🍄A Secret Twist in a Cape Cod Herb Garden🐚🌿

This is my Cape Cod Herb Garden…IMG_2214As you can see by the sign on the chair, my style is rustic old weathered patina…IMG_2213In this tiny garden, I have chives, thyme, oregano, basil, dill, parsley, lavender, sage and chocolate mint!!!  I also welcomed a plant that blew in from two cottages down, it has pretty orange blossoms that the bees and butterflies love, it’s called Butterfly Weed…and so I’ve kept it!!!

IMG_2168And of course, I have a Buddha to add a sense of calm and tranquility…and these lovely stepping stones my grandsons gave me with their names and mine on them❤️ IMG_2231A neighbor whose niece was visiting last year was pounding out something on their picnic bench…I just had to go over and see what she was up to…she was making these spoons…she was flattening the old silver-plated spoons and stamping etched words on them…we instantly hit it off, so I invited her over to see my cottage…the next day, to thank me, she brought over this beautifully personalized spoon for my garden!!!  

I also, enjoy rock balancing, I like the rustic earthy look and the meditative art in building them:)  This year I added a plant called Hens and Chicks…I think it looks like a lotus blossom…it grows little plants under it that I’ve transplanted to other places in my garden…IMG_2157These are Pot Feet that are holding this chocolate mint plant up…3 feet placed under the pot to balance it…these are Wicked Witch of the West Feet!!!IMG_2263A copper butterfly sculpture that is a sprinkler, watering my garden!!!IMG_2258And now the Twist, you might immediately see the spiral or koru made out of shells, that is a twist…but if you look closer you will spot the secret???IMG_2188It’s a shell path leading to a fairy door…IMG_2191And a fairy sunning herself on a conch shell!!!IMG_1423Leave room in your garden for the fairies to dance…



This is my earthy jewelry, all gifts from special people in my life..notice the earrings made of tiny stones, I love how they echo my rock balancing!!

IMG_2243I wear this jewelry almost every day…it reminds me to be grounded and centered…


I am naturally attracted to spiral shapes…I love the design and symbolism in korus…that is why I’ve made a spiral shape of shells in my garden, even the conch shells have spirals…


These are more spirals that appear in nature…as I was doing research on the meaning of spirals, I thought of these photos I took…the petals in the rose grow in a spiral and if you look closely at the daisy, you see that the seeds in the center form spirals… symbols of New Life, New Beginnings, Growth, Peace and Harmony…🙏🏽


8 thoughts on “🍄A Secret Twist in a Cape Cod Herb Garden🐚🌿

  1. Awesome!!!! By the way, I’ve never heard of chocolate mint!!!! Sounds yummy. Looking at your pictures makes me miss my W. Barnstable home. You’re got quite a knack for gardening as well as decorating!

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    1. Thanks Nancy, I love gardening and getting my hands dirty:) Chocolate mint or any kind of mint is good in drinks, such as seltza, it adds a nice flavor. I love using all those herbs in my cooking!


  2. Hi Carol,

    Love your herb garden. I recognize some of the pieces, you have arranged so creatively. Love the koru, the shell path, and the fairies dancing. My special favorite is the fairy in
    the conch shell, she is beautiful. It is perfect to be by the sea and especially the Cape.
    Miss you.

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    1. We miss you too, Lucille, I hope everything is going well for you❤️ I’m glad you like my fairy🧚‍♀️ My sister inspired me, she loves making fairy gardens!! I think Aaden and Parker will like my garden, they’re coming this week to spend 7 days with us by themselves!!!


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