🌻Living Close to Nature🌿

These are my favorite visions around our Cape Cod Cottage…I love how close we live to nature in our cottage…one step down and we’re in the yard…kitchen windowboxThere’s nothing like looking out your kitchen window and seeing flowers…we have a flower box at every window in the cottage, there are 9 and they are filled with pink geraniums, red New Guinea impatiens and vinca vine…I fertilize all my flowers with Miracle Grow every 2 to 3 weeks!!bedroom window box 2This is one of my favorite window boxes…they’re planted with all the same flowers, but some are growing better than others😉IMG_2205These rusty old mice are still kissing after many years of being together…
IMG_2226Love the old earthy look of this chair with vines growing all around it…the vine on the right is an annual called mandevilla, it has grown particularly well this year with beautiful pink flowers.  The vine behind the chair is a perennial called pink honeysuckle, which when we planted it, we were very excited for the aroma, but unfortunately, we found out the pink ones don’t have a scent so after about 10 years, we will plant a white one next year, I will let you know if it has that wonderful honeysuckle aroma!!!IMG_2091.jpgWe even have a window box on the toolshed…the vines growing around the window are morning glories, they have beautiful leaves this year but no flowers…we have them growing in many places in both our homes, but still no flowers…that has never happened in all the years we have had morning glories!!  Can you spy the old rusty mice??shower flowerbasketThis rustic looking basket is hanging on our outside shower door…filled with New Guinea impatiens, snowtopia and vinca vine…
frontyard flowersThe New Guinea impatiens in front of the shrubs have grown great this year…that’s another mandevilla vine on the left, growing up an obelisk tower…

patioThis is our patio, we eat most meals out here…and again, I like earthy rustic charm, such as our worn picnic table set and Adirondack chairs…I made the pillows and fringed table cloth…our good friend Frank Anello, who is an amazing mason, built our patio and stone edging around our flower border!!  IMG_2330

A casual outfit to wear while gardening and then to the market…pale yellow with silver scroll print tee and gray leggings with a crisscross pattern on the back of the calf, both from Dress Barn…toolshed lockComfortable enough to work in the garden…
IMG_2315 2And then I’m off to the market…but really, I could wear this outfit to yoga too!!


They say that being close to nature reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones…it makes me feel good and brings peace to my life and that’s why I work so hard to bring nature close to my life, in and around my homes💚


IMG_0529 2


Note:  Aaden and Parker will be coming to stay with us for 10 days starting this week…7 days will be without their parents:)  No doubt the creative juices will be flowing in me, but I don’t know if I’ll have the time or energy to get a post out next week…  I’ll also, be on my regular schedule taking care of my almost 99-year-old mom…but I’m all set, because she said she’ll help me take care of the boys🤔





10 thoughts on “🌻Living Close to Nature🌿

  1. You have such a flair for decorating and gardening. I too love mandevilla and honeysuckle and we have them both here. The honeysuckle has such a lovely scent. Anyway, you remind me of the days when we lived on the Cape and have totally captured its essence. I think you should send your photos to “Country Living” magazine. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to see what you’ve done with your cottage.

    By the way, say HI to Victor and Frank from their old NHS classmate (me!)

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    1. You’re so kind Nancy!! Wish our honeysuckle had that lovely scent, next year we’ll plant the white one:) I didn’t know you graduated with them, I will certainly mention that to them!! Good luck with the baby turtles, I’m enjoying following along on FB, so amazing for you!!


  2. I can spy old rusty mice! I couldn’t wear such a lovely outfit while gardening – all my gardening jobs are dirty and if not… I somehow manage to get dirty! It looks comfy too!

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  3. I sometimes do light gardening before going out shopping or waiting for the person I’m going out with to be ready, I try to work in the shade and have to do it while it’s there!! I can’t believe you’re blogging when you’re having an open house at your new business, you must be prepared…and I truly loved the photos of your girls…can’t wait to see what else will come out of your new studio!!

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