 I can’t blame them though, it’s lots of work to keep up and not always comfortable…we suffered this summer with the heat and humidity, so next year we’re thinking of putting in central air🤷🏻‍♀️ Thank you Nancy for your kind comments, good luck with your new editing job❤️


  3. I love it! So quaint! Hard to find cottages like this on the cape anymore! I looked this summer to rent one and couldn’t find one! Treasure yours!

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  4. Peaceful, lovely, perfect, clean and neat! LOVE it! I wish I had an opportunity to spend there a few hours! I would start with dishwashing – love that sink! Never saw such a big one before. Also – your stove is maybe outdated, but it’s so CLEAN! WOW! Beautiful place!

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    1. Thank you Ilze❤️ It’s a good therapy sink, looking out at flowers and people going to the beach:) The cottage was built in the 1940’s and that is the original sink, it’s special that it’s still there!! And you have to keep a small place like that neat, or you can’t live in it. I try to have a place for everything I need, and keep it there😉

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