🚌My Last Days of Kindergarten Started with a Party🥂

🥂The Party…

At the end of the school year, our school staff gets together for a party…if anyone from our school is retiring they will honor them at this party…And so it was my turn to be honored at the party along with another colleague!!! IMG_1314My outfit for the party…A blue peacock print dress, with bell sleeves trimmed in blue lace from Dressbarn, a black crochet shoulder bag to go with the bohemian vibe, black kitten heel open toed shoes with bows, butterfly silver necklace and shades of blue beaded bracelet and earrings to match the dress!!



The left photo is me with my classroom teacher Jen, who made a very lovely speech and presented me with gifts…I will miss her so very much, her fun personality and our heart to heart talks!!  And me conquering my greatest fear, public speaking!!!
IMG_1212This is a photo of me and the other honoree, Regina, a special needs assistant, with Diane, in the middle, our school office manager and one of the organizers of this party…both amazing ladies!!



Above left is the gift table, with beautiful bouquets and our cake…on the right, a wonderful spread of food that our Sunshine Committee organized!! They had the party at a fabulous restaurant called Olde Colonial Cafe.   IMG_1242Special ladies and good friends…from left are Donna, who I shared my job, as special needs assistant, for 10 years, on the other side of me is Betty the kindergarten assistant in the other classroom, who I have known for more than 20 years and on the right is Norine who I shared a job with for the past 6 years!!  I will miss these friends but we will get together often:)IMG_1204Lovely ladies…left with me is Judy our tech expert, right front our principal Deb, and behind her is Karen, our 5th-grade teacher, who helped organize this special event and also put together my memory book!!

IMG_1197More special friends…Betsy, front left, Ellie, left rear, both special needs assistants and front right, Jan our substitute teacher!!IMG_1206 2More amazing teachers…front left, Kristin, special needs assistant, rear left, Claire, front right, Gail, both substitute teachers, rear right, Caitlin our music teacher!!IMG_1210The sweetest ladies ever…left clockwise, Donna, our librarian, Jody, our school psychologist, Erin, math specialist and Tara, 2nd-grade teacher!!IMG_1208  Beautiful ladies…left clockwise, Jocelynn, OT specialist, Merideth, 1st-grade teacher and one of the organizers of this special get together, Kristin, 1st-grade teacher and Amber, 3rd-grade teacher!!IMG_1211Fabulous teachers…Left to right, Jill, 2nd-grade teacher, Kirsten, math specialist and Erin, 4th-grade teacher!!IMG_1223And our very spirited Dawn, lower right, an expert special needs teacher and expert selfie photographer and one of the organizers of a very successful end of the year party!!IMG_1253 My deepest thank you for your generosity, the party was wonderful, the flowers are gorgeous, the memory book was sweet and touching with pictures and messages that I will keep and remember always!!IMG_1407I am grateful to have been in the company of such talented and caring staff, who have touched and shaped my life in the most positive ways! The friendships I’ve made have had an incredible impact on my life and they will all be in my heart forever!!  Thank you all, my dear friends!!


    🚌The last day of school…

IMG_1277This is our classroom teacher Jen, it’s hard to get a photo of her because she’s always moving😂  When I came in from my last recess duty, she surprised me with all these gifts that the class made for me…the kids were so excited for me to see what they had made!!

IMG_1325 2The hydrangea is beautiful and will be planted at our cottage, in a special spot…but look at that pot, how magnificent is that…each child made a sunflower with their thumbprint and signed it and then Jen painted the rim yellow!!!  What a great idea for a craft to do with your kids or grandkids💡 I will put a beautiful plant in that pot and display it proudly at our cottage:)


The “Kindness” rock that Jen commissioned her sister to paint, has an honored spot next to my lavender plant, so I can see it when I walk to my back door!!  My mom is reading the book the children made for me…I guess you never get too old for wanting your mom to be proud of you😉 Thank you so much Jen, I appreciate all the work that went into all you did and I will cherish them always!!!IMG_1405The teacher I shared my job with, Norine, had the children make this necklace for me because they know I like making jewelry…one of the students colored the picture of me and they presented it to me with a song that Norine adapted to one of our favorites…I only wish  we had thought to video it, but I will have the memory of it and these pictures😘

IMG_1380 2I wanted to have a photo taken, just like this, but I didn’t want to stage it, I wanted it to be natural, however, it didn’t look like it was going to happen…And then right before the last group was leaving  to line up for the bus, this happened spontaneously…thank you Norine, for capturing this last unexpected moment…that little one with the red hat was saying, “We will miss you Mrs. Servello, we love you!!”  It doesn’t get any better than this for a teacher, these are the moments I will miss the most😢❤️


✼A Note to Myself✼




12 thoughts on “🚌My Last Days of Kindergarten Started with a Party🥂

  1. What a beautiful celebration for a beautiful person. Loved your outfit! And very soon we will get to celebrate every day during the summer!! Love you 😍 sis.

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  2. Thank you for your kind words, sis,❤️ you too‼️ I’m blessed to have worked with such amazing people!!! I’ll miss my friends, but I’m soo looking forward to more time on the Cape😉💕🏖🍷


  3. I will miss you Carolyn! I am glad you will have more time for yourself and doing things you enjoy! I love your blog! You have a eye for color and patterns! Stay in touch! Norine

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  4. Carolyn I really enjoyed this post. It was such a nice party for both of us and aren’t those memory books something else?! Hopefully retiring will give you time for yourself since you are so generous with your time for others. Enjoy your beautiful Cape house. ❤️ Regina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Regina…I wanted to document our party and the last days of school, to always remember it and show my family:) It was a wonderful party and I still can’t look at the memory book without tearing up😢 It was so nice to see Hayden, she’s even more adorable in person…I think the best part of retirement is seeing our grandchild more often…enjoy💞


  5. Congratulations Carol. You looked lovely, and had a wonderful party given by your friends with love. I know you will miss them and the children, and they will miss you,
    but the memories will remain in your heart always.
    Take real good and enjoy the summer, especially the Cape.


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