🐚A Cape Cod Cottage Bedroom and a Surprise Room🙀

This is our cottage bedroom…I like to use the fisheye lens for some home decor pictures because it gives the view of the whole room…IMG_1103We painted this room white about 5 years ago, before it was natural knotty pine, which was not bad, but this is much better…
IMG_1104We bought the bed and a bureau about 35 years ago in an antique shop…They were natural mahogany for many years and I just recently painted them white when we did this room over…  As I do with lots of my furniture after I paint it, I sanded it in spots to give the vintage look.  I bought the green wardrobe unfinished and panted it inside and out to add color and storage to the room.IMG_1106This is Victor’s side of the bed…I painted this old bureau green to match the other furniture in the room…  The small antique rocker is in keeping with the size of the room…IMG_1114And this is my side of the bed…the bedspread is white polka dot chenille and they have ones like this at Country Door…  The comforter and pillow shams are from Home Goods and the night table is vintage and I painted it white and sanded it to give it a shabby chic look and to go with the bed.  IMG_1113I chose different shades of white instead of all white for this room because it reminds me of the various shades of white in seashells…So I painted this wall shelf cream color to display shells and a statue of Venus standing appropriately on a shell:)IMG_1116This chandelier was brown when I bought it, I painted it white and this is the bureau that I distressed after painting it…  So as you can see, we have plenty of storage in this tiny bedroom…IMG_1159and plenty of light and cross ventilation, with three windows…

IMG_1148IMG_1147These are a pair of seascape prints that I loved and thought they would be perfect in this room!

IMG_1123This side chair comes in handy when having extra company for dinner, was left in the cottage when we bought it, I painted it and then painted flowers on it before giving it the vintage touch with sanding😉IMG_0628 2Now a surprise peek at the newest, smallest and my most favorite room in our cottage…

IMG_1163Our ensuite bath, off our bedroom, that used to be a closet!!!IMG_1139.jpgYes, Victor built this bathroom into what used to be a closet!!!  He built this custom vanity to fit into the small space!!  Also, you can see in the mirror, the door he put in, it’s on a slider and saves space!!


This storage in the bathroom is handy especially because the counter continues into the cabinet to hide my cosmetic bag and also hides magazines, purses and hats!!  Below, behind the curtains are extra towels.

This bathroom was a great addition to our cottage, especially when we have overnight guests!!

A Handy Tip!!

IMG_0563 2These are my overnight bags for 2 or 3 nights at the cottage…reusable bags are great for packing clothes that you will be putting into drawers or in my case a wardrobe…IMG_0566After you put your clothes away, the bags can be folded and put out of sight!!!


Thoughts to Ponder

When I  go to bed and lay my head down at night, I have my own form of prayer… I scan that day in my mind and thank the Universe for all the things that went right and I’m also thankful for lessons learned from the things that didn’t go right.  My friend Claire posted this on FaceBook, a special way of looking at prayer from Fractal Enlightenment...IMG_1081 2



16 thoughts on “🐚A Cape Cod Cottage Bedroom and a Surprise Room🙀

  1. Carol, I love your decorating style! And I like your idea about using different shades of white. Makes it so much more interesting! Did you use chalk paint on the wood furniture?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol,

    I love the bedroom and the “special ” room. I remember when the room was knotty pine and the furniture was mahogany. You and Vic did a wonderful job in creating the perfect bedroom, decorated with love, for your Cape Cod cottage. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lucille!! Yes, the knotty pine…it was a difficult decision to paint over it, but it was the best thing we ever did, we’re so happy with it now:) Thank you for checking in…you’ll be able to see what’s going on at the Cape through this blog😉❤️


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